This is How the Elite Will Shut Down Your Free Speech

It might be time to get off Gab, Voat, and other “white supremacist” social media sites. These are not bona fide racist websites—unlike, say, the Daily Stormer—although they do have an appreciable percentage of what the state now calls “white nationalists” freely posting and (in the United States, for now) exercising what remains of the First Amendment. 

Supposed white nationalism is a carefully crafted amalgamate. It is vague enough to include political movements and ideologies that have nothing or little to do with race—libertarians, anarchists (the real ones, not the Antifa variety), antiwar leftists, even pro-life activists and a handful of carefully selected national politicians, including the president of the United States. 

The dissimilar aspects of these groups and individuals are ignored by the state and its media as they pursue a higher objective—not only depriving people of the right to speak freely, but also categorizing them as terrorists, not merely domestic terrorists but international terrorists on par with the artificially created Islamic State and its CIA designed forebearer, al-Qaeda. 

In order to make all of this stick, the participation of a foreign entity must be seen as manipulating and driving the white nationalist and supremacist movements, never mind the small number of people who actually subscribe to a race-based ideology (excluding the officially accepted racist ideology of Black Lives Matter and others). 

Homeland Security News Wire reports today:

White supremacist terrorism around the globe is being manipulated by Russia for political ends, senior U.S. national security officials have warned. Such white supremacist groups are “emulating” jihadists like Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant by forging a “transnational” community of followers, using social media and encrypted communications platforms, the experts said. Joshua Geltzer, former U.S. senior director of counter terrorism, said: “The Russian government adds violent energy to the emerging transnational network of white supremacists, spreading its cause in part through disinformation aggressively disseminated online.” Ali Soufan, a former FBI supervisory special agent, told lawmakers that the “emerging epicenter” of white supremacist extremism is Russia and Ukraine. “There are extensive ties between the Russian government and far-right groups in Europe.”

In short, if you oppose official narratives on a number of issues—war, the economy, vaccines, climate change, the Deep State, “social justice” for state-designated victim groups, and more—you are a white nationalist terrorist and therefore a fellow traveler or clueless dupe of Putin and the Russians.  White nationalism and white supremacy are now tightly entwined, thanks to years of relentless propaganda. 

White supremacist terrorism around the globe is being manipulated by Russia for political ends, senior U.S. national security officials have warned.

Nick Allen writes in The Telegraph that Joshua Geltzer, former U.S. senior director of counter terrorism, told lawmakers that the perpetrators of white supremacist violence should now be treated as international, rather than domestic, terrorists.

Such groups are “emulating” jihadists like Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant by forging a “transnational” community of followers, using social media and encrypted communications platforms.

The state and its corporate and NGO partners (the true definition of fascism) have a drastic solution to this largely fantasized threat—arresting and prosecuting those who provide “material support” to white nationalist terrorists. If this comes about, they will have to add a couple more wings at the Gitmo torture dungeon in Cuba.

Designating white supremacist groups as foreign terrorist organizations would make it easier to prosecute those who provide material support to them, and to freeze financial accounts in the U.S.

Maybe you won’t be Gitmo-ized for posting your opposition to illegal immigration—which is, according to the social justice mob, ipso facto racism, and hate—or buying merchandise on a website the state declares to be a terrorist front. Maybe the state will go light and merely shut you out of the bankster financial system. No PayPal, no Wells Fargo debit card for you if the SJW mob determines you’re a terrorist on par with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. 

Ali Soufan, a former FBI supervisory special agent, told the congressional committee: The “emerging epicenter” of white supremacist extremism is Russia and Ukraine.

“There are extensive ties between the Russian government and far-right groups in Europe.”

He said Russian paramilitary groups in Ukraine were training foreign fighters “motivated by white supremacy and neo-Nazi beliefs.”

Soufan added: “Russian disinformation efforts have fueled anti-immigrant sentiment in countries like Sweden, fueling resentment among native-born Swedes.”

According to this FBI agent, Swedes are not outraged by the criminality, violence, and rape of Swedish women by third world males flooding into Europe. For the SJW crowd, the problem is back and white (quite literally): Swedes are primarily WHITE, and therefore inherently and genetically racist (in addition to privileged) and this explains their contempt for uncivilized tribes landing in Scandinavia. 

