Breitbart, Infowars: Defenders of Mass Murder and Ethnic​ Cleansing

Over at Reddit, somebody posted an Infowars video where a host sitting in for Alex Jones claims the corporate media in the US is making up “fake news” about Israel. 

This is neocon and Likudnik propaganda. It is well-known by neutral observers that The New York Times, The Washington Post, and their ilk have consistently defended, glossed over, or ignored the manifest crimes of the Israeli state. The apartheid state of Israel excels in murdering women and children—and medics, journalists, and activists (Rachel Corrie comes to mind)—and because it is Israel, it gets a free pass.

The Infowars host, the kid talking to the camera, is a know-nothing. He is trapped in a vicious circle of hatred for Democrats and “leftists,” in response to their hatred of Republicans and “conservatives.” 

Meanwhile, the crimes continue, more brazen than ever. Donald Trump has served as an over-the-top booster for Zionism. 

Many of you know I was the editor of Infowars. I worked there for eight years before Alex Jones fired me for refusing to jump on the Trump bandwagon. 

During my time at Infowars, I was the only person on-staff that consistently criticized the neocons. The other writers (with the exception of Paul Joseph Watson) rarely if ever addressed in-depth geopolitical issues, mostly because they knew zero about what was going on outside of the little control-freak media world Alex Jones created. Watson, however, no longer does this. He spends most of his time ranting about Islam and reposting articles by the Zionist Pam Geller. 

Infowars is on par with Breitbart, an unapologetic supporter of Israel’s crimes against humanity. In 2015, the website posted an article titled “Breitbart News Network: Born in the USA, Conceived in Israel.” That pretty much says it all. 

In that article, Breitbart president and CEO Larry Solov writes:

One thing we specifically discussed… was our desire to start a site that would be unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel. We were sick of the anti-Israel bias of the mainstream media and J-Street. By launching Breitbart Jerusalem, the journey comes full circle and a promise between two friends is fulfilled. And in a very real sense, Breitbart News Network returns to its roots.

Infowars wasn’t “conceived” in Israel, but it might as well have been. 

Infowars is in part responsible for the election victory of Donald Trump. It is partly responsible for the return of the neocons, and thus the ever-increasing possibility of war. 

Infowars never talks about the fact Israel was founded on terror and mass murder (Deir Yassin Massacre), the forced “mass exodus” (polite-speak for ethnic cleansing) of nearly a million Palestinians in 1948 (known in Arabic as “Nakba”), the Lavon Affair and other false flags (including the targeting of Gaddafi and Libya, setting it up for attack by a manipulated President Reagan), the Cave of Patriarchs Massacre by a psychopathic settler (Trump’s son-in-law supports these racist terrorists), and hundreds of other incidents, including the non-stop murder of civilians in Gaza and the West Bank. 

Both sides of the Democrat-Republican war party support the “special relationship” with Israel and its fleecing of the American taxpayer, and that includes Breitbart and Infowars. 

“US aid to Israel since its founding in 1948 tops $134 billion (adjusting for inflation, roughly $252.7 billion as of March 2018), and in the past few decades it has been on the order of $3.1 billion per year. (In 2014, for example, this amounted to $8.5 million every single day, and today totals over $10.4 million per day),” writes If Americans Knew. 

Indeed, if Americans knew. 

However, if they continue to get their news from Breitbart, Infowars, Drudge, and other Israeli boosters, they will never know the truth. And that’s the way Israel prefers it. In fact, it may soon be illegal to criticize Israel. 

In South Carolina (think Niki Haley) and elsewhere, it is already illegal to boycott Israel. Meanwhile, in Florida, lawmakers passed a law that classifies criticism of Israel and Zionism as antisemitism. 

“The Senate legislation declaring Israeli immunity to international criticism is being pushed by the usual offenders: Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Ron Wyden co-sponsored the legislation. But support for the bill also comes from a handful of self-proclaimed defenders of the Constitution and Tea Party leftovers like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Sasse,” Sam Rolley writes for Personal Liberty. 

Israel, the neocons, and their supporters—including (as noted above) no shortage of Democrats—are responsible for the wars that will ultimately destroy America.

This destruction is helped along by Breitbart, Infowars, and ignorant Americans who are intellectually lazy and prefer to get their news from an admitted performance artist.

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13 thoughts on “Breitbart, Infowars: Defenders of Mass Murder and Ethnic​ Cleansing

  1. Infowars was not conceived in Israel . . .

    But, Clear Channel that carries the radio program of Infowars is owned by Jews.

    1. And Clear Channel, in turn, owns what may be radio stations that provide propaganda to the majority of America’s radio listeners, largely through “conservatives” like Rush Limbaugh and George Noory.
      There are several radio markets, like Denver, where the majority of the radio outlets are owned by Clear Channel or its cutouts.

  2. Ok, totally disagree with your Infowars analysis.
    Obviously former disgruntled employee who got fired will always say bad things about former employer.

    However, agree with the jewish infulence in us politics, but this is not new.

    We know hoe the rotschild and the likes enriched themselves at the expenses of europeans in ww1 and ww2.

