Hannity, Levin, Jones Push for Mass Murder and War Crimes

Reality is twisted and shredded by lies and hysteria.

Trump adviser Sean Hannity is calling for the president to use “the full force of the greatest, most advanced, most sophisticated military this world has ever seen” to flatten Iran and engage in the mass murder of Iranian civilians. 

He is not alone. It appears many alt-righters are calling for war crimes, including talk show performance artist Alex Jones. 

I received an email this morning from an Infowars watcher who says Alex Jones declared at the outset of his show today its OK for the USG to assassinate foreign leaders. Once upon a time, Alex Jones pretended to be a defender of the Constitution and the rule of law, but now that his guy is president, Jones is a reformulated neocon. 

Meanwhile, Republicans are coming out of the woodwork in an effort to outdo each other in blaming Iran for past terrorist attacks. 

Rep. Scott, like his president, is a geopolitical ignoramus. Soleimani had nothing to do with the bombing in Saudi Arabia. Initially, the blame was placed on “Saudi Islamic militants, including many veterans of the Afghan War,” according to The New York Times. 

The FBI eventually blamed Iran, as required by political expediency. What is forgotten here is that the FBI did this to derail Bill Clinton’s thawing of relations with Iran and its then-president, Mohammad Khatami. Ever since, the US has blamed Iran and its “proxy,” Hezbollah for all manner of evil in the Middle East. 

Never mind that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. John Shalikashvili, admitted at the time there wasn’t enough evidence to blame any group or individual. 

In 2001, an indictment was issued in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Alexandria, Virginia charging members of both the Lebanese and Saudi versions of Hezbollah for the attack. Eight Saudis were also charged. The 9/11 whitewash commission bent over backward to blame Osama bin Laden. Soleimani was not mentioned. 

In fact, at the time, Soleimani was the IRGC commander in Kerman Province. He was busy fighting the Kurds. He didn’t become Quds commander until 1998, two years after the Khobar Towers bombing. 

William Perry, Clinton’s Sec. of Defense, was confused about where the blame should be pinned—on al-Qaeda or Iran. During a June 2007 interview Perry, however, said: “he now believes al-Qaida rather than Iran was behind a 1996 truck bombing at an American military base.”

By 2006, it was official. The high court judge Royce C. Lamberth ruled that Iran and Hezbollah were directly responsible for the attack, never mind the absence of evidence (this is now a routine practice). 

None of this is relevant now that Republicans are demanding full-fledged war on Iran, thus potentially soon providing Israel with a belated Hanukkah and Asarah B’Tevet present. 

“Iran launched an attack against our brave men and women in the region,” said the talk show host. “For years, since 1979, they’ve been at war with us.” 

In fact, these “brave men and women” are illegally and violently occupying a country that never threatened America or the US government. Hannity the historical and geopolitical retard did not mention the fact widespread hatred of the USG by average Iranians is the result of Eisenhower and the Brits overthrowing the democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq, and then installing the Shah and his CIA and Mossad trained SAVAK secret police. 

This is precisely why Hannity is cognitively challenged. As history amply demonstrates, the CIA is a far larger threat than Iran or even Russia and China. It is directly responsible for overthrowing Iran’s government. It has a long and extremely bloody track record and is guilty of participating directly and indirectly in the murder of millions of people since its creation as the primary covert terror component of the national security state. 

Next up, the Zionist shill Mark Levin. This “conservative” has turned history upside down with his lies and misinformation. 

Iran didn’t have “democracy” under the Shah. It had a brutal dictatorship that tortured and killed political opponents and rivals. As noted above, this was directly supported by the USG and later Israel. (See The Unwritten History Of Israel’s Alliance With The Shah’s Dictatorship.)

Have the mullahs of Iran murdered opponents? You bet. This is something all states do, and the USG and Israel are at the top of the list. However, Iran is not killing US and Israeli scientists or engaging in concerted economic warfare against America and its people. Iran is not bombing its neighbors and stealing their land. It is not assassinating the Joint Chiefs of Staff or neocons advocating bombing Iran (like big-time Israel and Trump booster Sheldon Adelson called for). 

Finally, the son of Trump has provided us with yet another example of the manufactured  war between Republicans and Democrats. 

Democrats have a support Iran fan club, according to Junior. This is delusion, hallucination, dishonesty, malfeasance, and the continuation of brazen and stupid lies, the sort of behavior that should be expected from the son of a guy who learned his political chops from his personal lawyer, the miscreant Roy Cohen. 

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Mark Levin Slams Rand Paul on Iran

Compares Paul to Bernie Sanders and Rep. Omar on foreign policy.

On Thursday, talk radio host Mark Levin slammed Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul in response to a rumor Trump had picked Paul to backchannel negotiate with Iran. The president has since denied he plans to tap Paul for this role.

Levin, who fancies himself a constitutionalist, except in regard to seeking congressional war declarations, compared Rand Paul to Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ilhan Omar on foreign policy. He dismissed Paul as “Code Pink ideologue” who “put America last.”

“I don’t trust Rand Paul when it comes to foreign policy, because he’s an ideologue,” Levin said. “When it comes to foreign policy you need to have prudence. That is, you can’t have an ideology, other than you want to protect America of course.”

It really is remarkable Levin would use this word to describe Paul. If anything, Mark Levin is an ideologue, not in defense of the United States, but in defense of Israel and its Zionist apartheid government.

Neocons like Levin avoid defining the supposed threat posed to America by Iran or Hezbollah. “Death to America” is a rhetorical slogan, not a serious call to action. Iran is not killing US citizens.

However, the US and Israel, through proxies and directly, are killing Iranians. Israel is violating international law by bombing Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria. Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia were invited by the Syrian government to combat US-supported “rebels” trying to overthrow the rule of Bashir al-Assad. The US and Israel, on the other hand, are serial violators of international law.

Levin and the neocons avoid the obvious. Iran has never attacked the US (or any other country in over 200 years), it does not have nuclear weapons, and is surrounded by US bases. Iran realizes the obvious. It would be destroyed if it attacked the US or Israel.

Iran is not alone in denouncing Israel for 70 years of provocations and the brutal suppression and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, which Levin, as a dedicated Zionist, says do not exist.

Israel has repeatedly invaded Lebanon, continues to bomb Syria, and has over the last seven decades strived to create crises in neighboring Arab countries.

Neocon helpers such as Marco Rubio have denounced Rand Paul as an isolationist. Prior to FDR’s maneuvering America into the Second World War, so-called isolationists were known as noninterventionists. They only became isolationists after Democrats and other war supporters used the word as a pejorative.

Rand Paul is the polar opposite of Bernie Sanders. He is not a Code Pink ideologue. Paul wants America to return to its original philosophy of minding its own business, avoiding entangling alliances as George Washington advocated, and drawing down the US military posture around the world, a posture that has turned much of the world against the “exceptional nation.”

Mark Levin, on the other hand, is a neocon. He knows, or should, it is not the role of the US to be the world’s policeman.

Levin’s primary focus is Israel. He knows all too well, as do all neocons, that Israel cannot become the dominant force in the Middle East and realize its goal of Greater Israel and the final expulsion of the Palestinians without tricking the US into fighting its wars.

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