Mayor Pete Just Shot Down His Presidential Campaign

On Tuesday Pete Buttigieg flew his presidential campaign into the side of a mountain. He made one of the worst mistakes a hopeful can make—he criticized Israel. 

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports:

During a speech at Indiana University, Buttigieg said that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will go forward with his pre-election promise to annex settlements in the West Bank, “he should know that a President Buttigieg would take steps to make sure that American taxpayers won’t help foot the bill.”

Buttigieg then made a second political mistake. He said he supports the so-called two-state “solution” to the conflict. 

It looks like Mayor Pete is trying to appeal to a growing segment of so-called progressives who have finally come around to the glaring fact Israel is an apartheid state that sucks billions of dollars every year out of the pockets of American taxpayers. This money is used in part to kill Palestinians, cut down Arab olive groves, and send bulldozers to plow under their homes. 

Hey, Pete. If you really want to be a pariah, you should call for ending the subsidies to this psychotic state, adding it to the list of international terrorist organizations, and returning sanity to Congress where zionist lobbyists run wild in the aisles making sure apartheid in Palestine remains a thing.

If a presidential hopeful makes this mistake, not only will he be prevented from running for anything—including dog catcher in Beaverhead, Montana—but may find himself on the public dole. High profile critics of Israel often have their careers ruined. 

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One thought on “Mayor Pete Just Shot Down His Presidential Campaign

  1. Those who live in an apartheid state like America are likely to be unable to recognize an apartheid state like Israel.

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