Trump Can’t Stop Lying About Iran

Iranian President Rouhani is correct—there is a serious case of retardation afflicting the White House. 

Once again, this is demonstrated by yet another Trump tweet storm resplendent with idiocy and ignorance.

It was hardly nice or compassionate when one of Trump’s predecessors fomented a coup in 1953 and threw out the democratically elected prime minister of Iran and brought in a corrupt monarch. The CIA organized, trained, and bankrolled the Shah’s Ministry of Security, SAVAK. 

The SAVAK had been created in 1957 under the auspices of the CIA. The SAVAK’s Third Department was its internal secret police which was, as…[Alexander and Leslie Cockburn] accurately summarise [in Dangerous Liaison], the reason the organization became a “byword for savagery and repression”.

It was Israel’s Mossad which tutored SAVAK in torture, according to CIA officials. Proving that Israel’s global terrorist network has cast a long shadow over the region and indeed several parts of the world.

Johnathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott, and Jane Hunter cite a 1979 CIA report  in The Iran Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era, 

The main purpose of the Israeli relationship with Iran was the development of a pro-Israel and anti-Arab policy on the part of Iranian officials. Mossad has engaged in joint operations with SAVAK over the years since the late 1950s. Mossad aided SAVAK activities and supported the Kurds in Iraq. The Israelis also regularly transmitted to the Iranians intelligence reports on Egypt’s activities in the Arab countries, trends and developments in Iraq, and Communist activities affecting Iran.

Of course, we can’t expect Trump to know how nice and compassionate SAVAK was to Iranians that dared disagree with their installed government, or the role played by the CIA and Israel in disappearing, torturing, and executing them. The Israel-firster and Orthodox Jew Jared Kushner certainly won’t tell his father-in-law why Iranians hate the US and Israeli governments, now represented by a moron. 

At least G.W. Bush sent Colin Powell to the United Nations with a passel of lies tucked under his wing in the lead-up to the criminal invasion and mass murder campaign in Iraq. 

Trump, on the other hand, repeats propaganda sent down by the Pentagon and the mendacious neocons. Texas Republican Michael McCaul used a DoD report on IED causalities to blame Iran for the death of a thousand US soldiers (Trump math turned this into 2,000 soldiers). 

McCaul said during the Republican Party’s Sept. 12, 2015, weekly address, basically a broadside (video here) against the nuclear agreement signed a few months before:

We cannot forget that the radical Shi’a regime in Iran remains the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. Iran’s leaders have called for our defeat and the destruction of our close ally, Israel. The regime is responsible for more than 1,000 American casualties during the Iraq war; they have plotted a terrorist attack here in our nation’s capital and launched destructive cyberattacks against American companies.

This is simply more neocon propaganda repeated and exaggerated by a president who is a no-nothing and an embarrassment to the office. 

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5 thoughts on “Trump Can’t Stop Lying About Iran

  1. Tell us how you really feel. James Corbett made an interesting statement on the fact that the Iranians are about to stock pile urianium because the sanctions have now cut off the exportation of this uranium and so the stock piling begins. No word of this in WMSM. Seems Neo pathological mythomania is the strongest trait uniting all WH executive personalities and their MSM cohorts into a band of hubristos.

    1. No part of that changes the fact that Iran has never enriched uranium to the purity required to build a nuclear explosive. All of Iran’s problems would disappear if they were to rededicate themselves to the failing petrodollar. They don’t have a good reason for doing so since they sell nothing denominated in it. Russia and China are working towards getting off of SWIFT and with China being thrown off of it, their gold backed currencies are likely to be the future of their hemisphere’s economies. Trump is doing exactly what would have saved Kennedy’s life, but which he wouldn’t stoop to. If Trump doesn’t start doing what he promised all of his supporters, he is likely to find them all voting for third party candidates in retaliation, which would throw the election to the Democrats via the electoral college.

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