Reddit Quarantines Dangerous Thoughtcrimes

Reddit is a memory hole facilitator just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al.

I usually check my blog stats to see what websites have referred to my posts. After I clicked on a link to a Reddit group, this came up:


Reddit used to be a free-wheeling place. Now its simply another memory hole facilitator just like the big boys—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al—and if you post the wrong thing (wrong for the control freak state), you will be exiled to the political wilderness and investigated by the FBI for terrorism. 

I was exiled from Twitter but the FBI has yet to knock on my door. Give them time. It was just a couple months ago the agency (America’s premier political police) publicly stated that disagreeing with official narratives is akin to white nationalism and terrorism. 

If you want a better idea of what happens when the elite sics the FBI on folks expressing contrary political opinions and engaging in activism, do an internet search on COINTELPRO. 

Reddit wants to be one of the Big Boys. I don’t know if they were told to “quarantine” the conspiracy subreddit or if this was done by the spineless owners of the site in order to get with the program.

And what is that program?

It consists of shoving lies, half-truths, and absurd conspiracy theories—the Russians are coming for our democracy!—down your throat, gaining your consensus (or at least silence) for more predation, war, theft, and corporate-bankster pilferage and upshifting of wealth into their offshore coffers. 

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A Futile Effort to End War and the Violent Insanity of the State

Lost in a brume of indifference. 

I feel like a guy standing before a rapidly advancing tsunami. I’m throwing up a peace sign as if that will stop the wall of water.

I began to realize in 1970, as did millions of other eighteen-year-old American males, that the government considered me little more than a dispensable body to be kidnapped and turned into a bullet-stopping slave. 

I was saved by the crank of a tumbler operated over television by two old men in suits. This was a year after the state decided to institute a “lottery” for the draft. I rolled high, so I didn’t need to flee to Canada. Millions of others were not so lucky. 

It wasn’t out of empathy and benevolence the state implemented this slavery lottery. For several years, college students and other young people were marching all over America, going so far as to burn down ROTC buildings and occupying college administration offices to force the state to end its insane war in Vietnam.

Eventually, this war was shut down, but behind the scenes less noticeable—to Americans at least—wars were waged around the world. You had to read between the lines of The New York Times and The Washington Post to learn about US dirty dealing in Angola, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Pakistan, Cambodia, on and on, seemingly endless. 

The Pentagon devised a new tactic. Instead of drafting middle-class kids, they made “military service” “voluntary,” in other words only the desperately poor—and those brainwashed by lies and “patriotism”—are sucked into the war machine. 

The corporate media, at the behest of the state and its apparatchiks, insisted the American people suffered from something called the “Vietnam Syndrome,” a malady related to “isolationism.” This was corrected in 1991 when Bush the Elder illegally invaded Iraq. Bush, a onetime oilman, and director of the CIA said America had finally “defeated the Vietnam Syndrome.” 

This was, of course, a lie. Millions of Americans, perhaps most, were reluctant to sacrifice their children, brothers, and fathers to imperialistic neoliberal dictates handed down by the state. Bush and those who followed—Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and now Trump—invariably donned white hats and portrayed carpet bombing, napalm, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, cruise missiles, stealth fighters, etc., as the tools of freedom and democracy. Photos and videos of the victims were not permitted. Journalists—mostly stenographic careerists—were “embedded” with a military that told them what to report. 

That’s how you defeat the Vietnam Syndrome—through lies, misinformation, omission, and an endless stream of propaganda, the latter shaping, and warping (or obfuscating altogether) the American public’s perception of crimes against humanity and the complicity of the state that claims to “represent” them. 

Like Pavlovian zombies, Americans invariably rally around the state during its wars, tie yellow ribbons around old oak trees, march in pro-war parades with little mass-manufactured flags, and demand unquestioning fealty to the state and its obscenely obese war machine. 

The founder of Hitler’s Gestapo, Hermann Göring, knew how the process works. All the state need do is scare the hell out of the “common people” by telling “them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

Indeed, rallying around the flag and God-blessing the troops works the same in just about every nation on the planet. The “exceptional” and “indispensable” nation has mastered the art of disguising mass murder, destruction, and theft as “humanitarian intervention,” a core “value” of the “Obama Doctrine” that turned one of the most advanced nations in Africa into a hellish nightmare of murder, slavery, and fanaticism. 

