This Blog Ends in July

This summer, the hosting service hosting this blog wants over three hundred dollars to renew. I don’t believe, considering the small traffic the blog attracts, this money is worth the investment. I am no longer willing to lose money on a site that has less than marginal influence and a very small readership. 

I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income. I tried to put up a “begging cup” to allow readers to donate to the site. However, for some mysterious reason, the code on the page stopped working, so there is no way to make PayPal donations. In other words, this blog is a vortex sucking up money that could be used for other purposes. 

I have a few followers at Patreon but that income is not enough to pay for the continuation and maintenance of the site. 

The ADE blog is lucky if it gets two hundred readers a day, that is unless a larger, more trafficked site puts up a link or reposts a story. 

I really am sorry to see this blog go but it is, in essence, a hobby and a vent for my opinions on a political situation that shows no sign of improving, only getting worse. 

It’s time to move on. For those readers that have supported the site in the past, I am truly thankful and appreciative. 

3 thoughts on “This Blog Ends in July

  1. Some people refuse to donate money electronically, due to the surveillance. If there was an address published, perhaps some non-anthrax or cholera laced money orders or cash could be sent.

    We’ve enjoyed your contributions over the years. Best wishes!

  2. $300? Does the cost go up as you get views, or did they just raise the price? I pay around $100 a year, which would be cheaper if I took ads, as I understand it, which I will never do. If it goes up to $300 I’ll be dropping my blog too!

  3. sorry to see you go. i’m in china & have currently lost my VPN again. this time, i even lost access to my protonmail emails. sign of things to come, not just here, but all over. take care. thanks for all your efforts.

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