Mark Levin Slams Rand Paul on Iran

Compares Paul to Bernie Sanders and Rep. Omar on foreign policy.

On Thursday, talk radio host Mark Levin slammed Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul in response to a rumor Trump had picked Paul to backchannel negotiate with Iran. The president has since denied he plans to tap Paul for this role.

Levin, who fancies himself a constitutionalist, except in regard to seeking congressional war declarations, compared Rand Paul to Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ilhan Omar on foreign policy. He dismissed Paul as “Code Pink ideologue” who “put America last.”

“I don’t trust Rand Paul when it comes to foreign policy, because he’s an ideologue,” Levin said. “When it comes to foreign policy you need to have prudence. That is, you can’t have an ideology, other than you want to protect America of course.”

It really is remarkable Levin would use this word to describe Paul. If anything, Mark Levin is an ideologue, not in defense of the United States, but in defense of Israel and its Zionist apartheid government.

Neocons like Levin avoid defining the supposed threat posed to America by Iran or Hezbollah. “Death to America” is a rhetorical slogan, not a serious call to action. Iran is not killing US citizens.

However, the US and Israel, through proxies and directly, are killing Iranians. Israel is violating international law by bombing Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria. Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia were invited by the Syrian government to combat US-supported “rebels” trying to overthrow the rule of Bashir al-Assad. The US and Israel, on the other hand, are serial violators of international law.

Levin and the neocons avoid the obvious. Iran has never attacked the US (or any other country in over 200 years), it does not have nuclear weapons, and is surrounded by US bases. Iran realizes the obvious. It would be destroyed if it attacked the US or Israel.

Iran is not alone in denouncing Israel for 70 years of provocations and the brutal suppression and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, which Levin, as a dedicated Zionist, says do not exist.

Israel has repeatedly invaded Lebanon, continues to bomb Syria, and has over the last seven decades strived to create crises in neighboring Arab countries.

Neocon helpers such as Marco Rubio have denounced Rand Paul as an isolationist. Prior to FDR’s maneuvering America into the Second World War, so-called isolationists were known as noninterventionists. They only became isolationists after Democrats and other war supporters used the word as a pejorative.

Rand Paul is the polar opposite of Bernie Sanders. He is not a Code Pink ideologue. Paul wants America to return to its original philosophy of minding its own business, avoiding entangling alliances as George Washington advocated, and drawing down the US military posture around the world, a posture that has turned much of the world against the “exceptional nation.”

Mark Levin, on the other hand, is a neocon. He knows, or should, it is not the role of the US to be the world’s policeman.

Levin’s primary focus is Israel. He knows all too well, as do all neocons, that Israel cannot become the dominant force in the Middle East and realize its goal of Greater Israel and the final expulsion of the Palestinians without tricking the US into fighting its wars.

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