Obama, however, when stacked up against the Bush-era neocons, is a lightweight. Killing tens of thousands of Libyans and targeting “suspected” terrorists with drones and Hellfire missiles is, for neocons like John Bolton, little more than appeasement. Nothing short of full-scale invasion and carpet bombing will suffice. 

Obama’s crowning achievement? Making a paltry and ineffectual antiwar movement even more irrelevant than it was under Bush, who dismissed it as a “focus group.” No longer is there an antiwar movement in this country, or at least not one that can get the attention of the American people, thanks to a war-promoting corporate media reading scripts handed down from the State Department and the Pentagon. 

The American people are irrevocably brainwashed. The state has distracted and divided them into mutually antagonistic groups. Instead of focusing on the US-spawned horror of forever war—Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria—and economic warfare against an ever-growing roster of nations not submitting to neoliberal economic suicide (Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua), the people are distracted by celebrity pabulum, sports, television shows pushing identity and sexual politics and, recently arrived on the scene, a corrosive and vile partisan war that has since the election of Donald Trump resulted in riots, looting, violence, and death. It is now common to hear people demand the assassination of the president and the incarceration of his wife and children. 

As an example of how far away from reality many Americans have drifted—due largely to conflict engineering devised by the state (conquer and divide)—millions seriously believe Russia meddled in and dominated the outcome of the 2016 election with Facebook ads. They fear the same will happen in 2020. This dim-wittedness is pushed relentlessly by the corporate media. 

The fact Americans mistakenly elected a conman and crony capitalist to the “highest office”—primarily because they’re sick and tired of establishment politicians and corruption rife in the depths of the “swamp”—is rarely factored into the equation as the corporate propaganda media tells us what to think. For the state, these folks are “deplorables.” Many are now earmarked as conspiracy-peddling terrorists by the FBI.

As a victim of the FBI’s Vietnam-era COINTELPRO, I have a pretty good idea of what will happen to those of us standing in opposition to the wars and endless pilferage by the state, regardless of the fact most of us are politically irrelevant. 

I don’t know if the narcissistic buffoon and political ignoramus Trump will be impeached, re-elected, or if the deep state coup against him will result in a more gruesome outcome. However, if the Democrats take back the White House, and capture both chambers of Congress, the “witch hunt” Trump complains about will not be limited to the swamp—it will encompass all who dare stand in opposition to the corporate state (the true definition of fascism). This was signaled when the FBI sent out its bulletin designating “conspiracy theories” as a major threat to democracy. 

The US government and its partner, the United Kingdom, are now in the process of slowly killing Julian Assange. This is the ultimate fate of truth-tellers. The torture and slow murder of Assange is a billboard-sized warning to those who stand above the crowd and call for an end to the insanity and violence of the state. 

For the rest of us, less-known activists and bloggers, we will ultimately be denied access to the internet, social media, and online payment systems. COINTELPRO of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s excelled at ruining lives, ending careers, and setting up activists for long term prison sentences. This objective didn’t evaporate in the 1970s. 

This little political blog—under-funded with a paltry readership—will not be pulled down anytime soon, primarily due to the aforementioned lack of supportive readers. I am not a threat to the state—for the moment. 

History, however, demonstrates that, under totalitarianism, even pipsqueaks are persecuted. Opposition, no matter how small or ineffectual, is not tolerated. All must support the state, or at least appear to do so, or suffer the consequences. 

It may be time to shut down this blog—not due to fear or cowardice—but rather because it has at best nugatory influence. It faces a tsunami of indifference and a paucity of support and my efforts will undoubtedly be put to better use elsewhere. 

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Establishment Right and Left Call for COINTELPRO 2.0 

Elections are determined by banksters and their cartel masquerading as a fed agency.

Both heads of the two-headed establishment political hydra want to resurrect COINTELPRO, the FBI’s illegal subversion program, in response to speech they oppose and want outlawed. 

In August, The Verge (owned by liberal Vox Media and founded by former CIA asset Markos Moulitsas) and the National Review, the failing neocon journal edited by Rich Lowry, posted articles on how to best undermine the First Amendment right of millions of Americans. 

The Verge cites a recent paper by N. F. Johnson and a collection of academics. Johnson and his fellows compare online “hate and extremist narratives” to a chemistry project. 

“We observe the current hate network rapidly rewiring and self-repairing at the micro level when attacked, in a way that mimics the formation of covalent bonds in chemistry,” they write. 

