Military on the Streets of New York

The lockdown in New York City now has a military component.

I expect this to become a standard across the country in the coming days and weeks. The state is now in the process of throwing millions of workers out of their jobs, closing down business, and basically freezing—and ultimately killing—most business activity in the United States. By summer, or sooner, this will result in desperation and violence. 

Meanwhile, in Baltimore.

The military is being deployed to urban areas not so much to deter citizens from the freedom of association. Rather, the USG is preparing for the eventuality of outraged citizens protesting and rioting in reaction to mass unemployment, growing want and poverty, and the inefficiency of the federal government to meet their needs on the most basic level. 

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2 thoughts on “Military on the Streets of New York

  1. wait till those are united nations troops in those vehicles.
    by the way, i watched The Hunt today on torrent. phew!

  2. Seems people will accept a lot of stuff they shouldn’t until they see their kids beginning to starve. Remember that globalism is the standardization of all world systems and this includes as primary policy ‘standard of living.’ This means that first world proles will see their standard of living drop to a world median or something along the lines of from Tunisia to Botswana as the world median.standard of living.

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