Did Epstein Try to Commit Suicide?

There is really no way to know for sure if pedo and registered sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein tried to kill himself while detained at a federal lockup on Manhattan.  

I don’t think he did. And I find it unlikely he was attacked by a fellow inmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, a former cop accused of four murders. 

This is social media nonsense. Tartaglione was not Epstein’s “cellmate,” although he is in the same unit. It’s difficult to envision this massive body builder ex-cop sleeping on the same bed with Epstein. 


It appears this may be part of an elaborate effort to get Epstein bailed out of his 100 square foot jail cell. It is probably a hoax to provide a pretext for his legal team to argue Epstein should be granted bail because his life is in danger while in federal custody. 

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