The US government is responsible for empowering gangs of paramilitary fascists in Ukraine, not Russia. Maybe we should ask what role Pierre Omidyar, Victoria Nuland, and USAID played in making sure anti-Russian fanatics and violent Ukrainian nationalists came to power and began killing Russian-speaking civilians in eastern Ukraine. 

No, we don’t ask such questions. If you dare, you will be vilified as a useful idiot for Vladimir Putin, that avid supporter of the destroyer of “liberal” democracy worldwide. 

Last month, 8chan, an online forum the state has declared rife with violent white supremacist bad actors, was subpoenaed to appear before the Grand Inquisitors of Congress. 

“In recent years, violent extremist content has proliferated on both large and small social media platforms,” Democrat House Homeland Security Committee chairman Bennie Thompson, and ranking member Republican Mike Rogers, said in a joint statement. “At least three acts of deadly white supremacist extremist violence have been linked to 8chan in the last six months. We have questions on what is being done to counter this trend so we can be sure it is being properly addressed.”

Additional hearings, inquisitions, and eventually show trials will be held in the months ahead. 

H.Res. 41: Rejecting White nationalism and White supremacy is a foundation for more anti-liberty legislation to come, especially following the FBI’s conclusion that white nationalism (comprising in part the “Dissident Right,” libertarians, antiwar activists) is a domestic terror threat that will soon be lumped in with international terrorism.

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Establishment Right and Left Call for COINTELPRO 2.0 

Both heads of the two-headed establishment political hydra want to resurrect COINTELPRO, the FBI’s illegal subversion program, in response to speech they oppose and want outlawed. 

In August, The Verge (owned by liberal Vox Media and founded by former CIA asset Markos Moulitsas) and the National Review, the failing neocon journal edited by Rich Lowry, posted articles on how to best undermine the First Amendment right of millions of Americans. 

The Verge cites a recent paper by N. F. Johnson and a collection of academics. Johnson and his fellows compare online “hate and extremist narratives” to a chemistry project. 

“We observe the current hate network rapidly rewiring and self-repairing at the micro level when attacked, in a way that mimics the formation of covalent bonds in chemistry,” they write. 

Because of this dynamic, the authors suggest fighting “hate” (unacceptable political speech) by inserting a “population in a pre-engineered format” within a targeted “hate-cluster” and destroying it from within. 

This is a tactic taken right out of the COINTELPRO handbook. 

Branko Marcetic writes:

As the Church Committee, a congressional committee set up in 1975 to analyze the excesses of US law enforcement and intelligence agencies over the preceding decades, put it, what followed was a secret war against those citizens it considers threats to the established order…

The bread and butter of COINTELPRO operations was the use of wiretaps, anonymous letters, informants, and other means of subterfuge to, in the Bureau’s own words, foster factionalism and create suspicion within groups, bring individuals into disrepute before the American public, and create disruption and discord among such groups and movements in order to destroy the Left, or at least render it useless.

Although Rich Lowry of the National Review admits COINTELPRO was illegal, he appreciates how the program was used to supposedly degrade and dismantle the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, the FBI used its informants and clueless Klan members to attack the Left. 

Brian Glick writes:

 In the guise of a COINTELPRO against “white hate groups,” the FBI subsidized, armed, directed and protected the Klu Klux Klan and other right-wing groups, including a “Secret Army Organization” of California ex-Minutemen who beat up Chicano activists, tore apart the offices of the San Diego Street Journal and the Movement for a Democratic Military, and tried to kill a prominent anti-war organizer. Puerto Rican activists suffered similar terrorist assaults from anti-Castro Cuban groups organized and funded by the CIA.

Moreover, the primary target of the FBI in the 1960s was the civil rights movement, not the KKK. Later, the emphasis shifted to the antiwar movement and black nationalist groups like the Black Panthers. 

“Of all the movements of this period, the FBI viewed civil rights organizers as the greatest threat of all,” notes Marcetic. “According to an internal FBI document produced in 1963, civil rights protests were a threat to the established order, and Martin Luther King Jr a dangerous radical who had to be stopped.” 

Although the FBI was run by the infamously paranoid J. Edgar Hoover, this was not just his pet project. Officials at the highest levels of government were aware of COINTELPRO and approved its continuation. The FBI as a whole dove headfirst into the project.

