Trump, Iran, and Anything American

In a rebound from his last minute cancellation of what would have resulted in the murder of countless Iranians, President Trump went back on the war path Tuesday (at least in oratorical fashion), once threatening murder and mayhem. 

From The Hill:

President Trump on Tuesday responded to disparaging comments from the Iranian president by threatening Tehran with “great and overwhelming force” if it attacks “anything American.”

Tweet brevity didn’t allow the president to elaborate, or maybe he’s really not sure what is American and what is not. It is a large and shifting palette, usually dependent on transnational corporations claiming victimhood in response to declarations of national sovereignty and ownership of natural resources in former or future vassal states. 

America’s “national security” requires occupations around the world, from Afghanistan to Syria (and unwanted military bases in hundreds of locations), so it can be assumed any “attack” (real, imagined, or false-flagged) is a dire threat to the interests of the United States government, that is to say the interests of corporations, banks, and the financial class that owns them. 

Trump, as an egoist and narcissist par excellence, feels it is imperative to patch over his backdown on starting a third (or fourth) world war. The Donald is only effective at invective and adjective-laden bombast, so that is what he is using to make up for his “weakness” and lack of “stomach,” as Fox News put it. 

Trump’s Hindenburg-sized ego may yet get the final neocon war rolling. He told The Hill he doesn’t need no stinkin’ Constitution or consultation with Congress—supposedly the representative of the American people—before he starts the next war. 

But will he? It’s a struggle for the unlikely president. Will he start the final war and go down in history—if there is anyone left to write it—as a monster worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined, or will he once again back down at the last minute after Iran defends its territory from the neoliberal steamroller and the demands of a clan of Zionist warmongers in Israel? 

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