Trump Threatens Iran Following Anniversary of IR655 Shoot-Down

Donald Trump, the blowhard tweeter, has once again threatened Iran, a country thousands of miles away that poses absolutely no threat to the United States and hasn’t attacked another country in a couple centuries.

For The Donald, this is considered negotiation, something presidents and diplomats did before the neocon infection spread and became terminal.

Trump is ramping up threats ahead of his reelection bid. If he wants support from casino moneybags Sheldon Adelson and other psychopathic supporters of Israel—remember, Adelson wanted to drop a nuke on Iran as an “example”—he will need to keep harping on Iran. 

However, back in the day…

Yesterday marked the 31st anniversary of the US murder of 290 Iranians, including 66 children, when Reagan shot down IR655 over the Persian Gulf. This act of terrorism—explained away as an “accident”—is never mentioned in America. The Pentagon said the airliner was mistaken for an F-14 Tomcat. Needless to say, an airliner and a fighter jet have significantly different radar signatures. 


The Iran Air flight was shot down by the USS Vincennes after the warship crossed into Iranian territory. 

After George H. W. Bush became president, he said the US isn’t in the business of apologizing for mass murder. The late president shared this sentiment with any number of unrepentant serial killers. 


Recall Sean Hannity’s outrage over Iran taking out an expensive US spy drone, then compare his little ratings-minded melodrama to the above war crime. 

The exceptional nation believes it owns the world and will dictate to every country on the planet how and when international commerce will be conducted. 

Earlier today the indispensable nation’s top bulldog, the United Kingdom, dispatched Royal Marines to seize an Iranian oil tanker as it traveled the last leg of a circuitous route to deliver oil to Syria. 

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2 thoughts on “Trump Threatens Iran Following Anniversary of IR655 Shoot-Down

  1. Iran has never enriched uranium to the high purity required to make a nuclear explosive. They have been inspected by multiple international nuclear watchdogs and all say that they have never had the capability to make nuclear explosives. Iran has said multiple times that their goal is to have a domestic nuclear power industry. It takes a lot more technological sophistication to build a nuclear explosive than it does to build a nuclear power plant. We have far more to fear from a fascist country like Israel, which attacked a poorly armed American intelligence ship, the USS Liberty, claiming that they couldn’t see the American flag that they shot to pieces thereon. Israel has several hundred nuclear warheads that they won’t admit to having and they will not participate in any non-proliferation programs. The CIA and the Mossad cooperated in the creation of the Stuxnet cyberweapon, which destroyed much of Iran’s uranium enrichment capability before it got loose among users of the popular Siemens process controllers that are in wide usage across the world. This blatant commission of cyberwar is harming hundreds of applications that have nothing to do with nuclear technology throughout the world.

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