Houthis Claim Ambush of Saudis Killed Hundreds

It is being reported Houthi fighters, aka Ansarallah, have pulled off a major military offensive against Saudi troops in northern Yemen. 

The ambush follows on the heels of a claimed Houthi missile and drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco’s Abqaiq facility and the Khurais oilfield earlier this month.

There is no way to tell if this ambush really happened as the Houthis claim. The video shows very few uniformed soldiers, yet plenty of men dressed in traditional Yemeni clothing. 

On the other hand, photos posted to social media show what appear to be Saudi soldiers in military uniforms. 


Other reports claim the majority of the captured soldiers are Pakistani. 

Pakistani Gen. Raheel Sharif is currently serving as the Commander-In-Chief of the so-called Islamic Military Alliance. If it indeed turns out the Saudis suffered a major defeat, it is likely Sharif will be sent packing to Islamabad. 


Sec. Of State Mike Pompeo has yet to release a statement blaming Iran for the embarrassing incident. He may be busy, though, preparing for battle following a subpoena issued by House Democrats itching to impeach Donald Trump.

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2 thoughts on “Houthis Claim Ambush of Saudis Killed Hundreds

  1. Yes the silliness and hubris of Washington juxtaposed against people fighting a desperate battle for their freedom, while western populations give up theirs with barely any notice let alone complaint. This excepting the few who cry out but are given no notice and deemed conspiracy theorists. Western populations are now so far removed from reality it’s a wonder they retain any human compassion at all for their fellow travelers..

  2. Since there is no doubt that the American anti-missile defense the Saudis bought from us was totally useless in stopping any of the Houthi attack on Aramco’s facilities in Saudi Arabia, it wouldn’t take much to assume that the Saudis would be completely silent about the killing and/or capture of their mercenaries from Pakistan.

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