Iran: The Technicolor War

After a tsunami of skepticism swept over the media following the Pentagon’s release of a dubious video supposedly showing Iranians removing a mine from the hull of a tanker, the generals followed up with a color version of basically the same video. Like the first video, the second color video doesn’t show much of anything. 


But no matter. It will serve as a catalyst for war, along with the Iranians declaring they will exceed a limit imposed on the production of enriched uranium. The limit is part of the 2015 nuclear deal trashed by Trump.

It now looks like the neocons have their excuse for war. This appears to be backed up by a report out of the Jerusalem Post.

If the neocons target an Iranian nuclear facility, all hell will break loose. The Strait of Hormuz will be clogged with burning oil tankers and a US aircraft carrier might find itself resting at the bottom of the Persian Gulf. It’s foolish to believe Iran will just take a hit and do nothing. 

Michael Snyder writes today:

Snyder believes it is possible the Iranians already have a deliverable nuclear weapon, possibly including EMP technology. He says the individuals responsible for a report on Iran’s supposed nuclear capability “have some extremely impressive credentials.” 

For instance, former CIA boss James Woolsey. Although Snyder doesn’t mention it, Woolsey is what I’d call a deep neocon. He has supported the work of neocon groups, including the Committee on the Present Danger, the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, the Project for the New American Century, the Center for Security Policy, and others. 

And neocons can’t help it—when it comes to Arabs, Persians, and Muslims, the lies become an avalanche.  

“Could we be walking into a war against a bunch of apocalyptic nutjobs that already have nuclear weapons and wouldn’t be afraid to use them against us and our allies?” Snyder writes. 

I’d have to say the nut jobs are in the White House, the State Department, the neocon think tanks, and especially in Israel where Netanyahu and his rightwing Likudniks have pushed for an attack on Iran for years. 

Israel won’t fight the coming war, of course. They’d prefer to have Gentiles do the fighting and dying. The Zionists are saving their undeclared nukes for a real apocalypse, one that very well may end life on planet earth. 

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One thought on “Iran: The Technicolor War

  1. Some people are addicted to fear and violence porn. You can almost hear them praying “Bring it on” because they themselves will be spared. That said originally we had the Shah as a CIA replacement. When the Shah exceeded and his expiry date came due then another authoritarian being kept on ice in Paris was flown home with all the ground work prepared beforehand. Who kept the Ayatollah Khomeini in Bon Bons and safe all those years? Who allowed him to get on a plane and fly home? There are more to these supposedly aggressive events that six ways to Sunday. The cutout nation states of the USA, Iran, Russia, China, Israel and all the rest are not calling the shots on the advancement of largely hidden agenda as it is advanced by such events as these staged in the geo political realm by those who control it from the financial corporate power grid. These folks control the greater proportion of the human experience on this planet! But who if anyone is relating this fact that is as plain as the writing on the
    wall in front of your face?

    By the way the Iranian vessel may have been using a magnetic anchor on the hull of the tanker. These ‘mines’ are ubiquitous at sea and there are even magnetic docks.

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