    In fact, these people created these wars to take control over europe and the us. Ad they did.

    just check who owns the media, the banks, and the politicians and you will know who is behind our worst problems today…

    The world globalist is a byword for jews, interntional zionsim and jewry, and this is what alex jones is fighting.

    breitbart is clearly financed by jews, but we couldn’t say that of infowars.

    Os, on one side, the leftists, and their globalist masters (jews like soros) wit theirmuslims allies who want world control and on the other, the necons, warmongers and their globalist masters (jews as well)…

    Guess who benefit from the divisions and crimes and who are the victims?

    We, Westerners, Christians, should unite to save our civlization and fight against globlalsis (aka interntional jewry), and muslims, their interests, their medias, their banks and allies.

    1. Bittodt must have experience with the kind of two-timing that most non-broadcast news outlets can display to those who don’t tow the corporate line.
      Alex Jones wouldn’t have to be a dictator if his organization wasn’t operating from rough seas and deep discounting the products that they have to sell because Ted Anderson gets all of the advertising revenue for the programs that run on Genesis Communications Network. One can’t claim to be operating from a secret location in a television studio. Maybe Alex has a secret relationship with Adelson that gathers names and numbers for the use of the Mossad.

  3. “The world globalist is a byword for jews, interntional zionsim and jewry, and this is what alex jones is fighting.”

    Hardly. Alex Jones is fighting for your dollars. When I joined his team in 2009, we reported primarily on the police state, Bush’s wars, and Agenda 21 and globalism. Now his topic of obsession is the Democrats, just like all the other idiots following this distraction. nothing about the wars. nothing about Trump the crony capitalist. Certainly nothing about Israel. All of this makes him a lot of money. Remember, he’s an admitted performance artist. It’s all about the Benjamins.

    1. Hey Kurt,,HANGTHEOWL here,,,,sooo when are you going to spill the beans on Alhicks and tell the people hooo he really is,,,,,???

  4. one thing that i will give alex jones credit for, is(mostly) not taking his feuds public. too bad others feel the need to do so. yes infowars has changed. still better than mainstream media and better than brietbart. you hate trump. but your interpretation of others’ backing of him shows your lack of understanding of what he represents. especially with the infowars crowd. jones and breitbart have one thing in common though. a christian devotion to israel. it really makes no sense to me and reminds one of those wacky “jews for jesus” people with one exception…..they all want israel to exist so that their playmate in the sky will smite everyone but themelvse. including those isrealis they claim to love so much.
    and jones distaste for democrats is really just a manifestation of what they have turned into. if democrats were anti war and pro free speech,like they were during bushie2’s reign, i’m sure old alex wouldn’t be so hard on them.

    sad thing is that i probably wouldn’t be reading this if the clickbait headline didn’t bring me here.

    1. As a former editor of Infowars, I can tell you Alex Jones ALWAYS takes his feuds public, expcet of course , those that are embarrassing to him personally or do not have the ability to generate a whole lot of money. My point is simple–Alex Jones is not an activist, he’s an admitted performance artist and snake oil salesman. He changed the tenor of Infowars–firing a number of employees–and sucked up to Trump for one reason: CASH.

      1. as a long time listener to alex jones, since before you were editor, alex almost never took his feuds public. glen beck being the really big one. i have watched as those that did not get along with him in the alternative media go to their soapbox and attack. that’s fine. but not classy. the fact that you would call him a snake oil salesman is a good example of your need for defaming him publicly. i have been into natural healing long before jones got into it. his products are good and he gets respect for bringing them to a larger audience. “admitted performance artist”……i heard the clip from his trial. hardly what you characterize.

        i would not want to work for alex jones. it’s quite obvious he is an egotistical control freak. i think few of his listeners could argue with that. but i don’t listen to be his buddy. i really could do without most his talk during the show but i listen is for the info and the guests. i read the articles for the same reason. i read yours and liked most of it. i don’t agree with him, you or anyone all the time.

        former nyc mayor ed koch used to say, make a list of 10 things that are important to you. if a politician can line up with 7 of them, vote for him. if he lines up with all 10, get your head examined.

        trump is better than bush and obama (and bush and clinton….reagan, carter…..etc) because he hasn’t started any new wars. he is enacting much needed tariffs and doing something about uncontrolled immigration. israel? pfffft. show me an american president that hasn’t sucked up to them. it sucks that he is cozying up to the saudis. blah blah blah.

        so on one side, we have the entire media and all the other establishment politicians…..

        on the other, we have alex jones, a few alternative websites and trump.

        it’s really not a hard choice.

        unless, of course, you have an axe to grind.

        which side do i fall on?

  5. To the CBS’s Mary Carlvi. Otis Livingston and Cindy Hsu was talking about Mary Calvi private life, they set you up!

  6. @ flaart billooger:

    “. . . . show me an american president that hasn’t sucked up to them. . . . ”

    JFK did not carry the water for the Israelis, and, of course, we all know what befell that US president.

  7. Thanks for bringing me up to date on AJ. I stopped listening (and buying products), not so much because anything Israel-apologist. That was a ‘whatever!’ thing. It was his caving in on Sandy Hook that did it for me.

    Giving in to Sandy Hook is evidence of joining the club or being taken over by them, if you know what I mean. AJ could never legitimately do a Terrorstorm film today.

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