Tanker Wars, Bolton, and a “Batshit Crazy” Trump

In regard to those troops Trump the Clueless wants to send into Poland, Robert Wenzel writes the president’s national security adviser John Bolton lives “rent free in President Trump’s head” and The Donald is nothing less than “a dumb and arrogant asshole.” 

You won’t get any argument from me, Bob. 

Troops antagonizing Russia aside, this morning I awoke to news two oil tankers are ablaze in the Gulf of Oman after an attack. It’s too early to place the blame on Iran but wait for it. Later this afternoon, the Trumpers will place the blame squarely on those evil mullahs who want nothing more than to destroy America and Israel.

Batshit Crazy Trump will defer to Bolton and the neocons, even though he has said he’s not interested in starting World War III and a possible nuclear war that will kill every living thing on the planet. Not even neocons in their underground bunkers will survive. 

A couple weeks ago speculation had it Bolton was on the way out. However, he’s still there and driving US foreign policy. 

Of course, this latest attack will be blamed on Iran, never mind the stupidity of believing Iran is inviting a war that will kill thousands, possibly millions, and probably escalate into Game Over for life on Earth. 

The Saudis didn’t waste any time fingering Iran and promising “grave consequences,” whatever that means. 

Forget what I wrote above about the batshit crazy neo-neocon administration waiting until this afternoon to say Iran did it. 

And so the narrative is off and running. It will now pick up speed and soon reach terminal velocity. 

Of course, the average American will be hit squarely in the pocketbook. 

But that will be nothing compared to what we can expect if the missiles begin flying. 

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One thought on “Tanker Wars, Bolton, and a “Batshit Crazy” Trump

  1. This is a fake event. Ship is floating well above its waterline as the tell, making way and in no danger of sinking. Certain world oiligarchs have been calling for a rise in oil prices while others have been trying to keep the price at around $50 a barrel. Those calling for the higher price are the USA fracking and investors, the desperate for money Sauds, Iran, other Gulf states, Venezuela. Those wishing to keep the price down are Russian, Chinese and likely EU oil interests as producers or consumers. What the public missed was the wink of the eye between Bolton and the Ayatollahs.

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