Forever War and the Talmudic Psychopath

Once again, Philip Giraldi hits the nail squarely on the head. He writes what the corporate media is either forbidden or afraid to write. In doing so, of course, he is considered an antisemite, that is to say, a peddler of hate speech as defined by the ADL and others anxious to obliterate your right to speak and write. 

“Trump’s A-team in the Middle East is headed by his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner who is being personally advised by a group of Orthodox Jews,” he writes. 

Bingo. That’s the problem. Orthodox Jews driving US foreign policy in the name of a radical and racist religion that rivals the violence of the Islamic State. 

Granted, Israel’s Orthodox Jews are not throwing gays off rooftops or shooting and drowning infidels in cages, but the hatred and willingness to engage in horrible violence is there, driven by religion. The difference is you rarely if ever hear about the hatred and violence embedded in Orthodox Judaism. 


Some of us are outraged by the systematic murder of Palestinians protesting at the Gaza fence, what is in actuality an apartheid barrier locking Palestinians in the largest open-air prison in the world. 

Most of us here in America don’t care. Millions of Americans are resigned to either accepting forever war as a given. But that may be too forgiving. Rather, most of us are so apathetic and distracted we hardly notice the criminal behavior of the government and its collusion with a racist and genocidal state. 

Maybe in a few years what I am now writing will be illegal. It certainly looks like things are going that way. Today in South Carolina and Florida, it is illegal to organize boycotts against Israel in response to its hateful racist violence. In Europe, criticizing Zionism will get you thrown in the clinker. 

Even a largely inconsequential blogger such as myself has faced death threats and harassment for the sin of pointing out the dastardly crimes of the Bush neocons, now the Trump neocons. That sort of intimidation will only grow as more people realize the forever wars in the Middle East are hatched in Israel. 

It is a small number of people who understand the truth. The forever wars in the Middle East and South Asia are not about “democracy,” they’re about making Israel an undisputed hegemon and bully lording over dispirited and emasculated Arabs and Persians locked in poverty-stricken bantustans where raw sewage runs in the streets, as it now does in Gaza. 

The forever wars are certainly about a warped form of American exceptionalism that has given birth to a perverted primacy. Bolton, Pence, and Pompeo talk about democracy, national security, and saving the world from wicked terrorists, mullahs, and communists in our “backyard,” but the real benefactor of endless violence in the Middle East is Israel.

In order to get a handle on all of this, one must do some reading. I know a lot of Americans are averse to reading—being more accustomed to gawping at screens of distraction—but those who really wish to understand why the wars go on and on like the energizer bunny must-read books, mostly obscure literature, and if known would be considered fake history by our corporatist and statist overlords. 

Begin with “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” by the late Israel Shahak. It is available here as a PDF. After reading this short book the reader will understand why Israel tortures and kills Palestinians. It’s not merely a covetous drive to steal land supposedly promised by God. It’s a deep-seated hatred and loathing of the Gentile, the non-Jew, be he or she Muslim or Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. 

The South African racist hated and feared indigenous black Africans. The Israeli racist and religious zealot hate all who are not Jewish and accepts only those with maternal Jewishness in their lineal descent. Everyone else in Israel is a second- or third-class citizen. 

The basis of this hate and desire to deceive and exploit is contained in the Talmud and the Kabbala—not the expurged and sanitized version for gullible Gentiles, but the real deal in Hebrew. Shahak, a Jew who escaped the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, points this out with shocking clarity. 

In January, Nikolay Mladenov, the UN’s Middle East envoy, called for Israel to “put an end to settler violence and bring those responsible to justice.” 

Mladenov’s naiveté is astounding, especially for a man who is supposedly an envoy to the region. He should know this will never happen because the Orthodox settlers committing horrendous crimes against Arabs in Palestine are justified by their religious belief all goyim exist in a space somewhere between animal and human, and thus it is entirely moral and legal to slaughter them in large numbers. In fact, it is a duty. 

If one even peels back a small corner of this truth, he or she is considered an antisemite, never mind the murderous and racist philosophy at the core of Orthodox Judaism. If you are dedicated to ending the wars—and, regrettably, this is not on the radar of most Americans—it is necessary to understand the philosophy of the Zionist, the Orthodox Jew, and the psychotic settler who is supported by the president’s son-in-law. 

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3 thoughts on “Forever War and the Talmudic Psychopath

  1. Religion (I’m not talking about spirituality here) is causing stone age paradigms to be superimposed on modern culture. Human civilisation cannot advance until religion is put away. If you believe in a Creator, pray directly to the Creator, you don’t need religion (priests, mullahs, rabbis etc.) to do this. Religions are just a barrier put in place to thwart our spiritual maturity.
    Why is America so afraid to withdraw support to such a rogue state as Israel? Israel would be immediately compelled to begin behaving itself if it no longer had it’s hands in the US treasury. There is no need for bloodshed, wars or hatred of Jews, just stop giving them the means to behave badly.

  2. Religion is necessary as the masses, who are largely intellectually lazy, need the structure. But, clearly there have been terrible abuses in and by religion, largely by the power hungry priestcraft.

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