Trump Replaces Bolton with Fringe Neocon

It was too good to be true. For a moment, I actually thought Trump had come to his senses and decided to scour the neocons from his administration.

I was overly optimistic. I should have known better.

Back in 2016, I wrote a small ebook about the neocons giving Trump advice during his presidential campaign. I focused on the influence of Frank Gaffney, founder of the Islamophobic Center for Security Policy (CSP).

Trump’s interim national security adviser, Charles Kupperman, was John Bolton’s sidekick. He is associated with CSP and its pro-Israel, anti-Iran, Islamophobic agenda. 

Kupperman is neck-deep in the military-industrial complex. He held senior positions at Lockheed Martin and Boeing. I’m sure Trump approves, having acted as a salesman for the death merchants. He used the ineffectual and illegal missile strike on Syria as a PR event. 

For now, Kupperman is interim national security adviser. Trump is looking at equally unqualified warmongers to eventually fill the slot. For instance, Brian Hook, Trump’s Special Representative for Iran and Senior Policy Advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. 

Hook co-founded the John Hay Initiative—named after President Theodore Roosevelt’s chief diplomat—a concerted effort to brainwash politicians and their staffs in the neocon way of doing things. Advisers include the high-level neocon Robert Kagan, former Dick Cheney adviser Eric Edelman, “the most influential neocon in academe,” Eliot Cohen, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, former NSA director Michael Hayden, and a host of others.

The list of insiders and neocons considered to replace Bolton is lengthy. The list of potentials includes Frederick Fleitz, a former CIA analyst and the president and CEO of CSP. He served as chief of staff to Undersecretaries of State for Arms Control John Bolton during the Bush regime. 

Trump is clueless. At first glance, it appeared the president may have tried to dampen the influence of the neocons on his disastrous foreign policy, but this assessment is far too optimistic. He fired Bolton—who said he resigned—because the mustachioed neocon disagreed and argued with Trump over hosting the Taliban at Camp David. Bolton and the neocons are not interested in peace, they’re masters of forever war. 

It was personal for Trump, as always. 

The neocons will continue to leverage their influence within the administration and Trump will continue to fire those who argue too vociferously. 

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4 thoughts on “Trump Replaces Bolton with Fringe Neocon

  1. As long as Continuity of Agenda rolls on the true power brokers don’t give a crap who their go-fors are but will choose with preference from which stable they hail…apparently neo con flesh is still that choice. If one plays this game of spot the winning or losing sycophants, why was HRC not chosen as the head swamp creature but Trump was? And don’t give me any crap about Trump doing an upset as HRC had to play sickly and have DNC leaks et al ‘squeak’ out the supposed loss.

  2. Do you often get the nagging impression that it’s literally all theater? If we’re saturated otherwise with programming from all institutional sourcing, which I think is discernibly provable, why would the inevitable course of this political circus work any differently as controlled by the same entities?

    Bolton is drawn to evoke repulsion as the iconic ugly American. Arguable that pompous Pompeo runs a close second for others, but I digress. Point being that the precise pattern of revolving ‘advisers’ has existed for decades with routine reappearance of formerly and appropriately despised policy figures whose dedicated role was identical to Revolt’n-Bolton; preserve Israel while destabilizing targeted regimes by infiltration, mass corruption, murder and/or war. Formula.

    Personality; a publicity trap that’s expertly employed for purposes of emotional intervention in our political thinking. It’s what makes Trump so adored for some and despised by others at oscillating, opportune intervals. It’s show-business equally revealed in former presidents; Barry, Bush, and Bill after their mentor-assassin in-chief and stumbling spook GHWB flubbed murdering even a willing docile target like Reagan. Gotta love the gipper, ..unless you just say know when you’re being had.

    Kupperman, a good German-Jew name insinuating vaguely dark associative emotional potential. Tune in next week for more exciting saga of leading passionate dummies over the proverbial cliff.

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