From Soft to Hard Fascism: “Get In Your House Right Now!”

There can no longer be any doubt—America is now a full-blown fascist state. In the past, authoritarian fascism was kept reserved in the shadows, largely out of the public eye, but in a remarkably short period of time it has emerged from the darkness to show its fangs and snarl menacingly at the people, many of them cowed and dutifully following irrational orders from on high. 

As the following video demonstrates, state violence is not directed exclusively at rioters and Antifa goons pretending to be anarchists (most would be unable to define the term) as they loot, burn, and attack the media and innocent bystanders. Violence is used to frighten and intimidate the real enemies of the state—the American people, or those who defy the COVID lockdown and others peacefully protesting murder at the hand of a psychopathic cop.

Fortunately, the woman in the video was not seriously injured. She wasn’t looting Target or burning down Walmart. The woman made the mistake of venturing out on the porch of her home, her private property, and for this crime, she was shot with a paintball by a member of a “state militia” (now federalized). 

The social fabric is coming apart at the seams. First mandatory lockdowns, state-imposed impoverishment, followed by an unfolding Greatest Depression as a result of a shutdown economy, and now social unrest, violence, theft, and arson in two dozen large cities across the country. 

If this degree of violence and destruction is possible centered around the death of a single man, imagine what will happen when millions of people are in desperate straits, unemployed, many evicted, and homeless. It will not be simply police stations that go up in flames. It will be statehouses.   

However, the American people have demonstrated repeatedly they are gullible and easily steered into dead-end diversions pumped up and hyped 24/7 by a corporate propaganda media. The Trump hatefest and political polarization—worse than any in recent memory—will no doubt go by the wayside as millions of Americans face the “new normal” envisioned by their masters—a standard of living in rapid freefall, soon to crash on the rocks. None of this is happenstance or coincidental. 

Most Americans may not have protested the endless wars and criminal economic scams of the ruling elite (mostly due to decades of incessant propaganda), but they will raise their voices and fists when they are unemployed for months on end, evicted from homes and apartments, have their cars repossessed, and are confronted with hunger, want, and homelessness.

In order to enforce the latest manifestation of psychopathic neoliberalism and predatory crony capitalism, the state will depend on steroid-headed soldiers and cops to frighten and intimidate the people. 

It may be paintballs today, but tomorrow it might be live ammo. 

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2 thoughts on “From Soft to Hard Fascism: “Get In Your House Right Now!”

  1. The 2010 pyramid cap Rockefeller Foundation paper now circulating entitled “Lockstep” deals with issues of economic degradation and civilian push back so we can be sure the pyramid cap has in the intervening years developed plans for all likely scenarios that could develop and plans to steer events as desired for end goal realization. We can see this with the Soros funded Antifa taking to the streets like agent provocateurs while mysterious pallets of pavers are being deposited in likely riot locations. In Chicago handguns would be dropped off in inner city black neighborhoods to the same ends. With the people having no understanding of natural law and the forces arrayed against them they are, barring a miracle, going to play right into the hands of the manifesting police state and then the real violence and chaos will begin to work its effects as described by natural law. Natural Law states that the more moral a people become the greater the freedoms they enjoy while the more immoral a people become the greater the chaos, tyranny and slavery they will endure. Meanwhile the pyramid cap sits back and watches the slaves fight the slaves and perhaps places the odd one dollar bet of outcomes here and there…..

  2. “Remember the A La Mode Review” at JamesFetzer(.)org > Dealey Plaza rally on May 9, to protest the fascist lockdown by illegal executive order of governor KAREN Abbott and his future plans for contact tracing and mandatory vaccination. Six states had NO lockdown, yet Texans fool themselves that this RINO and his duplicitous Lt Gov Patrick and AG Paxton are only half as bad as the blue state tyrants.

    The lesser of two evils is also THE EVIL OF TWO LESSERS.

    Demand senate hearings on the WuFlu crimes of the medieval medical mafia that created and distributed this bioweapon and the monopolist media that created the hysteria.

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