This is How the Elite Will Shut Down Your Free Speech

It might be time to get off Gab, Voat, and other “white supremacist” social media sites. These are not bona fide racist websites—unlike, say, the Daily Stormer—although they do have an appreciable percentage of what the state now calls “white nationalists” freely posting and (in the United States, for now) exercising what remains of the First Amendment. 

Supposed white nationalism is a carefully crafted amalgamate. It is vague enough to include political movements and ideologies that have nothing or little to do with race—libertarians, anarchists (the real ones, not the Antifa variety), antiwar leftists, even pro-life activists and a handful of carefully selected national politicians, including the president of the United States. 

The dissimilar aspects of these groups and individuals are ignored by the state and its media as they pursue a higher objective—not only depriving people of the right to speak freely, but also categorizing them as terrorists, not merely domestic terrorists but international terrorists on par with the artificially created Islamic State and its CIA designed forebearer, al-Qaeda. 

In order to make all of this stick, the participation of a foreign entity must be seen as manipulating and driving the white nationalist and supremacist movements, never mind the small number of people who actually subscribe to a race-based ideology (excluding the officially accepted racist ideology of Black Lives Matter and others). 

Homeland Security News Wire reports today:

White supremacist terrorism around the globe is being manipulated by Russia for political ends, senior U.S. national security officials have warned. Such white supremacist groups are “emulating” jihadists like Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant by forging a “transnational” community of followers, using social media and encrypted communications platforms, the experts said. Joshua Geltzer, former U.S. senior director of counter terrorism, said: “The Russian government adds violent energy to the emerging transnational network of white supremacists, spreading its cause in part through disinformation aggressively disseminated online.” Ali Soufan, a former FBI supervisory special agent, told lawmakers that the “emerging epicenter” of white supremacist extremism is Russia and Ukraine. “There are extensive ties between the Russian government and far-right groups in Europe.”

In short, if you oppose official narratives on a number of issues—war, the economy, vaccines, climate change, the Deep State, “social justice” for state-designated victim groups, and more—you are a white nationalist terrorist and therefore a fellow traveler or clueless dupe of Putin and the Russians.  White nationalism and white supremacy are now tightly entwined, thanks to years of relentless propaganda. 

White supremacist terrorism around the globe is being manipulated by Russia for political ends, senior U.S. national security officials have warned.

Nick Allen writes in The Telegraph that Joshua Geltzer, former U.S. senior director of counter terrorism, told lawmakers that the perpetrators of white supremacist violence should now be treated as international, rather than domestic, terrorists.

Such groups are “emulating” jihadists like Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant by forging a “transnational” community of followers, using social media and encrypted communications platforms.

The state and its corporate and NGO partners (the true definition of fascism) have a drastic solution to this largely fantasized threat—arresting and prosecuting those who provide “material support” to white nationalist terrorists. If this comes about, they will have to add a couple more wings at the Gitmo torture dungeon in Cuba.

Designating white supremacist groups as foreign terrorist organizations would make it easier to prosecute those who provide material support to them, and to freeze financial accounts in the U.S.

Maybe you won’t be Gitmo-ized for posting your opposition to illegal immigration—which is, according to the social justice mob, ipso facto racism, and hate—or buying merchandise on a website the state declares to be a terrorist front. Maybe the state will go light and merely shut you out of the bankster financial system. No PayPal, no Wells Fargo debit card for you if the SJW mob determines you’re a terrorist on par with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. 

Ali Soufan, a former FBI supervisory special agent, told the congressional committee: The “emerging epicenter” of white supremacist extremism is Russia and Ukraine.

“There are extensive ties between the Russian government and far-right groups in Europe.”

He said Russian paramilitary groups in Ukraine were training foreign fighters “motivated by white supremacy and neo-Nazi beliefs.”

Soufan added: “Russian disinformation efforts have fueled anti-immigrant sentiment in countries like Sweden, fueling resentment among native-born Swedes.”

