El Paso and the Palestinians

More evidence of Zionist bias in corporate media.

According to Jake Tapper, who is “a practicing Jew,” the accused El Paso shooter is little different than the Palestinians and much of the Arab world. Both validate terror, according to the CNN teleprompter reader. 


In the Bizarro World of corporate-state media, victims become perpetrators of violence. I bet Mr. Tapper never reported on an item that recently appeared in Israeli media—the Israeli Defense Ministry and its super-secret Malmab security department have swept into the memory hole documents revealing Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing and what amounts to genocide. 

“The report asserts that Malmab removed historical documentation [on the Palestinian Nakba] illegally and with no authority, and at least in some cases has sealed documents that had previously been cleared for publication by the military censor. Some of the documents that were placed in vaults had already been published.”

Tapper might feel for a little Israeli girl innocently eating pizza, but I’m assuming the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians by the Zionist state in 1948—including massacres carried out by militant Zionists—leaves the prize-winning script-reader cold. 

Haaretz said that it conducted an investigative report which “found that Malmab has concealed testimony from IDF generals about the killing of civilians and the demolition of villages, as well as documentation of the expulsion of Bedouin during the first decade of statehood”…

The Israeli newspaper revealed that Yehiel Horev, who headed Malmab for two decades until 2007, acknowledged “that he launched the project, which is still ongoing”.

Horev admitted the “objective is to undermine the credibility of studies about the history of the refugee problem” and the crimes against humanity the Israeli state permitted.  

For instance, the following bit of history:

The Israeli daily mentioned the content of one of the documents at the beginning of its report which reads: “Safsaf [former Palestinian village near Safed]—52 men were caught, tied them to one another, dug a pit and shot them. 10 were still twitching. Women came, begged for mercy. Found bodies of 6 elderly men. There were 61 bodies. 3 cases of rape, one from Safed, girl of 14, 4 men shot and killed. From one they cut off his fingers with a knife to take the ring.”

Jake Tapper is CNN’s chief Washington correspondent. His shameless comparison of a supposedly hate-filled white supremacist to Arabs and specifically the Palestinians is inexcusable, although well-received by a dwindling viewership. 

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End Forever War? Divest Zionism

Outlawing BDS is only the beginning.

On Wednesday, the US House of “Representatives” passed a resolution that violates both the Constitution and natural law. 

The AIPAC servitors in Congress believe the ability to confront Israel’s apartheid must be criminalized, even at the expense of the Constitution they supposedly swore an oath to uphold (and this has been a joke for some time). 

But never mind the Constitution, which is close to being a dead letter. As a free human, you have a natural right to oppose and refuse to do business with any individual or entity you so please, and also encourage others to do likewise, so long as that opposition is not violent or coercive.

Congress does not believe this natural right is legal, at least not when it comes to Israel. According to our “representatives,” criticism of the Zionist state—described without exception as “racist tropes”—is ipso facto antisemitic and therefore must not only be vigorously condemned, but also criminalized. 

The criminalization of the BDS movement is but the latest effort by Israel and its unregistered pressure groups in America to destroy any political activism related to the plight of the Palestinians. It is a bold effort to preserve the apartheid system in Israel, a system that will eventually ethnically cleanse all Palestinians from an artificial state set aside for the Jews by Britain and France a century ago.

Attacking the BDS movement, however, is not the only aspect of an ongoing effort to expel all non-Jews from Israel (or at best render them second- or third-class citizens) and also destroy nations that support them, most notably Iran, Syria, and Lebanon (the latter invaded by Israel on numerous occasions, in the former violent intervention ongoing). 

It can be said without a doubt the forever wars that have plagued America for over a decade and a half are waged to benefit Israel. This cannot be disputed. It is common knowledge or should be, that Saddam Hussein did not threaten the United States in any way. He supported the Palestinians, not only rhetorically but also financially, and therefore Iraq had to be invaded first by Bush the Elder, who along with the United Nations imposed deadly sanctions (500,000 dead children), and then by Bush the Lesser and his neocon-infested administration.

9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan were designed to get the war on terror rolling and portray Muslims as the enemy of the United States, therefore providing a pretext to attack Israel’s enemies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Libya. So long as there is resistance to the racist policies of Israel and its violent subjugation and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs, there will be a war on terror. 

In recent years, the focus of this never-ending and highly profitable (for the military-industrial complex) series of invasions directly or by proxy has shifted to the US proper where the enemy is the American people, beginning with “white supremacists” who we are told are the vanguard of an expanding wave of global antisemitism. In fact, this supposed antisemitism is an attack on nationalists fed up with the state and its parasitism. 

It’s not likely Iran will be invaded before the election unless Iran does something to goad the US and its European partners to attack. Suffering from the delusional sickness of hubris and exceptionalism (and in Israel’s case, outright racism), Iran’s enemies are incapable of understanding that any attack on Iran will result in massive carnage and death, especially in Israel and US bases ringing Iran as well. The neocons and Israel-firsters infesting the Trump administration sincerely believe they can get away with bombing Iran with little to no consequence, once again proclaiming a cakewalk. 

Iran, unlike Iraq, has not suffered a near-complete breakdown under punitive and medieval sanctions, although if the sanctions continue and worsen they may eventually end up as broken and desperate as Iraq prior to Bush the Lesser’s invasion. Iran’s leaders will not allow this to happen. 

Moreover, Iran is now showing resolve and is refusing the play the game on terms imposed by a gaggle of globalists and Israel-first neocons. For every move by the US, there is a counter move by Iran. It is now entirely obvious Trump is completely frustrated with Iran and its stubborn unwillingness to bend to the neoliberal and Zionist effort to destroy and balkanize the country. Iran will fight back.

And that fight may be taken to America, not simply US troops stationed on Iran’s periphery. If this happens, of course, outrage and anger will rally the American people to support a final war. Americans are little different than Germans under the Nazis, fooled into war by rhetoric and false flag operations. Propaganda is far more effective now, more so than it was 80 years ago. 

I am not hopeful the virus of Zionism infecting the US government will be eliminated before the final war unfolds—a nuclear annihilation of all life on planet earth. 

The tentacles of the menace are buried deep and hooked into the centers of power and control. If the war on BDS demonstrates anything, it is that our “representatives” and the pro-Zionist marionette in the White House will react strenuously to any threat to the Zionist state, no matter how minor. 

A law passed in Florida and celebrated in Jerusalem makes it a crime to criticize Israel, denoting such as antisemitism. It also defines BDS in the most serious manner, akin to the manufactured threat of the Islamic State:

Under the bill, the BDS movement is defined as a terrorist group no different than the KKK or ISIS, which has prompted some to question if criticism of the Jewish state could be mischaracterized as being anti-Semitic criticism of the Jewish people.

According to one Democrat who voted for the bill, its passage is a “mitzvah,” that is to say a Hebrew moral deed as a commandment of faith. 

If this insanity continues, blogs like this one will no longer be allowed on the internet. All criticism of Israel and Zionism will be illegal, criminally punished as it now is in France and much of Europe, and the Constitution and the First Amendment will be once and for all a dead letter. 

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