Epstein Blowback: Acosta Resigns

Trump Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta knew in order to take the heat off Trump, he would be obliged to exit stage right, what they call in Beltway-speak “stepping down.”

If he stayed on, the “liberal” side of the corporate media would use as a hammer his failure to lock up for good the odious teen girl rapist and Mossad-CIA blackmail operative Jeffrey Epstein.

Having Alex stay on would not only provide the Hillary Mafia Democrats with plenty of fresh ammo but also focus attention on Trump’s possible role in the sordid affair, specifically a 2016 lawsuit claiming the Donald raped a 13-year old girl during a party at Epstein’s palatial Upper East Side pad in 1994.

Hillary’s husband, of course, is up to his neck in Epstein muck. The former two-term president no doubt is confident his status among the ruling elite renders him untouchable and his recent “statement” that he innocently took but four trips on the notorious Lolita Express as part of his pay-for-play work at the Clinton Foundation will exonerate him.

Not so fast. Soon after Slick Willy’s babe-in-the-woods routine, Conchita Sarnoff, the executive director of Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, told Fox News Billy had traveled 27 times on the Lolita Express.

Is Clinton sweating?

Maybe, then again maybe not.

Well-connected psychopaths such as Bill and Hillary are notorious for their imperious character and the belief they are well above the law. All but top individuals perched invisibly upon the slimy and bloody pyramid pinnacle are expendable when the going gets tough.

Epstein’s role was to record sex crimes to be later used if nonessentials in the handpicked political class got out of hand, made stupid mistakes, and threatened to unmask the sickening machinations of what we now call the Deep State.

Bill’s political enemies got him for lying under oath, not in response to his stunt with a cigar and a vagina, or that denotive blue dress stain the talebearer checkout lane media had profitably exploited back in the day.

But I digress. The main point here is that this exceedingly abject event has the potential to blow the lid off the swamp and troll in no small number of its begrimed aquatic critters, including presidents and ex-presidents.

The question remains—will it?

The ruling elite and its “intelligence agencies”—in this case, the CIA and Mossad—are experts at silencing investigators, spinning media, covering up evidence, and engineering general havoc, including precipitating war and other crimes, to draw attention away from their depravity.

Photo: Gage Skidmore

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3 thoughts on “Epstein Blowback: Acosta Resigns

  1. Well, Kurt, they aren’t ‘that expert’ at silencing people and covering up their lies. We are finding out about it, even if this zero-creativity, low-brow entertainment of torturing and raping babies has been going on since at least the invention of Judaism 5,000 years ago. Yawn….

    If they invested their money into genetic research and plastic surgery, maybe they wouldn’t have to rape kids? Kardashians have it figured out! Belle Delphine has zeroed in on the genetic flaws and she is laughing all the way to the bank!

    Think about it: the pedoscum that Epstein has blackmailed has – just as much reason – to go after him as his victims. What a stupid position to put yourself in. I have no idea how Epstein is still alive.

    I have no idea how Trump could bring down the Pedo Empire when his daughter is married to a major link for them. He’s trapped. No fan of Alex Jones or Trump, but they are not pedos… perverts, maybe, but they do not fit the profile of baby rapers.

    1. So you are saying that the age of the victim should determine the heinousness of the crime?

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