According to this FBI agent, Swedes are not outraged by the criminality, violence, and rape of Swedish women by third world males flooding into Europe. For the SJW crowd, the problem is back and white (quite literally): Swedes are primarily WHITE, and therefore inherently and genetically racist (in addition to privileged) and this explains their contempt for uncivilized tribes landing in Scandinavia. 

The US government is responsible for empowering gangs of paramilitary fascists in Ukraine, not Russia. Maybe we should ask what role Pierre Omidyar, Victoria Nuland, and USAID played in making sure anti-Russian fanatics and violent Ukrainian nationalists came to power and began killing Russian-speaking civilians in eastern Ukraine. 

No, we don’t ask such questions. If you dare, you will be vilified as a useful idiot for Vladimir Putin, that avid supporter of the destroyer of “liberal” democracy worldwide. 

Last month, 8chan, an online forum the state has declared rife with violent white supremacist bad actors, was subpoenaed to appear before the Grand Inquisitors of Congress. 

“In recent years, violent extremist content has proliferated on both large and small social media platforms,” Democrat House Homeland Security Committee chairman Bennie Thompson, and ranking member Republican Mike Rogers, said in a joint statement. “At least three acts of deadly white supremacist extremist violence have been linked to 8chan in the last six months. We have questions on what is being done to counter this trend so we can be sure it is being properly addressed.”

Additional hearings, inquisitions, and eventually show trials will be held in the months ahead. 

H.Res. 41: Rejecting White nationalism and White supremacy is a foundation for more anti-liberty legislation to come, especially following the FBI’s conclusion that white nationalism (comprising in part the “Dissident Right,” libertarians, antiwar activists) is a domestic terror threat that will soon be lumped in with international terrorism.

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Congress Aims “Honest Ads” at the Alternative Media

Lee E. Goodman, the former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, completely misses the point in an op-ed posted at The Hill. 

Goodman says a bill working its way through Congress, the Honest Ads Act, will fail to target the real danger to democracy, Russia, the off-and-on perennial evildoer since the establishment of the national security state in 1947. 

“When Congress returns to business next week, it will take up legislative responses to foreign meddling in American elections. Front and center will be the Honest Ads Act, a bill severely restricting the First Amendment rights of American citizens and media companies but barely impacting foreign meddlers,” Goodman writes. 

Using what is historically known as “active measures,” Russians have attempted to influence American public opinion and election outcomes over many decades. So foreign meddling is not new.  

What is new are the technological tools—the internet and social media—that facilitate the dissemination of foreign propaganda. Foreign meddlers no longer need to spread their political propaganda on American soil; they can communicate directly to Americans from computers as far away as, say, St. Petersburg, Russia.

No word about meddlers working for the US government. Back in 2013, the Smith-Mundt Act was amended and the State Department began using its foreign propaganda—Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, (both CIA ops) and other networks—to influence US audiences. 

The US is notorious for its meddling in foreign elections and cranking out propaganda to effectuate neoliberal political and economic objectives around the world.

The US initiated numerous propaganda efforts, including the Pentagon Military Analyst Program, the Bush administration’s Video News Release program, America’s Army video game series, the Cuban Twitter ZunZuneo and, of course, the constant deluge of propaganda churned out by the corporate media and transmitted around the world. 

The bill suffers from several inescapable flaws. It would apply only to paid ads—but, in 2016, most Russian propaganda was posted on free social media platforms. It would apply only to the largest media platforms—those with more than 50 million unique monthly visitors, which covers Twitter, Facebook and the New York Times but leaves thousands of other platforms viewed by hundreds of millions of Americans open to foreign propaganda. It would be only a matter of time before other highly visited advertising platforms are swept into the law.

So, watch out, Drudge: Congress will come for you next.

Mr. Goodman, unfortunately, can’t see the forest for the trees (and considering he’s an establishment Republican, he isn’t allowed to).

The push to circumvent constitutionally protected speech on the internet has little to nothing to do with Russia or any other foreign adversary. It’s about a diverse and popular alternative media daily providing counter-arguments and dispelling lies and fabrications put out by the state and its corporate stenographers. This cannot be allowed to continue. 

I predict far more draconian efforts to squelch the opposition. 

