Dumb-ass Democrat Tim Ryan Blames Taliban for 9/11

The first “debate” between Democrat statists went as expected with one notable exception: Tulsi Gabbard “schooled” the idiotic Ohio “representative” Tim Ryan on Afghanistan and the Taliban. 

Ryan is a lot like Trump—a know-nothing on foreign policy and geopolitical reality. Gabbard said the Taliban wasn’t responsible for 9/11. It was al-Qaeda, although this was never sufficiently proven (and became a “fact” regardless, pushed by the state and its mockingbird media as an excuse for endless war abroad and a police-surveillance state at home). 

Tim Ryan is the caliber of candidate Democrats get to pick from. Both Ryan and Gabbard are polling around a dismal one percent, far less than the confiscate and giveaway candidates like Elizabeth Warren. 

Endless war is not on the agenda. Instead, the Democrats are submerged in alphabet gender soup, busy importing future Democrat voters from the third world, and making millions of Americans suffering under the bankster economy salivate with the promise of something for nothing if they pull the blue lever. 

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2 thoughts on “Dumb-ass Democrat Tim Ryan Blames Taliban for 9/11

  1. Is a no-nothing something like a know-nothing?
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, right now, that if Tulsi Gabbard gets the Democratic nomination, she’ll get my vote.

  2. Good post, Kurt. I used to think Tulsi was an exceptional candidate until she failed to stand up to the fools on “The View”. She thinks Al Qaeda was the guilty party on 9/11 and is more pro-war than she lets on.

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