Forever War and the Talmudic Psychopath

Once again, Philip Giraldi hits the nail squarely on the head. He writes what the corporate media is either forbidden or afraid to write. In doing so, of course, he is considered an antisemite, that is to say, a peddler of hate speech as defined by the ADL and others anxious to obliterate your right to speak and write.  Continue reading “Forever War and the Talmudic Psychopath”

Deep State Donald Sends Son-in-law to Bilderberg

I realize many MAGA devotees will disagree with the above title. The Donald is not Deep State, they will argue, and the reason the swamp wasn’t drained and the globalists sent packing is because Democrats have thrown out numerous hurdles and roadblocks, including the ludicrous Mueller investigation. Continue reading “Deep State Donald Sends Son-in-law to Bilderberg”