Pompeo Speaks as Alt-Right Media Parrots War Propaganda

In the neocon hall of mirrors echoing with the cringe-worthy reverberation of lies, no evidence—or investigation—is required before casting blame on designated enemies. Such is the case today with Iran. 

Hours after the unclaimed and as of yet investigated attack on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, Sec. State Pompeo blamed Iran directly, which is hardly a surprise.

Mike thinks we are ignorant cows, and a lot of us are, especially the headline skimmers and those who believe just about everything the government says, never mind a past littered with thousands of government lies, many resulting in death and unbelievable carnage. 

Is it possible God told Mike to lie? 

Meanwhile, the Trumpers on the Alt-right cum New or Dissident Right are parroting the administration, once again demonstrating there is nothing “dissident” about them, they’re merely a cheering section for Donald the Clueless and his assorted neocons. 


The tankers in question are not flagged by the United States—unless you consider the Marshall Islands (“trusteeship” ended in 1990) and Panama part of the United States—and so Ms. Gabriel is way off base, but then we should expect this from a neocon fellow traveler. She heads up ACT for America, an Islamophobic organization that predicts Sharia law in America. 

Dubowitz heads up the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (or Defense of Zionist Israel). Naturally, as a seasoned neocon, Dubowitz is all in favor of attacking Iran. His schtick about Iran and North Korea colluding together is his trademark. 

Finally, Alex Jones. Back in the day, when I worked as Infowars editor, Jones was more or less antiwar. But things changed after the Clueless One was elected. Now Jones is a full-blown neocon, just like so many other alt-neocon “dissident” Trumpers. 


Standard clickbait lie for Infowars. Iran has not admitted bombing tankers in the Gulf of Oman. But then it appears the neocon disease of back-to-back (and often easily debunked) lies is a contagious disease. 

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2 thoughts on “Pompeo Speaks as Alt-Right Media Parrots War Propaganda

  1. I know who did it. Those who would like to see an increase in the price of crude. That would be in no particular order the American fracking operation and its big money investors, the National Iranian Oil Company, the Saudi Arabian Oil company (formerly ARAMCO), other Gulf state’s oil companies, the PDVSA of Venezuela and these entities investors. Not wanting an increase are the Russian oiligarchs, China and the EU.

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