Because of this dynamic, the authors suggest fighting “hate” (unacceptable political speech) by inserting a “population in a pre-engineered format” within a targeted “hate-cluster” and destroying it from within. 

This is a tactic taken right out of the COINTELPRO handbook. 

Branko Marcetic writes:

As the Church Committee, a congressional committee set up in 1975 to analyze the excesses of US law enforcement and intelligence agencies over the preceding decades, put it, what followed was a secret war against those citizens it considers threats to the established order…

The bread and butter of COINTELPRO operations was the use of wiretaps, anonymous letters, informants, and other means of subterfuge to, in the Bureau’s own words, foster factionalism and create suspicion within groups, bring individuals into disrepute before the American public, and create disruption and discord among such groups and movements in order to destroy the Left, or at least render it useless.

Although Rich Lowry of the National Review admits COINTELPRO was illegal, he appreciates how the program was used to supposedly degrade and dismantle the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, the FBI used its informants and clueless Klan members to attack the Left. 

Brian Glick writes:

 In the guise of a COINTELPRO against “white hate groups,” the FBI subsidized, armed, directed and protected the Klu Klux Klan and other right-wing groups, including a “Secret Army Organization” of California ex-Minutemen who beat up Chicano activists, tore apart the offices of the San Diego Street Journal and the Movement for a Democratic Military, and tried to kill a prominent anti-war organizer. Puerto Rican activists suffered similar terrorist assaults from anti-Castro Cuban groups organized and funded by the CIA.

Moreover, the primary target of the FBI in the 1960s was the civil rights movement, not the KKK. Later, the emphasis shifted to the antiwar movement and black nationalist groups like the Black Panthers. 

“Of all the movements of this period, the FBI viewed civil rights organizers as the greatest threat of all,” notes Marcetic. “According to an internal FBI document produced in 1963, civil rights protests were a threat to the established order, and Martin Luther King Jr a dangerous radical who had to be stopped.” 

Although the FBI was run by the infamously paranoid J. Edgar Hoover, this was not just his pet project. Officials at the highest levels of government were aware of COINTELPRO and approved its continuation. The FBI as a whole dove headfirst into the project.

Now the threat is “deplorable” Americans fed-up with the establishment. They voted for Trump because he promised things undeliverable, same as any other politician. Donald Trump is at best a nominal threat to the establishment, more as an outlier demonstrating how a rigged game (national elections) can be penetrated and flipped. 

After Trump’s surprising victory, the establishment began working on a way to make sure another outsider will not be allowed to game the system. The threat is posed by renegades outside the establishment and its media tributaries. With the advent of an open and free internet, these contrary voices began to make political headway and over time became a threat to the state and its monopoly on political power. 

Prior to Trump, elections in America were determined by the banksters and their privately held cartel masquerading as a fed agency, the Federal Reserve. 

“Whether it’s the mainstream media, the CIA, the FBI, or now the Federal Reserve, more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that there is a Deep State in America and its interests have nothing to do with American liberty. In fact, our liberty is what the Deep State wants to abolish,” writes Ron Paul. “When it comes to the Federal Reserve, I stand firmly by my conviction that it needs to be audited and then ended as soon as possible.”

COINTELPRO, then and now, is not about eliminating “hate,” it’s about eliminating the opposition. The threat of “white hate” is fiction. It’s true—a small number of people hate (or rather fear) people who are different—and they may even engage in violence on occasion against them. This isn’t a terrorist threat. It’s a law enforcement issue, the same as the weekly body counts in Chicago, Baltimore, and other urban hellholes. 

The idea is quite simple. Define your enemies and portray them in the media as the ultimate in hatred—lovers of Hitler, enthusiastically rounding up Jews and feeding them into crematoria, hunting down blacks to lynch, millions “sent back where they came from,” and mass shootings blamed on hate of “marginalized communities,” that is to say special groups nourished and protected by the state.

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Pentagon Joins the War on Alternative Media

The state is serious about turning you into a domestic terrorist.

Fake news is so threatening to America’s national security, the Pentagon’s DARPA research agency has announced it will launch a project to repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” according to Bloomberg. 

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants custom software that can unearth fakes hidden among more than 500,000 stories, photos, video and audio clips. If successful, the system after four years of trials may expand to detect malicious intent and prevent viral fake news from polarizing society.

