Trump Ponders Deadly Blockade of Venezuela

President Trump, wandering further afield of his noninterventionist election campaign promise, may soon impose an illegal military blockade on Venezuela.

According to an unnamed Trump administration official, the blockade will continue until Nicolas Maduro abdicates and Juan Guaido becomes the neoliberal recognized leader. 

In response, Maduro said he’s “ready for battle,” whatever that means. 

“The draconian US sanctions on Venezuela have come in two phases,” writes Jeffrey D. Sachs of Asia Times. 

The first, beginning in August 2017, was mainly directed at the state oil company PDVSA, the country’s main earner of foreign exchange; the second round of sanctions, imposed in January this year, was more comprehensive, targeting the Venezuelan government. A recent detailed analysis of the first round of sanctions shows their devastating impact. The US sanctions gravely exacerbated previous economic mismanagement, contributing to a catastrophic fall in oil production, hyperinflation, economic collapse (output is down by half since 2016), hunger, and rising mortality.

In short, the latest imperial president will kill an unknown number of Venezuelans in order to get the preferred government installed in Caracas. 

Military blockades are recognized as acts of war under the Declaration of Paris of 1856 and the Declaration of London of 1909. The neocons and neolibs don’t do international law unless it works in favor of empire. Congress, naturally, is left out of the equation, having long ago waived its responsibility under the Constitution. 

In 1863, when President Lincoln imposed a blockade on the Confederacy during the War of Secession, the Supreme Court ruled it a crime in “The Prize Cases.”

The power of declaring war is the highest sovereign power, and is limited to the representative of the full sovereignty of the nation. It is limited in the United States to its Congress exclusively; and the authority of the President to be the Commander-in-Chief….to take that the law be faithfully executed, is to be taken in connection with the exclusive power given to Congress to declare war, and does not enable the President to (do it) or to introduce, without Act of Congress, War or any of its legal disabilities or liabilities, on any citizen of the United States.

Violations of the Constitution, its articles and amendments, are now routine, so much so, especially following the end of the Second World War and the establishment of the Bretton Woods neoliberal scheme, that the founding document is little more than a quaint tourist attraction at the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom (sic) in DC. 

Thankfully, a few Americans are standing up and resisting ongoing economic warfare against Venezuela, Syria, Libya, Russia, and China. 

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4 thoughts on “Trump Ponders Deadly Blockade of Venezuela

  1. One wonders EXACTLY what the nature of the crime committed by the Chavista government in Venezuela is? After all Venezuela, like most of the rest of the world’s nations, is a signatory to the NWO Paris Accord protocols, called Hasta 2030 there, and has been privatizing some of its public services like public transportation in major cities.

    I can only think of two items that has brought on the Globalist’s wrath. The first being the Chavistas have planted the idea in the people’s minds that they are owed at least some royalties and some benefit from the natural resources they live on top of. This type of idea could spread so this whole ideology is declared verboten. Secondly that the major resources have been nationalized for better accounting processes and operational oversight by the government. Chevron has been operating in Venezuela for years and no doubt is not pleased with the Chavistas running the place for the last twenty years. It seems the majority of Venezuelans realize that this is the unspoken truth.And while they may still be the down trodden slaves of a money as debt world spanning monetary system at least under the Chavistas they have managed to lift many from the abject poverty of abject slavery to were there is a least some breath of a better future for their children. Venezuelans should be some of the wealthiest people on this planet and as it stands now that wealth would be put to some use in bettering lives. Now if the Chavistas would lighten up on their authoritarian control the best of all worlds might flourish among the people there. So the globalists and Chavistas have some ugly qualities in common and some very different ideas on property rights in the face of monopoly surveillance capitalism.

    1. Their only crime is refusing to accept whatever regime change that Washington ordered and working to overcome the sanctions and blockage placed after they said “NO.”

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