Identity Politics: A Control Mechanism Exploited by the Ruling Elite

There will not be a Peasants’ Revolt like the one in 1381. We don’t have a Jack Straw, John Ball, or Wat Tyler to lead and guide us. Those revolutionaries were betrayed by officers of Richard II—Richard was 14 at the time—who agreed to eliminate serfdom and heavy taxation on the commoners. The concessions were ignored and the rebels ended up with their heads piked on London Bridge. 

Now we have few if any leaders willing to expose themselves to the vicious retribution of the state. No longer are heads removed from bodies, hoisted up on pikes, and paraded around London as a warning to others. 

Instead, leaders or presumptive leaders are brought down by legal and extralegal means. In the 1960s, it was decided leaders and activists like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and even the President of the United States and his brother should be assassinated. The state is a master of subterfuge, manipulation, torture, murder. 

In the 14th century, leaders of revolts were tortured, flayed, starved, beaten, and decapitated in a very public way. Now everything happens mysteriously behind the scenes. Murdered opponents are portrayed by the state’s propaganda media as victims of accidents (Michael Hastings) or suicides (Gary Webb). An untold number of others are defamed—engaged in, as the FBI tells us, terroristic conspiracy theories—and have careers ruined, reputations slandered, their homes attacked by violent thugs in masks. 

The state no longer requires heads on pikes—or drawn and quartered bodies—to frighten the people into submission. 

The American people are not yet on the verge of starvation like the serfs and peasants of medieval Europe. The middle class—known as the “middling sort” in the 17th century—is ready for a postmortem in the early 21st century. The “middling” commoners were useful in building wealth and creating widespread prosperity after World War II. It would be whittled away and stolen by the elite in the following decades.

The average middle-class citizen (not realizing an economic gain since the 1970s) is not a revolutionary. He’s a deeply brainwashed and trained not to think outside of the political parameters established by the state. Since the unfortunate election of Donald Trump, this demand for conformity and consensus (for war, theft, mass murder) has taken on absurd proportions with the inexplicable rise of what we call the Left and its revised communist class conflict doctrine of identity based on race and gender. 

The Identity Left is not actively opposed to war and a bankster theft economy that moves all wealth upward to the financial class and the ruling elite. Because taxation cannot possibly raise enough money to pay for endless wars and numerous government schemes, including socialism for corporations and banks, most of us have become debt slaves apparently not overly concerned about the fact our children will be forced at gunpoint to pay for the wars and “bailouts” of a financial class that has socialized loss. The parasitic ruling elite controlling the political arrangement never talk about this debt. Instead, they create a media blizzard of social and political irrelevance to distract us. 

Meanwhile, over on the “New Right,” much energy and time are spent trolling and trading barbs and punches with the Identity Left. Both sides battle for control of the state (or rather the illusion of control) and savor the ability to punish their enemies. 

The Identity Left now influences the state and its institutions, in particular, educational institutions and the corporate propaganda media. Transnational corporations parrot identity absurdities while media trains modern serfs how to think about class, race, sex, and behavior. 

This has nothing to do with liberation, in fact, it is the opposite—according to the cultural Marxist Identity crowd, all white people are evil and all men are sexual predators, thus the response must be reverse racism, sexism, and mob violence, increasingly encouraged and supported by the state.

Gary Allen hit the nail squarely on the head way back in 1971.  

If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of superrich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite.

Same can be said for the Identity movement. It is not a program to emancipate “minority communities at risk,” the “downtrodden,” or end sexist behavior and normalize homosexuality (and pedophilia), but is rather an effort to destroy social norms and impose authoritarian control. This process is much easier when the population is divided along artificial lines and swimming in a cesspool of decadence, perversion, and moral ambiguity. 

The Identity movement is so caught up in its irrational and disruptive ideology it does not realize it is being played. 

The ruling elite has no intention of sharing the wealth or correcting perceived inequalities. It is engineering the ultimate control mechanism. It is paying lip service to the most radical and potentially violent activists—active violence in the case of Antifa—not for the sake of social justice, but the opposite. 

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4 thoughts on “Identity Politics: A Control Mechanism Exploited by the Ruling Elite

  1. In his book “Between Two Ages – America in the technotronic era” Brezezinski stated that communism was a necessary stage that had to be gone trough on the way to the final state and that state would be a technocratic tyranny….aka Technocracy as currently emerging full blown in China. Everyone is being played, each in a specific manner, with all manipulations leading to that same final end goal which is the imposition of Technocracy steeped in eugenics, trans humanism and scientism. As a ‘boomer’ I’ll be leaving the party about the time things really begin to turn nasty in ten to twenty….I’ll hope I’m leaving. The rest of you had better buckle up and be prepared for some very ugly stuff to come down the pike. Of course most won’t recognize their loss of human freedom and dignity and from what I can tell will eagerly bid adieu to such as an encumbrance over what is quick and easy

  2. I was with you until the about the last three paragraphs. A much better argument can be made that the libertarian movement are much more useful tools of the monopolists who enrich themselves to ever increasing levels, since libertarians focus all of their attention and wrath at government power and government control, and ignore the private power wielded by corporations over our lives today!

    If you and other libertarians think the increasingly avaricious and reckless billionaire class are applying or giving any tacit support to the economic left, you’re only kidding yourselves!

    The “Identity Left” or Liberal Class who focus almost 100% on social issues and identity causes, is showing itself now as fully in support of the War State…trying to out-hawk the Republican Party and be the favored choice for the Pentagon and security agencies, and the arms industries of course.

    Nowadays, they say nothing about ongoing and unending wars, increasing military budgets (even giving the supposedly hated Trump $80 billion more than he asked for in the latest budget), and become all-absorbed with whether a woman, a gay or a black woman becomes the Democrat nominee for president!

    There is nothing in the Identity Left agenda that is going to challenge the capitalist status quo. But there sure as hell would be if Marxism or a similar socialist who advocated confiscating private property formed a government!

  3. Communism only leads to a different Ruling Class. The new ruling class becomes the party. Consequently, the former ruling class which rules by violence. lying , stealing and every other evil is replaced by a new ruling class that is just as evil as the replaced ruling class if not more so. The only defense to such tyranny is an armed population. Because in the final analysis violence can only be defeated by violence. Therefore, any threat to the Second Amendment is a threat to government for the people by the people. Any Republican who does not defend the second amendment is a traitor to Abraham Lincoln, because he stated that the real reason for the Civil War was the South’s Attempt to abolish Freedom. Only free men own guns. Even Quakers and former Pacifists joined the union army because even they understood the need to abolish slavery and that it was not going to be abolished by pacifism.

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