Bernie Sanders and the True Nature of the State

I mostly try to avoid the counterproductive partisan nonsense between the two sides of the one-sided political system.

Occasionally, however, extreme polarization and quibbling over minor issues by antagonistic factions—made hysterical by the echo chamber of political inanities and mental illness—results in revealing what one side would do to the other if it held the rein of state and exercised its prerogative of violence. 

Martin Weissgerber, a top-level Bernie Sanders organizer, was secretly videotaped by Project Veritas. He advocates rounding up his political opponents in throwing them in “re-education” gulags. As for millionaires, he believes their heads should be liberated from their bodies. 

No doubt Mr. Weissgerber, who appears to be in his 20s, would celebrate a Bernie version of the NKVD troikas, the simplified Soviet system of ferreting out and punishing political opponents. The commie troikas did not allow for the presumption of innocence or legal representation of the accused. It was simply assumed when the state accused somebody of being an “anti-Soviet element,” guilt was indisputable and prison or execution inescapable. 

That’s what the kid Weissgerber dreams of for America—a sweeping cultural revolution not much different than the one Mao organized in China, resulting in the murder of millions. It is estimated during Mao’s rule around 80 million people were murdered directly and indirectly by the state. Mao made Hitler and Stalin look like rank amateurs in the practice of mass-murdering political opponents while centralizing and consolidating power. 

It would be interesting to get Weissgerber’s take on the Khmer Rouge, the Communist Party of Kampuchea (Cambodia). His ideology is similar to the Khmer Rouge with mention of guillotines and forced re-education. The Khmer Rouge’s Maha Lout Ploh—a repeat of Mao’s cultural revolution and (sic) Great Leap Forward—ultimately resulted in the organized murder of more than three million people. 

This overgrown child living the violent dream of a now geriatric Weather Underground psychopath was undoubtedly trained to hate and advocate murder by “cultural Marxist” professors and instructors “teaching” at “public” (state-run and taxpayer-financed) institutions. It is likely he harbored violent and envious fantasies before attaining a position as a top-level Bernie Sanders organizer and political activist. 

It’s not likely Bernie Sanders will become president. He will simply fade into the background after Trump is re-elected or a Democrat acceptable to the ruling elite—think dementia candidate Joe Biden—is selected to read from the teleprompter. 

If Trump is indeed re-elected—and this is certainly a possibility now that impeachment is basically a nonstarter—demented fantasists like Weissgerber will take to the street in Antifa fashion, assaulting enemies pointed out by their autocratic leaders and theorists. This will result in furious retaliation and a further widening of the dangerous polarity between political factions. 

This division, polarity, and simmering hate between political groups will ultimately result in an all-out war in America—probably between now and the election, and definitely after if Trump is voted back into office.  

I have no idea how all of this will play out. I know, however, looking back at history, that people advocating and practicing violence against their opponents on behalf of the state—and this is precisely what Weissgerber is advocating in turn if the Bernie vanguard makes it to the Oval Office—are often the first to be singled out, accused, tortured, imprisoned, and executed as “counter-revolutionary” by the new government. This is what happened to Mao’s Gang of Four after the murderous “reforms” in China failed.

The state invariably requires patsies and false flag events to deflect blame and distract the masses of ill-informed and propagandized citizens from real problems and real solutions. 

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2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders and the True Nature of the State

  1. I can only think of what those without any ideology or morals, other than serving their own fetishes, would carry out if all restraints were lifted. I am writing about the ”pyramid cap of course. One member once boasting he could hire half the working class to murder the other half. Or the famous leader from history who callously stated that the losses from a major battle could be replaced on a single Paris Saturday night. There seems to be something about hanging around power centers for too long that warps the mind if it was not already warped to begin with. Sander’s aid is really a piker compared to the lords of Wall Street. To wit the bankers, Goldman leading, that weaseled their way onto the Chicago Futures Exchange (only end users are supposed to be on the exchange) and bid up the price of staple foods. In eighteen months some estimates were that one hundred million; the poorest of the poor in the poorest nations died of starvation or the deleterious health effects thereof. Bonuses were plentiful as the profits were immense while the death toll made Hitler, Stalin. Mao and various western colonial enterprise combined look like amateurs in comparison. Keeping my eye on the ball and not getting distracted by elitist plays to old divide and conquer prejudices is important to my perspectives and mental sanity. We all have had a thought or two that would scare hell but being moral persons they are quickly discarded as aberrations of the thought processes and never allowed outside our craniums.

  2. This is no different from what we have had to put up with from all the President Trump hate for the last four years. People like Madonna Piccone with her swearing-in day snarl of wanting to set fire to the White House. People like Schumer, Pelosi, msm loud clowns, “antifa” attacks in California, Hillary Clinton- the sorest loser ever, and on and on it goes. Yes, their day will come.

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