The Mastodon in the Room

During my morning news surfing today I read a post on Target Liberty about Gab and Mastodon. 

Gab, where I have an account (@kurtnimmo), will transition to the open-source Mastodon/Activity Pub framework over the 4th of July holiday. 


“The new software—which is called Gab Social—will allow anyone, whether they have a Gab account or not, to set up their own social networking server. All Gab Social servers will be interconnected. Users from one can follow users from another, and receive their content in feeds on their own servers,” writes Robert Wenzel. 

Gab writes: 

In other words: the Gab Social platform will become unstoppable and spread across thousands of servers around the world one day soon.

Let’s hope so. 

But keep this in mind—the establishment will eventually try to implement a China-style firewall to block content. 

For now, a peer-to-peer (something I’ve been interested in since the late 90s) arrangement will work. It might not in five or ten years, depending on how authoritarian the government becomes in response to growing opposition and alternative media. 

For now, though, this looks like a solution to social networks censoring content and blacklisting users. 

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4 thoughts on “The Mastodon in the Room

    1. A very productive solution to the problem is abstinence from slavishly adopting whatever social media fad comes along. There has never been nor will ever be a replacement for doings one’s own due diligence in every case.

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