Ukraine Airliner Down: Does Anybody Remember USG Targeting IR655?

Sent to the Memory Hole in the exceptional nation.

The shoot-down of a Ukrainian airliner is the latest propaganda ploy by the state to further demonize Iran and prepare for war. Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks who experience amnesia during such events. 

I suppose she deserves a pass, being young and more than likely “educated” in a public school and like far too many Americans believes whatever the USG tells her. 

Obviously, she is unaware of this, rarely talked about in the exceptional nation:


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One thought on “Ukraine Airliner Down: Does Anybody Remember USG Targeting IR655?”

  1. You betcha….the earlier event and the 290 innocent killed sprang to mind immediately that a missile (Iranian or otherwise) was said might be the cause of this tragic event.

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