Reddit Quarantines Dangerous Thoughtcrimes

I usually check my blog stats to see what websites have referred to my posts. After I clicked on a link to a Reddit group, this came up:


Reddit used to be a free-wheeling place. Now its simply another memory hole facilitator just like the big boys—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al—and if you post the wrong thing (wrong for the control freak state), you will be exiled to the political wilderness and investigated by the FBI for terrorism. 

I was exiled from Twitter but the FBI has yet to knock on my door. Give them time. It was just a couple months ago the agency (America’s premier political police) publicly stated that disagreeing with official narratives is akin to white nationalism and terrorism. 

If you want a better idea of what happens when the elite sics the FBI on folks expressing contrary political opinions and engaging in activism, do an internet search on COINTELPRO. 

Reddit wants to be one of the Big Boys. I don’t know if they were told to “quarantine” the conspiracy subreddit or if this was done by the spineless owners of the site in order to get with the program.

And what is that program?

It consists of shoving lies, half-truths, and absurd conspiracy theories—the Russians are coming for our democracy!—down your throat, gaining your consensus (or at least silence) for more predation, war, theft, and corporate-bankster pilferage and upshifting of wealth into their offshore coffers. 

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