Malware and the War on Russia

Buried in their hubris and a false sense of superiority, the global elite actually believes they can roll over Russia and reduce it to a neoliberal vassal state. This illusion may soon result in war and the destruction of civilization.

On Saturday, The New York Times reported the US Cyber Command “is reportedly going on offense against Russia’s power grid by placing ‘potentially crippling malware’ in its systems.

The cyber incursions, authorized to Cyber Command under new authorities that do not require presidential approval, have gotten more “aggressive” and seem to be a warning that the U.S. can respond to Moscow’s past cyber attacks, such as the 2016 incursion into the Democratic National Committee and its attack on Ukraine’s power grid.

This is an amazing paragraph. It says that the Pentagon can wage war—and placing malware on another nation’s crucial infrastructure is an act of war—without going to Congress or consulting the president. The excuse for this is based on an obvious lie—Russia cyber-attacked the US election. 

I am seriously dumbfounded by the fact Russia has not responded to this and other US attacks and acts of intimidation (most recently in Poland) and continues to insist on diplomacy and non-confrontation when it is obvious the US is pushing for war on all fronts, not only against Russia but the other nuclear power, China. 

The United States is the Empire of Lies, the most recent example being a lame Pentagon video that supposedly reveals evil Iranians either placing or removing a magnetic limpet bomb on the hull of a Japanese oil tanker. The video shows nothing of the sort, but that doesn’t matter to the corporate war propaganda media. If you headline skim, as most Americans do, you come away believing another Big Lie rationalization in favor of an ultimate war that will wipe out life on Earth.

Let’s be clear—the US (or rather the financial and corporate elite in control) has declared war on both Russia and China, be it through sanctions (also a declaration of war), subterfuge (malware and cyber penetration), victimizing Russian and Chinese nationals and corporations (Maria Butina, Meng Wanzhou, Huawei), a fatalistic trade war, and provocation from the South China Sea to the Black Sea and beyond. 

Finally, I find the Alt-right aka New or Dissident Right’s outrage over Trump being left out of the loop on the plan to cyber-attack Russia rather indicative of its inability to see the forest for the trees. Trump is in control of very little beyond his tweets. He is incapable of accomplishing much—a primary example being his wall—because what he wants is contrary to what the so-called deep state has in mind for us. 

Forget the polls. I don’t think he will be re-elected, the elite cannot afford to let that happen. They will push for the goofy quisling Joe Biden, the man who admitted he long ago sold out to the elite. He may be a bumbling fool, but he’s the elite’s bumbling and easy manipulable fool. 

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7 thoughts on “Malware and the War on Russia

  1. The continuing witch hunts are driving enough people away from the liberal electorate to insure that he will be elected by a landslide.

  2. when i was a kid in primary school in the 60’s we had the cuban missile crisis. today, the US is the villain & russia is the hero. by comparison! they’re neither good, but russia is now the adult in the room, while the US is some hyperactive, doped up, incorrigible 5 year old flailing in the kindergarten bullying everyone.

    1. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.” Lord Acton

  3. Trump is a fake, you all got fucked in 2016…

    The bitch Clinton and him were playing you, they wanted you to believe that you had elected a rebel, but this guy is a fucking billionaire and he’s been owned by the jews since decades!

    And, in case, you haven’t noticed, it’s the jews who control your meida, hollywood (jewllywood), the banks and both parties (dem and gop).

    The guy who decides your foreign policy is a sociopath and worse than nazi called netanyau..

    Your presidents are puppets and you are slaves and morons.

    christy aerne

  4. Biden is not a half wit. He is a one quarter wit – a.k.a. an idiot. But, it does not matter, The same group controls both major parties.

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