COVID-19: Military to Commandeer Hotels

Imagine you own a hotel in NYC. Operating costs and taxes are high and you exist on the margins. Along comes the military and the state. They want to commandeer your hotel for COVID-19 patients. You really don’t have much of a choice. This is a pandemic, after all, and we all must sacrifice, especially small business owners and their employees, the latter now unemployed due to a lockdown. The state and the military plan to modify your building to make it amenable to ICU care—nurse stations constructed in the hallways, airconditioning modified for negative pressure, and other structural changes.

Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite explains.

Now imagine the pandemic has passed. Your hotel is no longer suitable for its original purpose short of modification. Few customers—mostly those who know it was used as a COVID-19 hospital—want to lodge there. This fear is irrational but human nature. Unless the state compensates you for the loss, you’re screwed. It’s the end of your business, maybe your life’s dream. Will the government buy the hotel so you can pay off your mortgage? In other words, will hapless taxpayers pickup the tab? The general says nothing about this.

We all have to sacrifice—some more than others.

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2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Military to Commandeer Hotels

  1. But since this is “just a flu,” there’s nothing to worry about. People with the flu are all around us. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

    If I were the hotel operator, I’d demand solid proof this was a genuine emergency, other than some government order. Don’t comply! Deflate this nonsense.

  2. Nice to see K.N. weighing in on this ‘planned-demic’. As in most societies where government exists some animals are more equal than others or conversely, which is more to the point, some animals are less equal than others. The economy is being taken down and the ‘pyramid cap’ means to saddle the less equal with paying off the criminals who ran the racket and ran up all the debt all owed to themselves. They can’t get their corporate friends to give the payoff so it has to be the smucks on Main Street that end up saddled with the debt….and there will be no write offs for the smucks. That is unless the smucks finally realize they’re taking punch after punch right in the kisser and decide to do something about it.

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