Making Sure Another Trump is not Elected

The popular vote for Trump by “deplorables” sick and tired of being ignored, screwed over, and taken for granted by the state and its clients may be a thing of the past.

The Pentagon, neocons, transnational corporations, international banks, and the insider caste manipulating the political system are working together to make sure they have the final say on who will be the next imperial president—the vote of the American people be damned. 

Whitney Webb’s article is definitely worth a read. She breaks down the mechanics of how the next election and all those following will be strictly controlled (more so than already) and outliers and third party candidates not vetted by the elite will fail.

Let’s call this what it is—a system that will defeat populists, antiwar candidates (Tulsi Gabbard), libertarians (recall what happened to Ron Paul in 2012), troublemakers like AOC and Rep. Ilhan Omar, and any other candidate not following the corporate-state script line-by-line. 

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3 thoughts on “Making Sure Another Trump is not Elected

  1. Both major parties are bought and paid for by the corporate special interests (consider how the FDA serves Big Pharma while impairing the health of Americans). The whole sham is just that – a sham!

  2. If we want to eliminate the potential for an imperial president, we need to eliminate the presidency.
    If we don’t have a new constitution ready to replace the current one by the time that a constitutional convention is empanelled, we should be prepared for the true civil war that it will precipitate.
    A “people’s” constitution should be totally disarm the national government for any purpose other than to defend the actual territory of the national confederation from any type of invasion, using the collective militias of all of the states. The only existent national military should be the navy, which already has all the capabilities of all of the military services, and it shouldn’t need a battle plan with only a territorial mandate.
    I give the chances of any of this occurring without a preceding civil war the same chances as it occurring without one. Mad Max for President.

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