NYT Defames Syria Girl

If you’re not a particularly astute news consumer, you might think large social media corporations are primarily blocking access and denying ad revenue to “conservative” voices, that is to say members of the alt-right that has at its core a large contingent of Trump supporters. 

This is a big red herring. It’s not simply so-called “conservatives”—as you might note, I have a problem with this designator—but also those of us not self-identifying as alt-right, New Right, whatever. Social media is also shutting down anti-war voices, both left and right.

A primary target is a woman known as Syria Girl, a popular anti-war (and importantly anti-zionist) activist on social media. In the following video, she details the latest attack on her by The Gray Lady of War Propaganda, The New York Times. 

The corporate media want to shut her down, not because she is spreading “fake news” or “misinformation,” but because she does an exemplary job of countering the war and zionist narrative—and also because she is popular, intelligent, and attractive, all which drive traffic to her various social media accounts. 

Russia Insider—merely glancing at this site will transform you into an unAmerican Putin-Nazi dupe—posted a photo of the NYT front page with the story, “The Making of a YouTube Radical.” 

Included in the front page photo collage we see the following alt-right or Dissident Right luminaries: Stefan Molyneux, Steven Crowder, Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern, Jordan Peterson, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopolous, and Ben Shapiro.

I certainly wouldn’t include Syria Girl in this mélange of self-promoters.

Most of these folks rarely if ever talk about the endless wars now owned by Trump. A few even indirectly contribute to the wars by making Islam out to be a murderous religion dedicated to wiping out the infidels and raping every blonde teenage girl in Sweden. For some reason it escapes many of these people that Trump is in fact promoting Wahhabi terror by making military deals and palling around with venal Saudi monarchs. 

Instead of opposing endless war and taking Trump to task for reneging on his promise to bring the troops home, most of these people spend their time attacking Democrats and so-called progressives. It is a turbulent mosh pit of venom, slander, defamation, and ridiculous ill-informed political performance art mostly designed to draw attention to these individuals and their pet projects. 

It does zero to end the wars. In fact, it draws attention away from the psychotic nature of the war party and the military-industrial complex. Pepe the Frog is more interested in trashing Democrats than saving the lives on innocents in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, ad nauseam. 

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  1. Excellent post. It is very difficult to get the correct or a truthful narrative across to the public because every issue and opinion is now cross weaponized to the point where making a coherent and articulate counter narrative is almost impossible to define among all the ‘noise.’ Non linear psychological warfare its called…

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