Trump, Big Macs, and Fox Neocon News

Our president is a busy man. He doesn’t have time to research background on the Middle East and Asia, so he gets his information encapsulated from Fox News while eating a Big Mac and those deadly fries during lunch and dinner breaks at the White House.  Continue reading “Trump, Big Macs, and Fox Neocon News”

Sanctions Crazed Trump Does Blackbeard 

Our storied president is now a pirate on the high seas. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’d say he’s more like Queen Elizabeth I when she ordered Sir Francis Drake to grab Spanish ships and ransack them.  Continue reading “Sanctions Crazed Trump Does Blackbeard “

Alt-righter Tomi Lahren Warns Trump on Venezuela 

It’s true, some self-identified “New Right” or “Alt-right” partisans are against Trump’s threat to use military force to remove Nicolas Maduro and replace him with a sock puppet taking orders from the neoliberal elite.  Continue reading “Alt-righter Tomi Lahren Warns Trump on Venezuela “

CODEPINK: The Only Visible Opposition to Trump’s Venezuela Project

It’s a good thing the theatrical activist group CODEPINK has decided to block the USAID operative and would-be usurper Juan Guaido’s color revolution tutored partisans from occupying the Venezuelan embassy in the swank Washington neighborhood of Georgetown.  Continue reading “CODEPINK: The Only Visible Opposition to Trump’s Venezuela Project”