Europe Freaks Out Over Minuscule Iranian Uranium Enrichment 

Leave it to CBS News and all the other establishment propaganda mills to spin the obvious.

CBS and the others know the Iran nuke deal is a dead letter. Trump refused to honor the agreement while Europe pretends the deal is still valid, mostly because it needs Iranian oil. EU apparatchiks understand all bets are off now that the US has reimposed sanctions. They have no choice but to fall in line.

In true Pavlovian fashion—following the lead of Trump and his coven of neocons and Israel-firsters—the Europeans have threatened to trigger the JCPOA’s “dispute resolution mechanism” allowing the EU to impose sanctions. This will result in the issue of Iran enriching low-grade uranium going before the neoliberal lapdog, the United Nations Security Council.

Iran’s foreign minister summed it up:

Iran is incrementally enriching uranium as a wedge to force Europe to fully abide by the deal and ignore Trump’s ultimatum. Zarif said Iran’s enrichment is “reversible” if the European signatories of the deal fulfill their end.

Meanwhile, clod Trump tells us there is only one purpose for the low-grade enrichment of uranium.

Trump, thoroughly zombified by his neocon manipulators and his Orthodox Jewish, settler-friendly Likudnik son-in-law, doesn’t realize uranium enrichment at the current level—more than 85 percent below what is needed to make an effective nuclear bomb—is at best useful for nuclear power plant fuel. 

But you wouldn’t know this if you’re the average headline skimmer. The neocons and Israel want you to believe Iran will have a thermo-nuke tomorrow and will immediately target Israel and US “assets” in the Middle East.

The propaganda is working, even though a majority of Americans, according to corporate polls, support the nuclear deal. At the same time, they believe Iran is a threat to America, never mind there is zero evidence of this.

In fact, the opposite is true: the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are a threat to Iran.

But then most Americans are not very good at history and really don’t show much interest in truth, preferring instead to skim deceptive corporate media headlines on social media between episodes of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

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2 thoughts on “Europe Freaks Out Over Minuscule Iranian Uranium Enrichment 

  1. Truth is irrelevant if lies will achieve one’s goals.
    While it is true that Iran’s interest in uranium enrichment has never been for making weapons, anyone with any sense would have to wonder why they would bother with building nuclear power plants if their reported oil reserves, the real reason why everyone wants to conquer them, are accurate.
    If I were the king of Iran, I wouldn’t bother with nuclear power plants. I’d build gas turbine plants near any natural gas wells and oil-fired power plants in every oilfield, and export the electricity to the continent.

  2. on the subject of CBS, they are deep state mockingbird stooges.
    if you’ve watched any of the latest Twilight Zone insult to Rod Sterling, then you’ll see that it’s a heavy, sickening dose of political correctness, race baiting, misandry, cultural marxism & goes way beyond any other recent show i’ve seen in open assault on conservative values.
    TV is THE SLIME in your living room. check out the frank zappa song!

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