Pentagon Wants 16-year Old Kids to Fight the Empire’s Wars

The Pentagon is desperate. Far too many millennials are criminals, so luring them in to become the latest crop of bullet stoppers for the state is a nonstarter. 

Solution? Recruit 16-year-olds. Most have yet graduated to petty and violent crime, although a lot of them are in video game training for a future of violence and self-destructive stupidity. 

It’s not being widely reported in the media. Recruiters are ready to go after tenth-graders. They are itching to snag kids before they engage in a life of crime, or before they have fully-mature brains (well, some of them) and decide to kill and be killed isn’t much of a career choice.

First, though, the state will have to give these little darlings the “right” to vote for a crop of handpicked carnival barkers, euphemistically called representatives of the people. 

I don’t know about you, but when I was sixteen all I thought about was cruising in my father’s car with a freshly minted state permission to drive card in my wallet as I searched desperately for girls willing to make-out in the backseat. 

It took a year or two before I was politically aware, mostly as a result of Richard Nixon’s plan to “draft” me (polite speak for slavery) into the meat grinder he inherited from LBJ, aka the Vietnam War, where I would either be minced, traumatized for life, or lucky enough to stay behind lines and scrub latrines while other kids fought and senselessly died. 

Around this time college, high school students and millions of other concerned Americans marched against the war, a truly remarkable one-time event now impossible in America because the military is “volunteer” and our wars are “humanitarian.” 

Most of these so-called volunteers “joined” the military because they have so few other career options (if you consider killing other people a career choice). Brought up in largely single-parent homes and taught all manner of nonsense in public schools that now resemble locked down prisons, these “volunteers” are completely ignorant of the reason the state needs them to fight and die. 

It’s all about the psychopathic dominance of a tiny elite. The elite doesn’t send its Harvard-bound kids into its neoliberal meat grinder (because so many of these silver spoon darlings have bone spurs and such). 

But this system is breaking down, mostly because the state upholds standards that worked in the 1940s and 50s, but are completely irrelevant now. They insist it is not permissible to fill the empty ranks with criminals. Hired killers must be held to the highest moral standard. 

So, like the United Kingdom, the US is looking to 16-year old kids to fight in the name of the corporate state and, of course, our freedom to live hand-to-mouth in a political and cultural cesspool. 

Democrats like the idea of 16-year-old voters. Most are far more impressionable and less cantankerous than your average middle-age deplorable. They also approve the idea of feeding kids into the military, but you don’t hear a lot about that because Democrats and progressives don’t think much about war. It’s a big blind spot for them. There are more important issues, for instance trans-gender bathrooms.

I don’t think this is going to turn out like they think it will. Far too many 16-year olds will flunk out of basic training. Most don’t have what it takes, never mind all those formative years killing bad guys on computer screens. 

If The Donald gets us into a big shooting war over in the Middle East or in the South China Sea, the mandatory servitude of conscription will be required. It won’t be a turkey shoot like Iraq or Libya. It will be an existential threat, so all males—criminally inclined or not—between 16 and 45 will be inducted, same as they were after FDR tricked the Japanese into invading Pearl Harbor, or Johnson said the North Vietnamese attacked our warships in the Gulf of Tonkin. 

But the kids are oblivious. They were taught to be so. And the propaganda machine will tell them they’re sacrificing their lives (or limbs and mental health) for the noble cause of star-spangled democracy, which most of them know close to zero about. 

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  1. This very bad idea is being floated to see what the public’s reaction is to sacrificing its youth in wars/conflicts that have their predetermined advancement of agenda planned before the first false flag is committed. However, in this day of gender equality the girls as well ass boys will have to serve. And that is whether or not they identify as LGBT or any of the other thirty or so acronyms of sexual orientation or mental fantasy. Pray tell what other completely barking mad species would even think of killing off or otherwise incapacitating its females as the bearers of and mothers of the next generation. Will radical feminists argue for or against girls serving in the kill rituals of the patriarch? Anyway the psychopathy of the pyramid cap with its ritual killing sprees as gleeful events is wearing thin.

    I would also take to task those in the alt media that cling to either their left or right ideological bent and insist on inserting it in their media as a swipe at the other. I’m of the old left which has always held the non aggression and self defense principles almost as founding principles and always sought to influence events to those ends. The new left serves along with the old and new techno right the same globalist agenda, as all roads lead to the same New Financial World Order; a Tri Lateral terminology and destination.

    It is long past the time for both the left and right to agree on a set of base principles from which society as a whole can exist as one. Then debate can take place in a civilized manner as to how the surplus is to be used. The ‘ism’ merely describing who gets to appropriate that surplus….with the elite thinking and currently being able to hire half the people to kill the other half. This has to change and it changes with the people. This by coming to recognize that they have a common interest in providing a stable and free society for all of its members despite what any asshole politician tries to insert into debate at the behest of his pyramid cap controller..

    So what can the supposed left and the supposed right agree on for starters? The non aggression/self defense principle would be a stupendous start!

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