The Alex Jones Precedent. This is an ongoing show trial designed to send the message that exposing the true nature of false flag operations will not be tolerated by the state.

Jones is locked in a legal battle with the families of the victims at Sandy Hook. They say his Sandy Hook commentary resulted in harassment and death threats.

This case has zero legal standing. Jones didn’t threaten the plaintiffs or their families. The First Amendment protects—or did when it was functional—his right to say whatever he wants about Sandy Hook or anything else. Calling someone a “crisis actor” is not defamation. it’s part of a tactic to take down a head high up on the alternative media totem. 

However, we now live in a fact-free culture. Millions of Americans believe the entirely preposterous Russia-gate election collusion fairy tale simply because the government said without evidence it existed and is responsible for Donald Trump in the White House.

The Mueller investigation went nowhere. It didn’t find evidence of collusion. All it found was a  predatory social media ad company in Russia using the same marketing tactics as hundreds of American companies.   

Now the government tells us conspiracy theorists and white nationalists are terrorists or wanna-be terrorists.

The feds tried to float this narrative during the Obama years. It recycled a Bush administration Homeland Security report on white supremacy and the threat of radicalized veterans. Janet Napolitano, then secretary, took a lot of flak after the government document was leaked. 

The SPLC and other fear-mongering outfits kept up the heat over the ensuing years and with several suspiciously timed mass shooting events we are now in a position where the government may actually confiscate firearms from law-abiding American citizens categorized by the psychiatry business in partnership with the state as mentally defective. Trump is falling for this ruse. 

The FBI’s COINTELPRO 2.0 may entrap a handful of “white nationalist” patsies using similar techniques used since 9/11 on gullible and mentally ill Muslims. The state’s political police force, the FBI, will deliver. It will provide the fodder required for a propaganda campaign initially rolled out some months ago. 

“Honest Ads” is not about providing transparency for consumers. It’s another step in the ongoing construction of a technological police and surveillance state.

The Honest Ads Act would conscript the resources of media companies and foist upon them law enforcement responsibilities that the FBI and other national intelligence agencies failed at in 2016. But here’s the catch: If media companies fail to detect foreigners disguised with false American identities, they will be punished as lawbreakers. They are drafted to be both law enforcers and criminals in one bill. 

Faced with going to prison, Mark Zuckerberg and all the other CEO darlings of social media corporations will understandably work overtime to memory-hole those responsible for even modest criticism of the government.

It doesn’t matter if that criticism is based in Russia, the US, or the North Pole. The platforms will be sanitized of all contrary narratives. Nothing less is acceptable if our rulers plan to once again monopolize narratives and steer civic discussion. 

Since 9/11, we have witnessed the full contour of an authoritarian state in our midst. In the past, the state and the corporate media—the latter subverted soon after the establishment of the national security state—was remarkably capable of passing off lies and false flags for the purpose of shaping public perception and strengthening belief in official fairy tales. 

Now they’re in trouble. Huge numbers of people no longer take government propaganda at face value. Less than 20 percent of Americans trust the government. Millions voted for Trump because he promised MAGA. The state lost control of its rigged election farce. It now spends our tax money on social media covert ops run by the Pentagon, as we discovered the other day.  The coming battleground is the 2020 election. 

I realize this has become an obsession at the expense of other equally important topics. If the state is successful, there may soon no longer be a place for discussion and counter-narratives. 

If telling the truth is criminal—for instance, the entire Russia-gate farce was cooked up by an outraged and entitled Hillary Clinton, DNC gangsters, and the CIA with tools such as Fusion GPS—then it is entirely possible many of us will be attacked in COINTELPRO fashion. 

Not with big headlines like Alex Jones and a cast of “New Right” others, but subtly behind the scenes, be it by strangling monetary sources or blacklisting individuals from social media participation and possibly the inability to host a website. 

Mostly, it will be the fear factor. When the hammer is about to come down, a lot of people change their behavior. 

The plan is to whittle the alternative media down to a manageable size and disrupt what is left with COINTELPRO subversion operations. 

