Big Lies On Iran, Right and Left

The almost complete lack of understanding about the artificially created conflict between the US and Iran is truly remarkable. 

First and foremost, the baseless claim Iran is somehow a threat to America, thousands of miles away, and second the animus toward that country shared by both sides of the one-party system serving the corporatocracy. The reason for this is quite easy to understand. More on that in a minute. 

Let’s turn to the RedState, a conservative website. On June 14, the editorialist “Bonchie” wrote about how the left entertains false flag conspiracy theories regarding the supposed tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman. 

First, the writer states without doubt Iran bombed the two tankers in question, this despite zero evidence and the lack of any sort of investigation. Doubt that the “rogue state” Iran had anything to do with the attack is rejected out of hand. It is a delusional left that comes up with such conspiracy theories, according to the author. 

One of the things we’ve seen in response to what happened is liberals pushing “false flag” conspiracy theories, i.e. the suggestion that the U.S. and/or Saudi Arabia set this attack up to falsely blame the innocent Mullahs in Iran. You know, because famously isolationist Donald Trump wants to go to war with Iran or something. Makes sense, right?

Bonchie, like so many other “conservatives,” stubbornly refuses to see what is right before him, naked in plain daylight—Trump is president in name only and his foreign policy is directed by neocons that have targeted Iran going on a couple decades now. The impetus for this is not any threat to America, but rather the political and territorial objectives of Israel. Also include Saudi Arabia, a medieval nation governed by a fanatical Shia hating Wahhabi monarchy. 

The Donald is not an isolationist, what we used to call noninterventionist. He is not opposed to a war waged on the people of Iran. He’s simply afraid any attack will spin out of control and turn into a full-blown war—and that will be a black mark on his page in the history books. He probably knows he’s being set-up to take a fall for the neocon agenda and the Israeli master plan, but he is so consumed by his own massive ego—and his powerlessness to effectuate any policy of import—that he cannot sidestep the neocons and stop a war. 

Bonchie is either a neocon or is unable to process reality. 

Notably, the U.S. government did release pictures and video showing Iranian boats removing a mine from the ship… So they did in fact provide evidence.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see a mine in any of the photos or videos released by the Pentagon. 

Bonchie and the other neocon-friendly “conservatives” are either suffering from hallucinations or simply refuse to accept reality in favor of the neocon agenda, which is, of course, a shared agenda between the US neocons, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. 

Blue state non-thinkers are tweeting about a false flag because Trump is in office. It’s that simple. If Obama made a similar claim, CNN wouldn’t go anywhere near a false flag explanation. It’s about the man, not the event. 

Bonchie, the pen named person at RedState, is little different than his adversaries over on the other side of the artificially manufactured political divide. Democrats believe Hillary Clinton and her nonsense about Russia the same way so many Republicans believe the deceptive machinations of the neocons, never mind the fact they were long ago outed as pathological liars and sociopaths. 

Here’s an idea. Instead of shilling for Iran non-stop, maybe these outlets could just accept the fact that Iran is a terrorist state? This is the kind of stuff they do regularly. They’ve been attacking boats in the gulf for a while now with little fanfare, never mind their escapades throughout the rest of the Middle East. This time, the flames got a little too big and it caught our attention.

Indeed, the Big Lie works, as it did in Hitler’s time. 

I’m not sure what boats Iran attacked unless we’re talking about the “tanker wars” of the 1980s. Bonchie may not realize it, but the Iranian attacks came after Saddam Hussein attacked Iran’s oil terminal and oil tankers at Kharg Island in 1984. Saddam, a former CIA asset, was likely told to do this to elicit an Iranian response, which would result in the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, and bring in the US military on the side of Iraq. 

Left out of the popular interpretation of the Iran-Iraq war is the Carter administration plan to make Iran suffer for the unforgivable sin of overthrowing the Shah, using the “hostage crisis” (many of the hostages were CIA operatives) as a pretext. Iran knows this. I doubt Bonchie and other neocon cheerleaders understand and accept reality. 

For real history pertaining to the Iran-Iraq War, read Francis Boyle’s “US Foreign Policy and the Iran-Iraq War,” originally published in 1986. 

An editor’s note on reposting the article in 2007 reads: “It is worth noting that the Reagan administration’s anti-Iranian policy was conducted by many of the same NeoConservatives who are today working for the Bush Junior Administration.” 

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  1. Perhaps it is because of my former honorary membership in the Libertarian Party (acquired because I registered as a libertarian in Colorado, via the CLP’s rules) or my, sometimes, more than full-time volunteer work in the Colorado Libertarian Party office in Denver, but I can’t recall a time when “isolationist” and “noninterventionist” were ever synonyms, being two totally different positions. Thomas Jefferson was very clearly enunciating a noninterventionist position in his inaugural speech, in which he said “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”

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