Now the threat is “deplorable” Americans fed-up with the establishment. They voted for Trump because he promised things undeliverable, same as any other politician. Donald Trump is at best a nominal threat to the establishment, more as an outlier demonstrating how a rigged game (national elections) can be penetrated and flipped. 

After Trump’s surprising victory, the establishment began working on a way to make sure another outsider will not be allowed to game the system. The threat is posed by renegades outside the establishment and its media tributaries. With the advent of an open and free internet, these contrary voices began to make political headway and over time became a threat to the state and its monopoly on political power. 

Prior to Trump, elections in America were determined by the banksters and their privately held cartel masquerading as a fed agency, the Federal Reserve. 

“Whether it’s the mainstream media, the CIA, the FBI, or now the Federal Reserve, more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that there is a Deep State in America and its interests have nothing to do with American liberty. In fact, our liberty is what the Deep State wants to abolish,” writes Ron Paul. “When it comes to the Federal Reserve, I stand firmly by my conviction that it needs to be audited and then ended as soon as possible.”

COINTELPRO, then and now, is not about eliminating “hate,” it’s about eliminating the opposition. The threat of “white hate” is fiction. It’s true—a small number of people hate (or rather fear) people who are different—and they may even engage in violence on occasion against them. This isn’t a terrorist threat. It’s a law enforcement issue, the same as the weekly body counts in Chicago, Baltimore, and other urban hellholes. 

The idea is quite simple. Define your enemies and portray them in the media as the ultimate in hatred—lovers of Hitler, enthusiastically rounding up Jews and feeding them into crematoria, hunting down blacks to lynch, millions “sent back where they came from,” and mass shootings blamed on hate of “marginalized communities,” that is to say special groups nourished and protected by the state.

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Oppose Abortion? You’re a White Nationalist Terrorist

This is how best to discredit, demonize, and direct violence against your enemies—align them with white nationalists.

The poster child for the evil white “conservative” is Rep. Steve King, a Republican congressman from Iowa. Steve’s problem is he talks too much about what he believes and this makes him a favorite target of the Identity Left. 

Earlier this week The Washington Post—the CIA’s onetime favorite newspaper—linked the antiabortion movement to King and the MAGAcons (who are, we must assume, all white and consumed with hatred of women and state-sanction and set aside minorities). 

Marissa Brostoff, the culture editor at Jewish Currents and a research fellow at Political Research Associates (a little brother of the SPLC), writes

King is only the most notorious of the politicians who have recently justified their opposition to abortion by linking it to their anti-immigration politics. Conservative lawmakers and right-wing vigilantes alike have adopted a seemingly new language for describing their antiabortion stance: the white nationalist discourse of the “great replacement,” a conspiracy theory that holds that nonwhite immigrants are demographically “replacing” whites throughout the West.

This is a direct reference to Brenton Tarrant, the alleged Christchurch mosque shooter who supposedly posted a manifesto replete with the ideas of Renaud Camus, a French essayist. Tarrant’s alleged terror in New Zealand was followed by a shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. The accused shooter, Patrick Crusius, is also said to have posted a manifesto. The first sentence of “The Inconvenient Truth” reads:

In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto. This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion. 

The plan calls for demonizing and criminalizing all political activity of the Identity Left’s enemies, not simply white nationalists, but also those opposed to the Left’s pet issues, in this case, abortion. 

Enter the TAPS Act, or Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act of 2019. The “promising” idea of this legislation, according to Congress critter Brian Babin, is

to prevent targeted attacks before they ever occur. Everyone knows the phrase “if you see something, say something.” Yet state and local law enforcement agencies often lack the tools and resources to analyze and evaluate the warning signs that frequently precede mass attacks. This bill will help law enforcement agencies large and small learn from the best practices of agencies like the Secret Service and Capitol Police to identify and stop violence before the first shot is fired. By modernizing our approach, we can keep every American safer and give each of us the freedom to live our lives without fear of targeted violence

The behavioral threat assessment proposed will [determine] the credibility and seriousness of a potential threat and interrupting those who are on a pathway to violence.”

It is a political precrime strategy. Babin argues the TAPS “behavioral threat assessment and management processes must become part of the culture and fabric of contemporary law enforcement.”