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Rep. Omar and the Hypocrisy of Congress

I’ll begin by saying I am not an Ilhan Omar supporter. She is dangerous due to her support of identity politics and the Gang of Four—also known as the Squad—agenda that, if implemented, will be a death knell to America. 

However, that absurd and destructive agenda is not the primary reason she is now being targeted. Congress wants to get rid of her because she consistently criticizes Israel. Anything less than enthusiastic support for the apartheid state of Israel is not permissible in the greed and corruption besmirched halls of Congress. 

It appears Omar has violated marriage, immigration, and tax laws. These are serious accusations. 

It must be said, however, there are worse violations occurring in the House and Senate. Billions of dollars are spent every year to influence our supposed “representatives.” Special interest groups, lobbyists, PACs, 527s, and a variety of organizations, foreign and domestic, are engaged in aggressive influence peddling. 

Banks, financial firms, insurance, and real estate corporations top the list, followed by “ideology/single issues,” lawyers, corporate labor unions, the “defense” industry, and a long list of interlocked transnational corporations. 

The fabled Boston Tea Party wasn’t so much about taxation as a demonstration of opposition to the stranglehold the East India Company had on the colonies. The founders mistrusted corporations. “After the nation’s founding, corporations were granted charters by the state as they are today,” writes Stephen D. Foster Jr.

Unlike today, however, corporations were only permitted to exist 20 or 30 years and could only deal in one commodity, could not hold stock in other companies, and their property holdings were limited to what they needed to accomplish their business goals. And perhaps the most important facet of all this is that most states in the early days of the nation had laws on the books that made any political contribution by corporations a criminal offense. 

“I hope that we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1816. 

“Banks have done more injury to the religion, morality, tranquility, prosperity, and even wealth of the nation than they can have done or ever will do good,” noted John Adams. 

The current Congress—largely made up of self-seeking sociopaths, lawyers, and revolving door opportunists calling themselves “public servants”—are the polar opposite of what the founders had in mind. Congress is now an open bazaar where corporate-bankster money talks and the American people are only relevant every four or eight years. 

If Rep. Omar broke the law, she needs to go. However, the same can be said for just about every member of Congress. It is currently not illegal for banks, corporations, and for foreign governments to influence Congress, although it should be, as I’m sure Jefferson and Adams would agree. 

The current environment of influence and vote-buying was created with the passage of the 14th Amendment after Lincoln’s “civil war.” It allowed lawyers for corporations, in particular, railroad corporations, to argue that equal protection under the law not only applies to individuals but corporations as well. 

By 1978, a divided Supreme Court agreed that corporations have a First Amendment right to spend money on state ballot initiatives. This was extended by the Citizens United decision in 2010.

Transnational corporations and international banks now largely control Congress, the courts, and the Executive. And yet we are expected to be outraged by a Somalian woman who may have committed marriage and immigration fraud. 

Compared to the larger fraud perpetrated by banks and corporations on the American people, the sins of Ilhan Omar are a minor issue.

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End Forever War? Divest Zionism

On Wednesday, the US House of “Representatives” passed a resolution that violates both the Constitution and natural law. 

The AIPAC servitors in Congress believe the ability to confront Israel’s apartheid must be criminalized, even at the expense of the Constitution they supposedly swore an oath to uphold (and this has been a joke for some time). 

But never mind the Constitution, which is close to being a dead letter. As a free human, you have a natural right to oppose and refuse to do business with any individual or entity you so please, and also encourage others to do likewise, so long as that opposition is not violent or coercive.

Congress does not believe this natural right is legal, at least not when it comes to Israel. According to our “representatives,” criticism of the Zionist state—described without exception as “racist tropes”—is ipso facto antisemitic and therefore must not only be vigorously condemned, but also criminalized. 

The criminalization of the BDS movement is but the latest effort by Israel and its unregistered pressure groups in America to destroy any political activism related to the plight of the Palestinians. It is a bold effort to preserve the apartheid system in Israel, a system that will eventually ethnically cleanse all Palestinians from an artificial state set aside for the Jews by Britain and France a century ago.

