Rep. McCaul Struggles to Keep War On Terror Alive

Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas, minority leader of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is struggling to keep Bush’s unconstitutional AUMF in place. If the no-end-in-sight “war on terror” is to continue and the AUMF is to remain embedded in the NDAA, McCaul must defeat the enemies of forever war.

In other words, a single committee, not a majority of Congress, will decide what country to invade and under what false pretext, never mind the presence on the committee of that troublesome freshwoman, Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Somali woman Trump told to get the hell out of his version of a MAGA-ified America.

If we follow the logic here, the power to declare war is reserved for the majority leader, Rep. Eliot Engel, your standard liberal on social issues and a “hawk” (read: neocon) on foreign policy. Engel is one of Israel’s boldest advocates of theft and human rights abuse.

Back in January during a fundraiser hosted by Helene and Robert Rothenberg in Woodmere, New York, Engel “reassured the some 40 attendees that bipartisan support for Israel would be maintained in the 116th Congress” and said the “Golan Heights is part of Israel and should remain part of Israel for strategic purposes,” according to The Times of Israel.

Robert Rothenberg is an executive board member of of the America–Israel Friendship League, a “non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening ties between Americans and Israelis based on [selectively] shared democratic values. The AIFL brings Americans of all faiths to Israel, and Israelis of all faiths (Jews, Christians and Muslims) to the United States,” according to Wikipedia. It was created by neocon mentor Senator “Scoop” Jackson and Nelson Rockefeller.

So there is no question about the loyalty of the financial elite in regard to Israel, it should be noted that “AIFL leaders were among those who rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange when the exchange celebrated its fifth annual Israel Day.”

This is a standard boilerplate—“enemies that continue to threaten our nation, our people, and our allies,” a supposed threat to the people of America being virtually nonexistent (despite efforts by the FBI) and the allies in question happen to be Israel and its unlikely partner, Saudi Arabia.

Both al-Qaeda and its ancestor the Islamic State were handcrafted by the CIA and US military intelligence. I’ve covered this territory on numerous occasions, but if you need a primer, read Garikai Chengu’s “America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group.

With Engel in the majority position and McCaul in the minority, we can expect some rickety unconstitutional framework to be slapped into place to keep the war on terror (the war against Israel’s enemies) going until it finally and inevitably crashes, either through economic collapse or a final and decisive military defeat. I believe the former will arrive before the latter. Either way, the American people will be spectators in the bleachers.

Finally, so as there isn’t a question of where McCaul’s loyalty lies, consider the following tweet.


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