Faux Conservative Hannity “Busts” Faux Progressive Warren on Support for Palestine

The faux “conservative” and corporate radio and TV propagandist Sean Hannity “caught” Elizabeth Warren telling two American Jews she would like to see Israel end its occupation of Palestine.


A post on Hannity’s website puts the word “occupation” in quotations, thus letting us know he doesn’t believe the Israelis have imposed a brutal military occupation on four and a half million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 

This is not to say Warren is a dependable friend of the Palestinians. Like all ambitious political operatives, she occasionally wets her finger and puts it up to see which way the political wind is blowing. 

In recent years, many progressives have come around to the indisputable fact Israel is an apartheid state engaged in ethnic cleansing and war crimes against defenseless civilians. 

In the past, Israel has tried to hide its behavior, but since the election of Donald Trump, it has demonstrated to the world how brutal and racist it is, most recently by openly killing men, women, and children at the border fence between Israel and the open-air prison that is the Gaza Strip. Nearly 150 people have been killed and some 13,000 injured by IDF snipers for the crime of protesting their illegal and sadistic imprisonment.

Due to Israel’s brazen murder campaign, many Democrats are now opposed to the US-Israel “friendship” and they are pushing for a change in the status quo (most notably the billions of American taxpayer dollars given to the Israelis to help them in their slow-motion ethnic cleansing, land theft, economic blockade, imprisonment of children, and wholesale murder).

Hannity quoted a Warren campaign press release to make her out as a hypocrite.

In the past, Warren has regularly spoken of Israel as a strong ally in a tough neighborhood and has appeared at AIPAC events and used right-wing talking points. But as her career has gone on, her views on the issue have grown to be farther in line with her progressive values: She was one of the 60 Democrats to boycott [Prime Minister] Netanyahu’s speech in Congress, she supported the Iran Deal, spoke out against the Embassy move, and opposes efforts to criminalize the BDS movement.

Indeed, Ms. Warren is a hypocrite, as are the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the media, including Sean Hannity. Warren is looking over the horizon at November 2020 and believes her wishy-washy solidarity with those in opposition to Zionist occupation and apartheid will help get her to the White House. 

Once ensconced in the WH (which will not happen), she would pull an Obama and Trump and continue the relationship. All one-party masquerading as two-party establishment politicians go back on campaign promises. Lies and deceit are merely tools to maintain neoliberal establishment control over the imperial presidency and a generally subservient Congress. 

If support from anti-Zionist Democrats and progressives disappeared tomorrow, Warren would stand before the podium at AIPAC with all the other self-serving “public servants” bereft of all moral clarity and primarily interested in endorsement from an organization that serves the interest of an outlaw foreign nation.

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  1. Stripped of references to country, the behavior of the IDF in the occupied territories is pretty much inseparable from that of the SS in their concentration camps. The IDF prefers bulldozers to Zyklon gas, at least when dealing with “terrorists” like Rachel Corrie.

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