In other words, the cop on the street—with the appropriate indoctrination—will decide who is a white nationalist preparing to shoot-up a mosque or retail outlet. 

“The TAPS act violates our constitutional rights,” S. Noble writes for the Independent Sentinel.  

It gives the Department of Homeland Security the right to appoint 23 unelected pencil pushers to “identify individuals who are exhibiting patterns of concerning behavior” and to manage those Americans somehow, some way. They would become a policing body ruling the behavior of Americans as judge, jury, and executioner.

The “Joint Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Task Force” would consist of one government employee at a GS-15 level or higher and 23 selectees chosen by the politically-appointed Secretary. The people would not even get to elect any of these people.

Their job would be to select those individuals who show “concerning behaviors” and create an authoritative power on the federal and local level to watch over them and control them.

In April, the FBI said the number one domestic terror threat, far worse than anything possibly perpetrated by al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, is the largely illusionary white nationalist movement. 

The Center for Strategic and International Studies—home to Henry Kissinger, the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, neocon Richard Armitage, deep insider Brent Scowcroft, among others—believes the top threat is white nationalism. 

Of particular concern are white supremacists and anti-government extremists, such as militia groups and so-called sovereign citizens interested in plotting attacks against government, racial, religious, and political targets in the United States. The October 27, 2018, Pittsburgh synagogue shooting by Robert Bowers, and the arrest a day earlier of Cesar Sayoc who sent pipe bombs to prominent Democrats, appear to be the most recent manifestations of this trend. Both perpetrators were far-right extremists. Although violent left-wing groups and individuals also present a threat, far-right-networks appear to be better armed and larger. There also is a continuing threat from extremists inspired by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. But the number of attacks from right-wing extremists since 2014 has been greater than attacks from Islamic extremists. 

This is, of course, nonsense. If we look at the statistics, we see the vast majority of mass shootings have absolutely nothing to do with politics, including so-called white nationalism. Boyd D. Cathey quotes Daniel Greenfield: 

The perception that mass shootings are a “white man’s problem” lingers around the country because white mass shooters tend to get more publicity. And, the twisted young male who goes on a public shooting spree fits a certain kind of media narrative. But when we actually study the mass shootings that took place in 2019, it’s clear that Patrick Crusius and Connor Betts are not the norm, but aberrations.

Mass shooters have no particular ideology. Crusius and Betts were opposites ideologically. (Though both cared deeply about the environment.) Nor are mass shooters a white problem or a black problem. Over the same bloody weekend, William Patrick Williams, who is African-American, appeared in court after being arrested by the FBI for planning to shoot up a Texas hotel with an AK-47 rifle.

Looking at the data from the Mass Shooting Tracker, widely utilized by the media, as of this writing, of the 72 mass shooters, perpetrators in shootings that killed or wounded 4 or more people, whose race is known, 21 were white, 37 were black, 8 were Latino, and 6 were members of other groups.

51% of mass shooters in 2019 were black, 29% were white, and 11% were Latino.

Christopher DeGroot adds:

Now whites constitute 61% of the country’s population, followed by Hispanics at 17.8% and blacks at 12.7%. As with all violent crime, most mass shootings are committed by young men. But whether we adjust for age and gender or not, white people are underrepresented among mass shooters. So are Hispanics. Blacks, however, are highly overrepresented. Of course, since whites are a kind of scapegoat these days—whereby other groups form an alliance, albeit thin and transitory, via enmity for whites—the left-wing media present mass shootings as a distinctly white phenomenon. “White-nationalist terrorism” and “Alt Right ideas, memes & speech,” we’re to believe, are about to turn the U.S. into Nazi Germany. Such an egregiously biased perspective, if it does anything, will likely lead to more “white-nationalist terrorism.”

In pointing out the obvious, we become racists, misogynists, antisemites, and wild-eyed and supremely dangerous conspiracy theorists. 

Facts about mass shootings and the extreme exaggeration of the white nationalist “threat” have very little to do with violence and everything to do with weakening if not outright eliminating the Right (and this works on the Left as well—case in point, Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians). 

The neoliberal elite pushing this farce isn’t concerned about mass shooting death. If they were, they’d turn their attention to the endless violence in Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit. The perps are largely black, and so are the victims.

