MAGA Op-ed Blames Progressives for Elite Plan to Cull the Herd

The latest episode of the highly polarizing and wholly manufactured Left vs. Right war of words and deeds—with a few Antifa and Proud Boys aggravated assaults thrown in—concerns our dystopian near-future. 

Over at MAGA Central, otherwise known as Breitbart, the senior technology correspondent, Allum Bokhari, writes:

Progressive political elites have decided that in order to save the environment, ordinary citizens must submit to radical lifestyle changes (while those same elites fly around the world on private jets and enrich themselves from trade with China, the world’s biggest polluter).

The reality may even be worse than the headline. Not only have progressive environmentalists suggested that we all switch to a diet of bugs instead of meat (especially steak, because cow farts produce carbon dontcha know), one Swedish scientist even suggested we devour the flesh of deceased humans to cut greenhouse emissions.

This followed an article published by Newsweek in which two psychologists mused on the human taboo against cannibalism, noting that “philosophers have argued that burying the dead could be wasteful in the context of the fight against world hunger.”

Cannibalism for the climate—that’s how far they’ve gone!

In addition, Bokhari mentions population control, carbon taxes, and other “dystopian cyberpunk nightmare(s),” all the fault, of course, of progressives, liberals, Democrats, that is to say the ideological enemies of the “Dissident Right” over at Breitbart.

It’s true—on the left side of the artificial divide, it is gospel to believe we will all die in a mere twelve years due to “climate change” and if we don’t immediately adopt an Agenda 21 on steroids—now known as the Green New Deal—all of us will perish. 

However, this is not merely a fever dream of the left, but a long-term plan by the ruling elite to turn humanity—reduced to 500 million worldwide—into bug- (and now human flesh) eating serfs. 

The ruling elite—the financial and corporate class and what might be described as the “black nobility” (hereditary aristocracy)—are not liberals, progressives, the pussy-hat donned, but rather apolitical psychopaths ready to compromise and distort any political movement for their purpose, which is to get rid of a large chunk of the plebeian masses and herd the remainder into inner-city​ ghettos.

I covered this topic in a couple videos produced for Newsbud.

And here:

If you doubt this, consider it a crazy conspiracy theory, take a look around. The middle class is evaporating, wealth is sucked into the coffers and offshore accounts of the mega-rich, homelessness is rising, war and rumors of war are constant, and the elite are buying islands and hideaways to escape the coming social breakdown. 

It is not coincidental all of these things are happening now. It’s part of the plan to cull the herdrising suicide, mental illness, unemployed millennials, offshoring and automation of decent jobs, the opioid crisis, millions on psychotropic drugs, staggering personal debt, new diseases, toxins and microplastics in the food chain, serious political division and violence. 

Meanwhile, the clueless, the brainwashed and politically regimented and indoctrinated on both the right and left continue to pointlessly fight among themselves while the hidden elite work behind the scenes, secretly mastering our destruction.

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Killing Hundreds of Thousands of Iranians OK with Trump


Recently in the Bizarro World of US politics, the imperial president signed off on the potential murder of tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent people. 

During a press conference with visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Trump said he’s sick and tired of dealing with Iran. 

“Frankly it’s getting harder for me to want to make a deal with Iran because they behave very badly,” said the president. 

“I’ll tell you it could go either way, very easily,” Trump added. “And I’m OK either way it goes.” 

In other words, he’s willing to “bomb the shit” (as he said about Syria during the presidential campaign) out of Iran if they don’t grovel at the feet of Trump and Israel’s PM Netanyahu. 

“We are very geared up. They are really the number one state of terror in the world,” said Trump. 

Geared up and bristling with depleted uranium munitions, cruise missiles, GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB, aka Mother of All Bombs), and even “tactical” nukes. 

Meanwhile, as part of the ongoing economic war against any country that believes it has a right to free trade that conflicts with Israel’s war on Iran—carried out by the US and paid for by propagandized American taxpayers—Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the other day the US is imposing sanctions on the oil importer Zhuhai Zhenrong and its chief executive Youmin Li.

“They violated US law by accepting crude oil,” said the former tank commander and CIA boss. 

Obviously, sanctions levied by the Exceptional Nation apply to the entire world. If a non-exceptional nation violates the imagined supremacy of the United States government, it can expect to fall under the rubric of economic warfare. 

Today the executive of an oil importer, tomorrow an entire nation, that is to say millions and even billions of people, the vast majority that has done absolutely nothing to harm the United States or Israel. 

Finally, the MAGA media, a junior partner in the neocon crusade to destroy Iran and possibly the criminal state of Israel as an unintended result, has stepped up its propaganda contribution.

Here’s an interview that aired on Infowars. I am sorry to say I was the editor of this website before it went total Trump and sucked up to the neocons. Infowars is now unrecognizable. Once upon a time, it was antiwar. But then there isn’t a whole lot of Benjamins to be made advocating peace and sanity.

It should be noted that the guy interviewed is Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, the founder of the so-called Restart movement. Hosseini encourages his followers to attack the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Basij bases, and government buildings throughout the country as part of his plan to bring about the collapse of the government, according to Bloomberg.

When Bush and Obama ruled, Infowars advocated a libertarian and constitutionalist foreign policy. Now it supports intervention in the business of other nations and sides with neocons and Israel-firsters.

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