Attacking the BDS movement, however, is not the only aspect of an ongoing effort to expel all non-Jews from Israel (or at best render them second- or third-class citizens) and also destroy nations that support them, most notably Iran, Syria, and Lebanon (the latter invaded by Israel on numerous occasions, in the former violent intervention ongoing). 

It can be said without a doubt the forever wars that have plagued America for over a decade and a half are waged to benefit Israel. This cannot be disputed. It is common knowledge or should be, that Saddam Hussein did not threaten the United States in any way. He supported the Palestinians, not only rhetorically but also financially, and therefore Iraq had to be invaded first by Bush the Elder, who along with the United Nations imposed deadly sanctions (500,000 dead children), and then by Bush the Lesser and his neocon-infested administration.

9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan were designed to get the war on terror rolling and portray Muslims as the enemy of the United States, therefore providing a pretext to attack Israel’s enemies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Libya. So long as there is resistance to the racist policies of Israel and its violent subjugation and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs, there will be a war on terror. 

In recent years, the focus of this never-ending and highly profitable (for the military-industrial complex) series of invasions directly or by proxy has shifted to the US proper where the enemy is the American people, beginning with “white supremacists” who we are told are the vanguard of an expanding wave of global antisemitism. In fact, this supposed antisemitism is an attack on nationalists fed up with the state and its parasitism. 

It’s not likely Iran will be invaded before the election unless Iran does something to goad the US and its European partners to attack. Suffering from the delusional sickness of hubris and exceptionalism (and in Israel’s case, outright racism), Iran’s enemies are incapable of understanding that any attack on Iran will result in massive carnage and death, especially in Israel and US bases ringing Iran as well. The neocons and Israel-firsters infesting the Trump administration sincerely believe they can get away with bombing Iran with little to no consequence, once again proclaiming a cakewalk. 

Iran, unlike Iraq, has not suffered a near-complete breakdown under punitive and medieval sanctions, although if the sanctions continue and worsen they may eventually end up as broken and desperate as Iraq prior to Bush the Lesser’s invasion. Iran’s leaders will not allow this to happen. 

Moreover, Iran is now showing resolve and is refusing the play the game on terms imposed by a gaggle of globalists and Israel-first neocons. For every move by the US, there is a counter move by Iran. It is now entirely obvious Trump is completely frustrated with Iran and its stubborn unwillingness to bend to the neoliberal and Zionist effort to destroy and balkanize the country. Iran will fight back.

And that fight may be taken to America, not simply US troops stationed on Iran’s periphery. If this happens, of course, outrage and anger will rally the American people to support a final war. Americans are little different than Germans under the Nazis, fooled into war by rhetoric and false flag operations. Propaganda is far more effective now, more so than it was 80 years ago. 

I am not hopeful the virus of Zionism infecting the US government will be eliminated before the final war unfolds—a nuclear annihilation of all life on planet earth. 

The tentacles of the menace are buried deep and hooked into the centers of power and control. If the war on BDS demonstrates anything, it is that our “representatives” and the pro-Zionist marionette in the White House will react strenuously to any threat to the Zionist state, no matter how minor. 

A law passed in Florida and celebrated in Jerusalem makes it a crime to criticize Israel, denoting such as antisemitism. It also defines BDS in the most serious manner, akin to the manufactured threat of the Islamic State:

Under the bill, the BDS movement is defined as a terrorist group no different than the KKK or ISIS, which has prompted some to question if criticism of the Jewish state could be mischaracterized as being anti-Semitic criticism of the Jewish people.

According to one Democrat who voted for the bill, its passage is a “mitzvah,” that is to say a Hebrew moral deed as a commandment of faith. 

If this insanity continues, blogs like this one will no longer be allowed on the internet. All criticism of Israel and Zionism will be illegal, criminally punished as it now is in France and much of Europe, and the Constitution and the First Amendment will be once and for all a dead letter. 

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Troll Nation: “Distinguished” Professor Calls for Murdering Congressmen

Is Georgetown University professor Christine Fair criminally insane? 

She tweeted a few days ago a call to kill a “chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement.” In true Neo-Jacobin fashion she then said her victims would be castrated and their genitals fed to swine. 

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