The plan is to turn “deplorable” Americans into political criminals and make damn sure another Donald Trump doesn’t come along to upset the establishment apple cart. 

As an example of this seething hatred, look no further than Bill Mahr’s cruel jokes about the death of David Koch. This is what the Left, in this case, the entitled Hollywood Left, wish on their enemies—a slow and painful cancer death cheered and applauded by Antifa-supporting factions on the Left. 

No state is “kinder and gentler” when it comes to liquidating political enemies. I’m afraid this is what we have to look forward to—more violence (unreported or excused by the corporate media), more intimidation, more calls to shut down the First, Second, and Fourth amendments to the Constitution, and soon roving militarized police brainwashed by the SPLC, the ADL, and the DNC establishment with its ludicrous cries of Russian election subversion and Donald Trump as Putin’s chump. 

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About that White Nationalist Dirty Bomb

The hyper-exaggerated threat of white supremacy has taken a serious turn—the racists now want a dirty bomb and are working in that direction with their very own Atomwaffen. 

It doesn’t get much more absurd than this. 

In 2004 and 2013, according to a report posted by Foreign Policy, “the FBI arrested two white supremacists interested in acquiring and detonating a dirty bomb.”

Moreover, these are not “lone wolves.” They are part of an extremist network bound by white supremacist ideology, far-right hate, and online indoctrination. And there is no shortage of evidence that they want to acquire their own radioactive weapons.

The evidence? Two disparate incidents nearly a decade apart by accused white supremacists allegedly in possession of radiological material and instructions for constructing a dirty bomb. 

This is a repeat of what the national security state said about Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda: they worked on a dirty bomb. There is absolutely no evidence al-Qaeda ever had nuclear material, same as there is no evidence Saddam had WMDs. Both of these lies were used to escalate and project the manufactured war on terror. 

The idea is to instill a pervasive fear in the populace. How do they know that white guy with a tattoo at Walmart isn’t a terrorist “radicalized” by the internet and conspiracy theories. 

The idea is to make us afraid of each other and forget the real source of our problem—a ruthless Machiavellian corporate state using high-tech propaganda, staged and orchestrated events, black and white ops and fronts to shape the sociopolitical landscape and dominate global economics. 

Although Donald Trump is a total failure and predictably jettisoned most of his campaign promises the moment he took office, the reaction to his victory by the establishment demonstrates how seriously they take the interruption and audacity of this crude outlier and his basket of deplorables. 

And the deplorables? They’re white nationalists, formerly white supremacists, before that KKK, prior to that under a rock somewhere. This point is driven home continually in The New York Times and The Washington Post: Trump is a racist, his supporters are racist, every single one a race supremacist, misogynist, redneck living and breeding dangerously in flyover country.

In fact, the average deplorable—and just about everybody else—works harder and longer while the middle-class shrinks and wealth is sucked upward into the coffers of corporations and banks. The average deplorable is sick and tired of an expensive, inefficient, scandal-wracked, partisan and politically divided government ignoring the people. They’re afraid of the future because that future terminates in endless debt owed to cover for today and yesterday’s bankster gambling debts, wars, and the ever-ongoing production of killing machinery. 

Maybe a few thousand out of millions and millions are white supremacists and a small number of them are criminals, same kind of dynamic in any other ethnic group. 

For obvious political purpose, many non-white ethnic groups were systematically given special status by the state decades ago. It’s argued this special status is required because the various racially collectivized groups are endangered by the majority. 

Due to this, it is no longer simply in bad taste to denigrate a government-designated special status group. It is now a red flag indicating probable terrorist activity, which can then be prevented in precrime fashion by the state and its national security apparatus. 

After 9/11, that enemy was over there, and although the propaganda media pounded home the narrative that Americans would become the targets of terrorists at any given moment, most Americans didn’t really give the idea too much thought as the country moved away from September 11. Polls show the economy and healthcare as the primary concern. Part of the failure is due to the fact the Muslim-Arab threat engineered by the government was perceived as something over there, not here at home. 

Now we’re told it is here. If the state can convince America there is a white nationalist problem, then nobody is safe. Paranoia becomes a tool for shaping public perceptions through corporate mass media. Lawmakers make laws outlawing “hate speech” based on vague description (for instance, “white nationalist” could be anyone who is white and perceived as patriotic and supporting the Americanized version of European civilization, which is portrayed as racist, sexist, colonialist, and white-entitled by some of the ethnic groups with special rights granted by the state for political reasons). 

