Khashoggi and the United Nations’ “Uh-Duh” Moment 

The United Nations has finally arrived at an obvious conclusion—it is “inconceivable” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman didn’t know about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. 

Of course, they stopped short of actually accusing the Gambino don of Wahhabism of ordering the hit on The Washington Post columnist. The UN merely said MbS is liable. 

That MbS ordered the hit is simply a no-brainer, but then the United Nations doesn’t really have much of a brain. It takes orders from the largest and most lethal organized crime operation in the world, the United States government. 

But no matter. Donald “the Marmalade” Trump, who may be considered a capo for the neocon crime family (president in name only), has told the vile Saudis they have nothing to fear. 

Billions of riyals sent to the death merchants for the latest murder tech—currently used to kill Yemeni grade schoolers—overshadows any concern about the murder of lowly journalists, even questionable ones like Jamal.

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One thought on “Khashoggi and the United Nations’ “Uh-Duh” Moment 

  1. If the United States controlled the United Nations, there would be no need for the former to have a veto over the Security Council of the latter.

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