Iran: The Technicolor War

After a tsunami of skepticism swept over the media following the Pentagon’s release of a dubious video supposedly showing Iranians removing a mine from the hull of a tanker, the generals followed up with a color version of basically the same video. Like the first video, the second color video doesn’t show much of anything.  Continue reading “Iran: The Technicolor War”

Blowback Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

The Express is quoting a “former ranking US Air Force strategist who now lives on the strategically vital Straits of Hormuz” as saying if the US attacks Iran in response to the latest incident—undoubtedly a false flag—there will be hell to pay. Continue reading “Blowback Coming to a Neighborhood Near You”

Tanker Wars, Bolton, and a “Batshit Crazy” Trump

In regard to those troops Trump the Clueless wants to send into Poland, Robert Wenzel writes the president’s national security adviser John Bolton lives “rent free in President Trump’s head” and The Donald is nothing less than “a dumb and arrogant asshole.”  Continue reading “Tanker Wars, Bolton, and a “Batshit Crazy” Trump”