As usual, a translation is in order. DARPA is working on a system that will prevent news and analysis contrary to the establishment narrative from rising above the mosh pit that is the lower depths of social media. 

U.S. officials have been working on plans to prevent outside hackers from flooding social channels with false information ahead of the 2020 election. The drive has been hindered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to consider election-security legislation. Critics have labeled him #MoscowMitch, saying he left the U.S. vulnerable to meddling by Russia, prompting his retort of “modern-day McCarthyism.”

It should be obvious there isn’t any “election-security.” Even with alleged Russian interference—which has zero credibility and is remarkably evidence-free—can’t overcome the fact the election system is rigged in favor of the establishment’s handpicked “public service” careerists. Bernie Sanders knows about this and Tulsi Gabbard is learning. 

No amount of “fake news” will change or even marginally impact the system. An astute eleven-year-old, after examining the evidence or lack thereof, would conclude the Russians are not hijacking elections. That job is left up to the DNC, RNC, and the corporate propaganda media. 

President Donald Trump has repeatedly rejected allegations that dubious content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google aided his election win. Hillary Clinton supporters claimed a flood of fake items may have helped sway the results in 2016.

Hillary Clinton followers are simply sore losers. In order to push the fallacy we live in a pluralistic democracy, the state provides the appropriate cover to effectively obfuscate the “deep fake” that is performed every election cycle. 

This cover allowed Donald Trump to win the election. Trump didn’t collude with the Russians, he didn’t need to. He took advantage of the widespread discontent of the American people and promised the Make America Great Again. 

Beyond Trump’s egotistical flourishes and daily tweet diatribes against enemies real and imagined, he has done little to move the MAGA agenda forward. He is little different than his predecessors—the national debt is in the stratosphere, the wars continue and expand, and the Federal Reserve scam of pumping up the stock market to make it appear all’s well while facilitating the upward shift of wealth to the elite.

But never mind that. 

“Where things get especially scary is the prospect of malicious actors combining different forms of fake content into a seamless platform. Researchers can already produce convincing fake videos, generate persuasively realistic text, and deploy chatbots to interact with people. Imagine the potential persuasive impact on vulnerable people that integrating these technologies could have: an interactive deepfake of an influential person engaged in AI-directed propaganda on a bot-to-person basis,” Andrew Grotto at the Center for International Security at Stanford University told Bloomberg. 

Because “vulnerable people” are supposedly at risk, the state and its agencies are prepared to implement some sort of fantastical (and likely ineffectual) AI solution to stop unacceptable content from going viral. 

The target is not Russians per se, it’s millions of American citizens the state and its secret political police, the FBI, are attempting to prevent from participating in social media and the larger political discussion that is ostensibly democratic but is, in fact, a form of hippodroming, that is to say rigging the political process for a favored outcome by the fixers. 

Meanwhile, the state and its Silicon Valley partners are picking off targets one by one, the latest victim being Daniel McAdams at the Ron Paul Institute. His account was permanently suspended for the crime of criticizing Sean Hannity. 

“They said I would not be reinstated. My crime? I called Sean Hannity ‘retarded.’ But do a Twitter search on use of the term and you will see its use millions of times with impunity,” McAdams emailed Robert Wenzel after the suspension. 

The corporate propaganda media has marginalized dozens of people and ruined careers and reputations by characterizing them as white nationalists, peddlers of fake news and conspiracy theories, and now, directly from the FBI, as national security threats, evil conspiracy-bearing domestic terrorists bent on filling every American head with the illusion of “deep fakes,” fomenting and spreading lies, misinformation, participating in Russian collusion, and keeping company with bad actors (paid agents or dupes for Russia) steering the nation into a white supremacist nightmare.

I was wrong about Hillary. I thought she’d win the election hands-down with the help of the Deep State and its media. I’m making another prediction, but I could be wrong again.

Donald Trump will be roundly defeated next November. 

If Democrats take control of the House and Senate, we will witness an inquisition against those of us not on-narrative, beginning with revenge exacted on hardcore MAGA supporters. How effective this jihad is will remain to be seen. 

As we have witnessed over the last few months, the state is serious about taking back the narrative and disallowing any contrary narratives put out by “bad actors,” largely libertarians like Daniel McAdams, dissidents on the “New Right,” and disillusioned former MAGAites opposed to endless war and a bankster-dominated state drifting into total authoritarian control freak mode.

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Beware of the QAnon Terrorists

ISIS is a piker by way of comparison.

