Donald’s Fourth: Sherman Tanks and Other Death Machines

Once upon a time, the Fourth of July was about liberty and the Declaration of Independence. Now it’s about grilled burgers, beer, and fireworks made in China. 

For President Trump, the upcoming “holiday” is about showing off the latest death merchant gizmos, including fighter jets and tanks. 

Did you catch that? Trump believes the death merchants still crank out Sherman tanks. The US has not produced Sherman tanks since WWII. 

As for the “best fighter jets in the world,” is it possible the Donald is talking about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter? This puppy came in 100% over budget, something the stockholders at Lockheed Martin undoubtedly celebrated. 

In response to the embarrassing fact the F-35 dog don’t hunt, in 2012 the Pentagon dumped an additional $450 million into the project. 

Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57 cost an estimated $10 million to research, develop, and prepare for production. Believe it or not, the F-35 cost $1.5 trillion to get off the drawing board. It is the most expensive weapons program in history.

The Donald’s militarized Fourth of July might be considered part of his sales pitch for the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). He would like to roll tanks—maybe including an ancient Sherman tank or two—down Pennsylvania Avenue, but it’s out of the question, as he noted in the above video. 

Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, warned about keeping “instruments on foot” and said one such “instrument is a standing army.” 

But then, far too many Americans are at a complete loss when it comes to the foundational principles of America, formerly and briefly a constitutional republic. 

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5 thoughts on “Donald’s Fourth: Sherman Tanks and Other Death Machines

  1. The Fourth of July wasn’t about anything until the federal government designated it as such.
    The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Congressional Congress on July 4, 1776.
    The authenticated list of signers was printed by Order of Congress of January 18, 1777, so they waited until winter to go public with what they’d sweated over passing.
    These men were openly declaring themselves in treasonous secession against the British crown.
    That is what the Fourth of July is really about, the courage of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, which included 8 British-born subjects of King George.
    We wouldn’t be in the unGodly mess we are in if even a simple majority of the current Congress had the cojones to do their duty, let alone the military that has in ignorant treason gone off to fight every illegal and undeclared war since WW2.
    It may be the conversation that Trump had with Putin at the G20 that will go down in history, eventually, as being what saved our bacon from being fried in a nuclear detonation. Assuming that Trump isn’t impeached for doing his job in having it.

  2. that’s the kind of thing they do in moscow, beijing & north korea! a military parade! what’s wrong with this picture? a fully certified psychopath… 21st century theodore, “walk like a dinosaur & carry an atomic weapon!”

  3. Whatever happened to proper microphone placement with this media and this internet?? Tough to hear exactly what is said at least half the time.

  4. Obviously the Donald doesn’t understand what the founders of this country really stood for. They were not into an organized military and this display makes us look like North Korea, the old USSR and all the hyper military bad guys of the past.

    1. Naahh, Caitlin Johnstone has an article out with pix of 4th of Julys (FDR, IKE, JFK) with similar hardware shown. This time it took an Aussie to show us our immediate past.

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