The political discussion in America, if we can call it that, is strident and polarized to the extreme. It’s worse than it was during the Vietnam War. I witnessed all of that and this is far worse, especially with an economic tsunami bearing down on us. 

Both Democrats and Republicans are going to pile on this white nationalist thing—which is nothing but another psyop on the American people. The state and military and law enforcement agencies down to militarized local police are gearing up to confront an organized white menace looking for revenge on the victimhood special status folks—and in the process, as usual, missing the real source of their growing misery.

Ever since the national security state took over after the Second World War, we have weathered a series of evil adversaries—Stalin,  Khrushchev, the entire Red Menace for more than thirty years, Castro, then the intrepid Viet Cong, followed by Saddam, Osama bin Laden, various spin-offs on the Wahhabi theme, and now the Hitler-loving Nazis, white supremacists, nationalists, nativists, deplorables.  

The psychopathic elite and their national security state juggernaut of death and suffering are in constant and insatiable need of enemies and two minutes hate. How better to put the finishing touches on a full-blown surveillance and police state than crowing repeatedly about the terrorist who may be your next-door neighbor. 

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FBI Orchestrated Terror Plots to Frame Patsies as White Nationalist Terrorists

Now that distrust of government narratives—the prime example being 9/11—make you a far rightwing white nationalist terrorist, according to the FBI, let’s look at what we can expect in the weeks and months ahead.

The FBI, America’s secret political police, is known for arranging fake terror attacks to alarm the public and keep the war on terror moving along and dominating headlines. Recall the case of Jerry Drake Varnell, a 23-year-old diagnosed schizophrenic, the FBI tried to turn into a rightwing terrorist back in 2017. 

From PCMD News: 

In a June meeting with the agent, according to FBI documents, Varnell described himself as a believer in “Three Percenter” ideology, a right-wing group claiming to be committed to standing against and exposing corruption and injustice.

The plan was to replicate the Oklahoma City bombing and have the FBI rush in at the last minute and save the day. In order to do this, the patsy would be of diminished capacity. 

Varnell’s family issued the following statement in August of 2017:

We as a family are extremely distraught about this situation with our son Jerry Drake Varnell, but what the public must understand is that he is a paranoid schizophrenic and is extremely susceptible to different types of ideology that normal people would deem immoral. Underneath his condition, he is a sweet-hearted person and we are extremely shocked that this event has happened. However, what truly has us flabbergasted is the fact that the FBI knew he was schizophrenic. The State of Oklahoma found him mentally incompetent and we, his parents have legal guardianship over him by the Court. These documents are sealed from the public, which is why no news media outlet has been able to obtain them. The FBI clearly knew that he was schizophrenic because they have gathered every ounce of information on him. 

The fact Varnell is mentally ill and incapable of building a bomb was buried by screaming headlines praising the FBI for preventing a fake terror attack it engineered. 

It’s obvious what we are seeing here. The ill-defined terms “white nationalist” and “conspiracy theorist” are being equated with hatred and violence, thus a national security threat. 

Because “white supremacist” violence is minor when compared to the far larger danger of violence in Chicago and other American cities, scary news reports, exaggerated statistics, and the image of goose-stepping and torch-bearing Nazis are required, along with FBI entrapment operations, to get consensus on breaking down doors, planting evidence, dispatching informers, and instigating violence like it did during COINTELPRO some forty-odd years ago. 

Somewhere along the line an FBI bomb will detonate, as it did during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and this will shape-shift into consensus to crack down on “white nationalists,” now conflated to include Alt-righters, conspiracy theorists, and just about anybody who doesn’t believe slap-dashed government narratives on a variety of issues.

The FBI, of course, will not be knocking down the door of every Alt-righter posting on social media. It will persecute the figureheads and this will send the message that disagreeing and exercising the right to free speech will get you locked in the crosshairs of the state and its media. 

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Warning: This Blog Provides Material Support for Extremist Conspiracy Theories 

The left, rallying behind a seething hatred of Trump, is tossing around ideas on how best to criminalize their political opponents. 

