Even Libertarians Believe the Russian Collusion Nonsense

I should say, rather, big “L” Libertarians. For instance, Nicholas Sarwark, Libertarian Party Chairman.

It appears Mr. Sarwark, in his zeal to trash Ron Paul, is as clueless and ill-informed as Gary Johnson, who doesn’t know where Aleppo is. Back in 2016, when the Libertarian Party ran Johnson for president, he repeated the establishment’s Big Lies about Syria and Bashir al-Assad. 

Now we have Sarwark, who is clueless as a tree stump about foreign policy and geopolitics. 

All you need to know is this guy actually believes the fairy tale about Vladimir Putin and the evil Russians interfering in the rigged US political process. 

Never vote Big L. 

In fact, never vote. Our rulers hate it when you refuse to add your consent to their system of kleptocracy, state violence, a rigged monetary system, and endless war. 

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One thought on “Even Libertarians Believe the Russian Collusion Nonsense

  1. that “what is an allepo?” was a revelatory day for the Libertarian party. i won’t forget that any time soon & i forget a lot! also, that they picked a governor from such a failed state as new mexico where the illegals have taken over. not the best foot forward.

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