Iran and the Invisible Limpet Mine 

Four nameless people from an unspecified government department told Reuters the US has the goods on Iran. This is being dutifully reported by the war propaganda media.

Of course, you won’t be permitted to see the video. Just take the government’s word for it. Just sit back and allow CBS and the rest lie you into numb somnolence. 

Notice how these overpaid propagandists don’t bother asking to see the video or demand the American people be allowed to see it. 

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3 thoughts on “Iran and the Invisible Limpet Mine 

  1. it’s refreshing to get back online & see some rational views on the news.
    i live & work in china, an economic prisoner of sorts teaching english & recently lost my VPN. signs of the times! it’s good to still have a little handle on what’s going on from a voice i can trust.

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