Mike Giglio writes for The Atlantic:

At the moment, there is a significant disparity in the amount of funds, personnel, and law-enforcement tools that America devotes to combatting Islamist versus white-nationalist terrorism. Finding a way to add white nationalists to the list of U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organizations could help address that, Seamus Hughes, the deputy director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, told me. It would lower the bar for law enforcement to be able to charge a person for providing material support to white-nationalist terrorists.

How do we identify white nationalists? 

There are the obvious candidates—shaved head guys standard bearing Nazi flags (now inseparable from Gadsden and Confederate flags), marching in torchlight processions, or marked for life with Odal rune and Iron Cross tattoos. 

After Charlottesville and the so-called “Unite the Right” rally, the corporate media made it look like these people are a national security threat. The SPLC and the ADL would have you believe there are hundreds of thousands of violent racist white evil-doers spread across the country. 

But not even the SPLC can give you an accurate count—or even a clear definition—of what and who these terrible people are. 

From the Daily Beast:

The Southern Poverty Law Center hasn’t counted the members of the so-called “alt-right.” A press representative tells The Daily Beast that they’re not aware of any nationwide surveys designed to count them.

Even so, the SPLC claims to know the numbers:

However, they estimate that the KKK counts between 5,000 and 8,000 members nationwide. Back in the 1920’s, when cities across the south were erecting monuments to Confederate generals, the Klan had 4 million members. As Roger L. Simon points out, this would be an impressive decrease even if the population of the U.S. hadn’t swelled since the 1920’s. Back then, the Klan constituted about 4 percent of the entire U.S. population. Now, the KKK is near its nadir. That would make them less than 0.003 percent of the population, even on the higher end of the SPLC’s estimate. 

In the past, these folks were basically ignored, derided as anachronistic paranoiacs, even laughed at, but now, since the election of Trump, they are everywhere, more lethal and worrisome than the jihadi serial murderers of the Islamic State. 

The hysterical claim we face the threat of white terrorism is promoted by the corporate media. For instance, the Daily Beast (a subsidiary of IAC, a transnational media corporation):

Now, before it grows any stronger, should be the time to move against it with the same kind of concerted international focus of attention and resources that were trained on Osama bin Laden. Now is the time for a global war on white nationalist terrorism…

Networks of white nationalist apologists, sympathizers, supporters and facilitators—vital to any terrorist movement—are deeply embedded in the political and social fabric. They are literally the enemy within…

Voters in Western nations have to understand that the fellow travelers of white nationalist terrorism are not acceptable participants in modern democracies, and vote them out, or see that they are prosecuted, or both.

The FBI was instructed by Congress to provide a definition of a white domestic terrorist. It released a bulletin claiming for “the first time [the FBI] has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat,” according to Yahoo News. 

This recent intelligence bulletin comes as the FBI is facing pressure to explain who it considers an extremist, and how the government prosecutes domestic terrorists. In recent weeks the FBI director has addressed domestic terrorism multiple times but did not publicly mention this new conspiracy theorist threat.

The FBI is already under fire for its approach to domestic extremism. In a contentious hearing last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Christopher Wray faced criticism from Democrats who said the bureau was not focusing enough on white supremacist violence. 

The FBI—forever motivated to stay relevant and get its chunk of the federal budget— overshot the target.

The new focus on conspiracy theorists appears to fall under the broader category of anti-government extremism. “This is the first FBI product examining the threat from conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists and provides a baseline for future intelligence products,” the document states.

In other words, if people believe “conspiracy theories”—for instance, the events of 9/11 are misrepresented by the official narrative—they are “extremist” and “not acceptable participants in modern democracies,” and should be “prosecuted” as criminals providing “material support” to white supremacist terrorists more dangerous to America than ISIS. 

Meanwhile, conspiracy theories pushed by the state—Russia sabotaged the 2016 election—are elevated to unquestionable gospel truth. If you question this fairy tale, you’re either a Putin dupe or a believer in bad conspiracy theories, those that expose the crimes of government. 

How long before this blog and thousands of others are accused of providing “material support” for terrorists? Because “conspiracy theories” are now a national security threat, should I expect to be interviewed by the FBI, surveilled (more than usual), and possibly put in “protective custody” or sent to a mental hospital? 

It sure looks like things are going that way. 

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