Where’s Ghislaine?

It now looks like that photo of Ghislaine Maxwell at a burger bar in California is a fake. It was allegedly taken by her close friend and lawyer, Leah Saffian. Metadata on the image file is tagged with “Meadowgate,” the media investment corporation where Saffian is president. At least one photo shows Ghislaine with Dexter, Saffian’s dog. 

What is the point of this photo, which was at first assumed to be legitimate? The answer is quite simple: Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s collaborator in serial rape of 14-year-old girls, is laughing at the so-called justice system. 

Here’s Maxwell’s subtext—she is protected, she will never see the inside of a prison cell for the unpardonable crime of making an unknown number of children sex slaves. The civil cases against her and the Epstein estate will fizzle out and go nowhere. She is thumbing her nose at the victims. She once referred to them as “nothing” and trailer park “trash.”   

From USA Today.

Legal experts say it will likely be difficult for prosecutors and Epstein victims to win criminal cases and civil lawsuits against the financier’s former associates… If prosecutors have strong cases against the peripheral players, they would have charged them already.

Ghislaine, the daughter of the late Mossad operative Robert Maxwell, is not a peripheral player. She recruited pervert Epstein’s girls, taught them how to perform oral sex, and loaned them out to his rich and elite friends,. None will go to prison, or even face serious investigation. London police refuse to investigate Prince Andrew. A system of law designed for commoners doesn’t apply to royalty. 

After the news cycle leaves Epstein behind, Ghislaine Maxwell will resume her life as a British socialite. She’s a protected intelligence asset like her father—or he was until he stepped on the toes of the wrong people and ended up mysteriously dead. He swindled his employees out of their pension funds. After his death, Maxwell was celebrated in Israel as a national hero. 

According to Gordon Thomas, author of Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, Robert Maxwell was owned by Israeli intelligence. 

“We never had any accountability for 9/11. We never had any accountability for the Kennedy assassination,” Kevin Barrett told Press TV. “We never had any accountability for Operation Gladio, which the Pentagon used to murder thousands of innocent people in Europe in false flag operations during the Cold War. We never had accountability in MKUltra when Americans were tortured to death by the CIA in mind control experiments.”

Ditto the Epstein case. It will fade into the sunset and those of us who know the truth—the elite corporate and financial class are responsible for murder, mayhem, and the rape of children and will never be held to account. Those who insist otherwise will be denounced as dangerous conspiracy theorists. 

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3 thoughts on “Where’s Ghislaine?

  1. Maxwell was “in and out”, just like Epstein. See the recent article on the Epstein affair by Daniel Hopsicker at madcowprod dot com.

  2. She probably picked up Jeffrey Epstein outside the jail the night that he committed suicide, after which they were both flown out of country. The ultrarich can buy whatever level of anonymity or deadness that they wish.

  3. She’s Mossad and she’s untouchable. Nothing will happen. It’s all smoke and mirrors with Barr trying to pretend he’s doing something, when most likely he was in on the whole thing.

    I personally think this whole thing was a psyop from start to finish. Back in 2008, the US govt was clearly interested in protecting Epstein. Even Judge Jeanine, in one of her opening monologues said it was a local case and that the federal govt. got involved in an “unprecedented” manner. And obviously they were interested in protecting him–with Acosta and Villafana arranging the sweetheart deal. Now, eleven years later, we’re supposed to believe that the federal govt. has dramatically changed and now they want to bring him to justice?? Sorry, not buying it.

    Perhaps they needed to have him declared dead, so they could close the investigation (the last thing the Mossad/US intell agencies want is for the truth to come out in court that this was part of an intelligence operation to blackmail politicians into compliance).

    I think Epstein is probably on a beach somewhere in Israel, after getting a hero’s welcome from Mossad. Maybe Ghislaine is there too. And they are all laughing at how easy it is to fool US citizens. After all, if they got away with 911 and the attack on the USS Liberty, then they can get away with anything.

    I’m not sure they ever even had him in custody, since there are no photos of his current arrest (they keep showing the photo from the previous arrest), and there are no photos of him in the courtroom, only drawings that don’t actually look like him. All of this is pointed out here:


    “There were no photos of his arrest, booking or court appearances — only court sketches of proceedings that depict someone who doesn’t match his description, but rather someone with a thick and heavy neck. A deputy who saw Epstein after his first “suicide attempt” described him as 5’10” and 240 pounds. Yet, Epstein’s arrest record shows him as 6’0″ 180 pounds. Quite a disparity.”

    And in this article https://www.winterwatch.net/2019/07/is-jeffrey-epstein-being-subjected-to-star-chamber-sleight-of-hand/ he notes that “Epstein’s photo is also not visible on the Federal prison inmate locator website either, which is not standard procedure.”

    And clearly the profile of the dead guy on the gurney (http://www.jimstone.is/epsteingurney1.jpg) does not match the profile of Epstein alive (the nose and ears are not a match). More here: https://www.wnd.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/dead-man-jeffrey-epstein-comparison-jpg.jpg

    Jon Rappoport describes a plausible scenario here:


    “MOSSAD #1: The man who is now in a cell in Manhattan awaiting trial? It’s not Jeffrey. It’s the double. The FBI arrested the double. We knew the arrest was going to happen, so we made the switch. And Jeffrey is already here with our people.
    MOSSAD #2: Really? Fantastic!
    MOSSAD #1: Yes. We chose our double well. He has a terminal disease. He has a family. He has no money. We promised him we’d take good care of his family. He’s going to commit suicide in his cell. That’s the deal. We’ve made a few payoffs that will allow the suicide to happen. We believe we can control the autopsies and switch DNA samples, if necessary…”

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