The Real Rape Culture

Did you know Senator Susan Collins enables rape? She voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, so what other conclusion can be reached? Not that Kavanaugh was accused of rape and it turned out to be almost impossible to prove he forced himself on a girl three long decades ago. 

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Troll Nation: “Distinguished” Professor Calls for Murdering Congressmen

Is Georgetown University professor Christine Fair criminally insane? 

She tweeted a few days ago a call to kill a “chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement.” In true Neo-Jacobin fashion she then said her victims would be castrated and their genitals fed to swine. 

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The Corporate-Bankster “Resistance” and the Death of Due Process

The so-called “Resistance” against Donald Trump and establishment Republicans has dispensed with due process, an enduring principle dating back centuries to the Magna Carta and its clause 61. The term “due process” appeared in the statutory version of the Magna Carta the following century, in 1354. Both the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments contain a due process clause. 

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Brett Kavanaugh is Not a Libertarian

What to make of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh main attraction as other, far more important and relevant news goes wanting?

Nothing. It should be tuned out. From my perspective the Supreme Court is a destructive force poised against a Constitution it is supposedly sworn to uphold.

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