According to the Daily Dot, billed as the internet’s “hometown newspaper,” once again YouTube is remiss in its sanitation duties. It has yet to ban the execrable Edge of Wonder channel and disperse its 375,000 subscribers.

The channel features all sorts of “conspiracy theories” our rulers would rather you not see. It’s a magnet for QAnon followers who are, of course, antisemitic because they critique the doings of George Soros and the Rothschild banksters.

The Edge of Wonder and anything remotely conspiratorial—with the exception of the Russian plot to destroy Hillary Clinton and democracy—poses a serious and enduring threat to every single American, according to the FBI. 

The Daily Dot tells us after reviewing Edge of Wonder videos:

In fact, the videos lean heavily on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about George Soros and the Rothschild banking family controlling the world, presenting them as fact, rather than the discredited notions that have generated decades and centuries of violence. 

In addition to polluting the establishment narrative, “Also unmentioned… The multiple murders and acts of arson committed by QAnon followers, the broken families left in its wake, the chaos it’s caused, and the inconvenient fact that almost nothing QAnon has foretold has actually taken place.”

In short, if you believe the Deep State has it out for Trump and the financial elite have long conspired to put a worldwide global government in place, you’re a dangerous terrorist, maybe even a murderer, at minimum an antisemite. 

The Daily Dot links to the FBI’s May 2019 assessment that the dire threat facing America is domestic, antisemitic, and white. 

Justin Hendrix writes for Just Security:

One of the conspiracy theories specifically described in the report, the QAnon narrative posits that “an anonymous government official known as ‘Q’ posts classified information online to reveal a covert effort, led by President Trump, to dismantle a conspiracy involving ‘deep state’ actors and global elites allegedly engaged in an international child sex trafficking ring,” according to the FBI. Researchers at Media Matters have tracked multiple violent incidents and threats of violence linked to QAnon adherents…

Well over a million deaths can be attributed to the slogan “Support Our Troops,” but that’s a different story. 

How best to curb this horrific potential for violence? A massive campaign to remove from social media and possibly the internet proper those who stray from accepted conspiracy theories, for instance, the above-mentioned nonsense about Russia. 

“Violence may force us to test those arguments [of censoring the impermissible] under more urgent conditions,” Hendrix concludes. 

The Daily Dot claims the Edge of Wonder is an attempt mainstream more palatable conspiracy theories while paving over the more outrageous. But don’t be fooled. 

Edge of Wonder presents Q as something it’s simply not: A non-violent, bipartisan research movement devoted to “waking people up” to corruption. Anyone who has spent any time reading Q posts and interacting with QAnon followers knows that it has a dark and violent underbelly. 

The FBI has proven its usefulness in creating the impression terrorists are rife and ready to maim and kill. The agency has specialized in the art of entrapment and portraying the mentally ill and gullible patsies with room temperature IQs as terrorists shut down in the nick of time. 

This unconstitutional effort to pump up the war on terror by prosecuting patsies will be used on so-called white nationalists to make the argument closing down social media is not enough to prevent the spread of the scourge—there must be a more hands-on, SWAT-centric approach to dealing with people who believe 9/11 didn’t occur the way the government says it did with evil Muslim terrorists (of the Saudi Wahhabi variety) defying the laws of physics. 

Now that the Wahhabi threat has more or less subsided, it’s time to bring the terror home.

The state is serious about making certain you are not permitted to read or view anything contrary to its propagandistic narratives and explanations. The most effective way of doing that would be a massive roundup on the scale of the Palmer Raids in 1920 running concurrently with a far-reaching plan to deplatform websites and censor social media accounts. 

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9/11 Commission-styled Witch Hunt of “White Nationalists” 

The state is pushing for an inquisition.

Jennifer Rubin, a resident Zionist op-ed writer at The Washington Post, believes it is time for the exceptional nation to take on white nationalists. She cites Freedom House, the supposed non-NGO that receives funding from the US government and specializes in undermining foreign governments.

A Freedom House official told me that rarely does the organization address a U.S. domestic issue. “When we do, it is because we feel like the actions of our leaders are threatening the very fabric of our democracy,” she said. “This is a moment like that.”

In addition, the chairmen of the 9/11 Commission, Tom Kean, a former Republican New Jersey governor, and Lee Hamilton, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana, told USA Today that the country would benefit from an independent commission. Nevertheless, “both 9/11 leaders cautioned that the investigation they led benefited enormously from public and political support summoned in the aftermath of a catastrophic strike by foreign-born terrorists–a show of national and sustained unity that has yet to emerge from even the most deadly domestic attacks.”

