Trump Imposes Sanctions on a Dead Man

The following is an excellent example of just how ignorant Donald Trump is. He knows virtually nothing about Iran—except, of course, what he is told by his neocon henchmen—and he apparently believes Ayatollah Khomeini, who died in 1989, is the Supreme Leader of Iran. 

Ali Khamenei now serves in this role, but we can’t expect the Blond Ignoramus to tell the difference. Some will say give the president a break, he misspoke. My point is Trump doesn’t know the difference and that’s why he didn’t correct himself. 

I admit chuckling when I read this one. 

The Iranians have rightfully concluded there is no reason to negotiate with the idiot Trump and his vicious neocon national security adviser and secretary of state. 

John Bolton believes starving the people of Iran will bring it to the negotiating table. However, I don’t believe Bolton actually believes this. He’s a neocon and neocons want to destroy Iran, kill the ayatollahs, and make the people suffer like they previously made millions of Iraqis suffer. The idea is to turn Iran into a failed state like Libya and Iraq. In that way, it will never again be able to challenge Israel.

President Clueless has his defenders.

Mark’s a smart guy. He knows why the “terrorist Iranian regime” refuses to cooperate with the likes of Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, the psychopath Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, and all the other warmongers chomping at the bit to mass murder Iranians.

You don’t deal with people who starve your children, kill your scientists, and shoot down your airliners. 

For Levin and the neocon gang, any sane argument in favor of not bombing the daylight out of Iran is a leftist apologia for the mullahs. Like the naïf George W. Bush said: You’re either with the neocons or the terrorists. 

From the Conservative Review:

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out the Americans parroting the Iranian regime’s talking points amid escalating tensions between that country and the United States.

“I do find the rhetoric and propaganda of the Left and the isolationist code-pinkers to be disgusting,” Levin said, accusing them of “Arguing on behalf of as special pleaders for the Iranian military.”

You’d think Levin would steer clear of Democrat talking points. The word “isolationist” was used by Democrat FDR to denounce those who stood in opposition to war. In fact, many of those opposed to messing around in European politics prior to the worst war in human history were noninterventionists, not isolationists, which is nothing if not a pejorative. 

But then, in Trump Bizarro World, one can be a noninterventionist and an interventionist at the same time. He can argue against endless war, and then go out and hire pro-war psychopaths to call the shots. 

In Trump Bizarro World, it is only natural a ranting and raving radio talk show guy who considers himself a constitutionalist—never mind Article I, Section 8, Clause 11—would defend a character like John Bolton. 

Levin also once again called out widespread criticisms of national security adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as supposed “warmongers,” despite the fact that people making those arguments “don’t even know what these guys recommended to the president of the United States.”

“What has John Bolton done that is so horrific?” Levin asked, noting Bolton’s long service record in previous Republican administrations. “There’s no evidence whatsoever that he’s intemperate, that he wants to go to war. He’s a realist.”

Mr. Levin is apparently suffering from historical amnesia. What did Bolton do that was so horrific? How about helping George W. Bush kill a million plus Iraqis. For neocons like Levin, Bolton isn’t intemperate. A mountain of people killed in the name of Big Lies makes Bolton a realist.

He’s simply doing what the neocons have done since the days of Ronald Reagan—push the Zionist agenda of total domination (and ethnic cleansing), never mind you and I must pay for it, and credulous poor working class stiffs must do the fighting and dying in the hope they will survive and earn a few crumbs from the state to pay for their prosthetics and PTSD treatment. 

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2 thoughts on “Trump Imposes Sanctions on a Dead Man

  1. I haven’t had any respect for Levin since he hung up on me after I’d had the temerity to challenge one of his specious premises on his talk show. I seriously doubt if he has read any of the books in his library that weren’t written by someone who provided a blurb on one of his books.

  2. The neocons are homicidal maniacs. Bear in mind that the Jews control both major political parties here in the US. So the question, or choice for voters is: which clique of Jews do you wish to rule over you? The Democrats are the Marxist-Leninist faction of Jews. The Republicans, sorry to say, are the Zionist, neocon, Trotskyite, Likud party here in the US. No matter who wins in our elections the country and the rest of the world are screwed.

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