Sayonara, Tulsi

I had my doubts from the start. 

Tulsi Gabbard, the representative from Hawaii, has based her candidacy largely on nonintervention, the only candidate to specifically do so. In my book, even though she’s a Democrat, that earned her a gold star. 

Not a vote, mind you. I don’t vote. 

I thought about participating in this rotten system when Ron Paul ran for president, but then he was cut down far short of the finish line, same as Bernie Sanders. 

I like what Tulsi has to say about US foreign policy. Get out of Syria, Afghanistan, bring the troops home, stop mucking around in the business of other nations. You’re not hearing that from either side of the supposed political divide between Democrats and Republicans. 

But then we have the same old same old—to wit: 

OK. I get it. If you’re a Democrat, you have to buy into the destructive silliness of identity politics, the Green Scam (and its “carbon credit” casino), denouncing (and that’s all) a financial class that has strip-mined the nation, and promising jobs—jobs our overlords long ago sent to authoritarian hellholes in Asia while the remainder here in the homeland face robotization. It’s impossible to fill a hole with half-ass promises. 

For me, the number one problem—followed by a rigged “everything bubble” economy—is the curse of forever war. 

I wanted to believe. I should’ve known better. 

The BDS vote shot down any misplaced idealism I mistakenly held.

If you run for president or for that matter a seat-warming Congress critter, it’s mandatory to kiss the Zionist ring and engage in endless fawning praise of the horrible apartheid state of Israel. 

If you don’t, you’ll end up like Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Is it possible Tulsi doesn’t realize that AIPAC and the other Israel-first pressure groups have a stranglehold on the president, the vast majority of Congress, and even state governors and representatives?

Is she so deluded she doesn’t see that the wars she opposes are wars waged to benefit Israel at the expense of the United States? It doesn’t take a MENSA scholar to figure this out. 

Tulsi is near the bottom of the pile of Democrat presidential wannabes and her sycophancy for the racist apartheid state of Israel will not help her less than bleak chance of getting anywhere near the White House. 

Gabbard’s vote against the constitutional right to protest Israel’s crimes will not stop the effort by the warfare state and its propaganda media to stifle her criticism of endless war and make her a political nonentity. 

Tulsi Gabbard appealed to an antiwar movement that does not exist in America to any significant degree. She will ultimately fade into the sunset with a tattered lei garland while the business of the state—war and economic exploitation—will continue unabated. 

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3 thoughts on “Sayonara, Tulsi

  1. July 25, 2019 No Accountability in Washington. The CIA Wants to Hide All Its Employees

    Government that actually serves the interests of the people who are governed has two essential characteristics: first, it must be transparent in terms of how it debates and develops policies and second, it has to be accountable when it fails in its mandate and ceases to be responsive to the needs of the electorate.

  2. Don’t ya just love those MS party politicos of all stripes promising their hope and change shtick? Anyone wholly connected or holding office in American Federal or State politics, from a Trump to a Gabbard is a creature of the system, closed discussion. I never believed Gabbard was any different and when you drill down her anti war stance is full of clauses that allow for war very loosely. At this late stage who believes any candidate running for office, where their vote does count, is not controlled? Once in a long while a McKinney or a Kucinich manages to get elected but their stay’s shortness is in direct proportion to the disruption and system expose’ they cause. Or worse like Larry MacDonald… ” Hey Moscow can you do us a favor like the one we did for you? We, meaning you and us, have a problem polit who has a flight to Korea coming up. Yes, shoot it down before this guy gets any traction. He is a systemic danger”

    Israel is a pet project of some very powerful individuals. Should this project come to prove more of a problem than its worth then Israel, just the same as any other cutout nation state, when used up and dried out, it can blow away. In the meantime power and politics will do their usual to see this pet project and the agenda it represents goes its way unmolested.

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