There is little interest in such an investigation because most Americans don’t consider white nationalists out on the Kuiper Belt of political ideology as a national security threat. The average American is more concerned about the collapse of the middle class, rocketing health care costs, and a teetering economy. 

It’s the state, its political hacks, propagandized Democrats, intersectional activists, and neocon op-ed writers with an agenda pushing for a new version of the House Un-American Activities Committee focused on off-narrative Americans. White nationalism is an excuse to get the witch hunt moving along. 

Last week the FBI “identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat,” Yahoo News reported. 

The FBI intelligence bulletin from the bureau’s Phoenix field office, dated May 30, 2019, describes “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists,” as a growing threat, and notes that it is the first such report to do so. It lists a number of arrests, including some that haven’t been publicized, related to violent incidents motivated by fringe beliefs.

QAnon and Pizzagate top the list. In other words, if you believe the elite engage in pedophilia or there is a deep state effort to throw Trump out of office, you’re a top-level security threat. 

It’s all part of an increasingly hysterical push by Democrats to create a special category for conspiracy theorists. 

“The FBI is already under fire for its approach to domestic extremism. In a contentious hearing last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Christopher Wray faced criticism from Democrats who said the bureau was not focusing enough on white supremacist violence.”

Real violence—in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and various other rat-infested and disintegrating metropolises—is not on the radar screen. This form of violence, racking up dozens of dead people every week, does not fit the identity agenda. The reason—too many of the perpetrators are from “oppressed minorities.” However, it does drive rising momentum to deny law-abiding Americans the right to practice the Second Amendment.  

Enablers of a technocratic police state, such as the Brennan Center for Justice, admit so-called white supremacist violence is statistically minuscule. However, the identity agenda requires this violence to be highlighted and magnified for propaganda purposes. 

Though far-right attacks represent just a tiny proportion of the violence that takes place in the U.S. each year, they require specific attention because they pose a persistent threat to vulnerable communities, particularly communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, women, the disabled, and religious minorities. 

The FBI document doesn’t mince words. It’s not ambiguous about what constitutes a conspiracy threat to national security.

(U) NWO: A group of international elites controls governments, industry, and media organizations, instigates major wars, carries out secret staged events, and manipulates economies with the goal of establishing global rule.

(U) UN: The UN is being used by an evil global cabal to erode American sovereignty, strip away individual liberties, and bring foreign troops to American soil in order to replace democracy with global tyranny.”

(U) False Flags: The official story surrounding a given terrorist attack or mass shooting is a lie; the event was staged or conducted by the government to justify encroachments on civil liberties.

If you believe any of the above—and millions of Americans do—you might be arrested and thrown in a mental hospital like Brandon Raub, an ex-Marine who made the mistake of taking to Facebook to express his opinion 9/11 was an inside job. This has an ominous parallel with the Soviet Union. It threw dissidents in mental hospitals for the crime of criticizing communism and the totalitarian Soviet state. 

The FBI paper suggests a pre-crime scenario.

Based on the increased volume and reach of conspiratorial content due to modern communication methods, it is logical to assume that more extremist-minded individuals will be exposed to potentially harmful conspiracy theories, accept ones that are favorable to their views, and possibly carry out criminal or violent actions as a result… crowd-sourced conspiracy theories can influence which entities extremists choose to target. These examples also substantiate concerns expressed by some researchers who believe a rise of conspiracism, fostered in part by the Internet, may be accompanied by a search for scapegoats-those believed to be the conspirators’ allies, henchmen, or collaborators.

This will, of course, require massive surveillance of social media, websites, and individuals deemed a threat to the state. This is why the national security state began building an all-encompassing surveillance apparatus following 9/11, not to keep Americans safe from terrorists and other evil-doers but rather to keep tabs on any and all who might pose a political threat and, as J. Edger Hoover once said, “neutralize” that threat. 

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Facebook Finalizes Ban on “Alt-right” Personalities

According to Facebook, Alex Jones is a “dangerous individual” engaged in extremism and hate speech.  Ditto Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Paul Nehlen, Louis Farrakhan, and the Infowars website.  Continue reading “Facebook Finalizes Ban on “Alt-right” Personalities”